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The Bends by Radiohead [1995] [album editions]

The Bends (Radiohead)

Track listing

1Planet Telex
2The Bends
3High & Dry
4Fake Plastic Trees
6Nice Dream
7Just (You Do It To Yourself)
8My Iron Lung
9Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was
10Black Star
12Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Radiohead albums

1Amnesiac[ 2001 ]
2Hail to the Thief[ 2003 ]
3Kid A[ 2000 ]
4My Iron Lung[ 1998 ]
5OK Computer[ 1997 ]
6Pablo Honey[ 1993 ]
7The Bends[ 1995 ]
8The Best of[ 2008 ]
9The King of Limbs[ 2011 ]
1Amnesiac (Radiohead)
2Hail to the Thief (Radiohead)
3Kid A (Radiohead)
4My Iron Lung (Radiohead)
5OK Computer (Radiohead)
6Pablo Honey (Radiohead)
7The Bends (Radiohead)
8The Best of (Radiohead)
9The King of Limbs (Radiohead)

Radiohead songs

12 + 2 = 5 [from the "Hail to the Thief"] 
22+2 = 5 [from the "The Best of"]03:19
3A Punchup at a Wedding [from the "Hail to the Thief"] 
4A Wolf at the Door [from the "Hail to the Thief"] 
5Airbag [from the "OK Computer"]04:44
6Airbag [from the "The Best of"]04:47
7Anyone Can Play Guitar [from the "Pablo Honey"]03:37
8Anyone Can Play Guitar [from the "The Best of"]03:37
9Backdrifts [from the "Hail to the Thief"] 
10Black Star [from the "The Bends"]04:07
11Bloom [from the "The King of Limbs"]05:14
12Blow Out [from the "Pablo Honey"]04:40
13Bones [from the "The Bends"]03:09
14Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was [from the "The Bends"]03:28
15Climbing Up the Walls [from the "OK Computer"]04:45
16Codex [from the "The King of Limbs"]04:46
17Creep [from the "Pablo Honey"]03:55
18Creep [from the "The Best of"]03:57
19Creep (Acoustic) [from the "My Iron Lung"]04:19
20Dollars & Cents [from the "Amnesiac"]04:51
21Electioneering [from the "OK Computer"]03:50
22Everything In Its Right Place [from the "Kid A"]04:11
23Everything In Its Right Place [from the "The Best of"]04:11
24Exit Music (For a Film) [from the "OK Computer"] 
25Exit Music (For a Film) [from the "The Best of"]04:27
26Fake Plastic Trees [from the "The Bends"]04:50
27Fake Plastic Trees [from the "The Best of"]04:51
28Feral [from the "The King of Limbs"]03:12
29Fitter Happier [from the "OK Computer"]01:57
30Give Up the Ghost [from the "The King of Limbs"]04:50
31Go to Sleep [from the "Hail to the Thief"] 
32Go to Sleep [from the "The Best of"]03:22
33High & Dry [from the "The Bends"]04:17
34High & Dry [from the "The Best of"]04:17
35How Do You? [from the "Pablo Honey"] 
36How To Disappear Completely [from the "Kid A"]05:56
37How To Disappear Completely [from the "The Best of"]05:55
38Hunting Bears [from the "Amnesiac"]02:01
39I Can't [from the "Pablo Honey"]04:13
40I Might Be Wrong [from the "Amnesiac"]04:53
41I Might Be Wrong [from the "The Best of"]04:52
42I will [from the "Hail to the Thief"] 
43Idioteque [from the "Kid A"]05:09
44Idioteque [from the "The Best of"]04:37
45In Limbo [from the "Kid A"] 
46Just [from the "The Best of"]03:54
47Just (You Do It To Yourself) [from the "The Bends"]03:54
48Karma Police [from the "OK Computer"]04:21
49Karma Police [from the "The Best of"]04:24
50Kid A [from the "Kid A"]04:44
51Knives Out [from the "Amnesiac"]04:14
52Knives Out [from the "The Best of"]04:15
53Let Down [from the "OK Computer"]04:59
54Let Down [from the "The Best of"]04:59
55Lewis (Mistreated) [from the "My Iron Lung"]03:19
56Life In A Glasshouse [from the "Amnesiac"]04:34
57Like Spinning Plates [from the "Amnesiac"]03:57
58Little By Little [from the "The King of Limbs"]04:27
59Lotus Flower [from the "The King of Limbs"]05:00
60Lozenge Of Love [from the "My Iron Lung"]02:16

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Radiohead are an English band from Oxfordshire, comprising five musicians.

Though often classified as alternative rock, they have been deeply influenced by music from a variety of genres.

Radiohead are often praised as one of the most creative bands of their era, known for their multilayered songs and artistic evolution from album to album.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Electronic music,
  • Art rock,
  • Experimental
  • Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

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