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The Division Bell by Pink Floyd [1994] [album editions]

The Division Bell (Pink Floyd)

Track listing

1Cluster One
2What Do You Want From Me
3Poles Apart
5A Great Day For Freedom
6Wearing The Inside Out
7Take It Back
8Coming Back To Life
9Keep Talking
10Lost For Words
11High Hopes

Pink Floyd albums

1A Momentary Lapse of Reason[ 1997 ]
2A Saucerful of Secrets[ 1990 ]
3Animals[ 2000 ]
4Atom Heart Mother[ 1990 ]
5Collection of Great Dance Song[ 2000 ]
6Dark Side of the Moon[ 2000 ]
7Delicate Sound of Thunder[ 1990 ]
8Early Singles[ 1968 ]
9Meddle[ 1990 ]
10More[ 1996 ]
11Obscured By Clouds[ 1996 ]
12Piper At The Gates Of Dawn[ 1990 ]
13Pulse[ 1995 ]
14Relics[ 1996 ]
15The Best of Pink Floyd: A Foot in the Door[ 2011 ]
16The Division Bell[ 1994 ]
17The Final Cut[ 2004 ]
18The First 3 Singles[ 1967 ]
19The Wall[ 2000 ]
20Ummagumma[ 1969 ]
21Ummagumma (Live)[ 1969 ]
22Wish You Were Here[ 2000 ]
23Works[ 1990 ]
24Zabriskie Point (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
1A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Pink Floyd)
2A Saucerful of Secrets (Pink Floyd)
3Animals (Pink Floyd)
4Atom Heart Mother (Pink Floyd)
5Collection of Great Dance Song (Pink Floyd)
6Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)
7Delicate Sound of Thunder (Pink Floyd)
8Early Singles (Pink Floyd)
9Meddle (Pink Floyd)
10More (Pink Floyd)
11Obscured By Clouds (Pink Floyd)
12Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Pink Floyd)
13Pulse (Pink Floyd)
14Relics (Pink Floyd)
15The Best of Pink Floyd: A Foot in the Door (Pink Floyd)
16The Division Bell (Pink Floyd)
17The Final Cut (Pink Floyd)
18The First 3 Singles (Pink Floyd)
19The Wall (Pink Floyd)
20Ummagumma (Pink Floyd)
21Ummagumma (Live) (Pink Floyd)
22Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
23Works (Pink Floyd)
24Zabriskie Point (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Pink Floyd songs

1A Great Day For Freedom [from the "Pulse"]04:29
2A Great Day For Freedom [from the "The Division Bell"]04:14
3A New Machine (Part 1) [from the "A Momentary Lapse of Reason"]01:46
4A New Machine (Part 2) [from the "A Momentary Lapse of Reason"]00:38
5A Pillow of Winds [from the "Meddle"]05:09
6A Saucerful Of Secrets [from the "A Saucerful of Secrets"]11:55
7A Saucerful Of Secrets [from the "Ummagumma (Live)"]12:46
8A Spanish Piece [from the "More"]01:04
9Absolutely Curtains [from the "Obscured By Clouds"]05:46
10Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast: Rise And Shine/Sunny Side Up/Morning Glory [from the "Atom Heart Mother"]13:00
11Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2_ [from the "The Best of Pink Floyd: A Foot in the Door"]03:42
12Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1 [from the "The Wall"]03:09
13Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 [from the "The Wall"]03:59
14Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 [from the "Collection of Great Dance Song"]03:49
15Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 [from the "Delicate Sound of Thunder"]05:28
16Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 [from the "Pulse"]07:06
17Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3 [from the "The Wall"]01:14
18Any Colour You Like [from the "Dark Side of the Moon"]03:25
19Any Colour You Like [from the "Pulse"]03:20
20Apples and Oranges [from the "The First 3 Singles"]03:03
21Apples and Oranges [from the "Early Singles"]03:08
22Arnold Layne [from the "The First 3 Singles"]02:53
23Arnold Layne [from the "Early Singles"]02:56
24Arnold Layne [from the "Relics"]02:54
25Arnold Layne [from the "Works"]02:52
26Astronomy Domine [from the "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn"]04:05
27Astronomy Domine [from the "Ummagumma (Live)"]08:28
28Astronomy Domine [from the "Pulse"]04:19
29Atom Heart Mother: Father's Shout/Breast Milky/Mother Fore/Funky Dung/Mind Your Throats Please/Remergence [from the "Atom Heart Mother"]23:35
30Biding My Time [from the "Relics"]05:14
31Bike [from the "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn"]03:20
32Bike [from the "Relics"]03:21
33Brain Damage [from the "Dark Side of the Moon"]03:50
34Brain Damage [from the "Works"]03:42
35Brain Damage [from the "Pulse"]03:45
36Brain Damage [from the "The Best of Pink Floyd: A Foot in the Door"]03:40
37Breathe [from the "Pulse"]02:33
38Bring the Boys Back Home [from the "The Wall"]01:27
39Burning Bridges [from the "Obscured By Clouds"]03:25
40Candy and a Currant Bum [from the "Early Singles"]02:47
41Candy and a Current Bun [from the "The First 3 Singles"]02:43
42Careful With That Axe, Eugene [from the "Early Singles"]05:45
43Careful With That Axe, Eugene [from the "Ummagumma (Live)"]08:49
44Careful With That Axe, Eugene [from the "Relics"]05:41
45Chapter 24 [from the "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn"]03:38
46Childhood's End [from the "Obscured By Clouds"]04:27
47Cirrus Minor [from the "More"]05:17
48Cirrus Minor [from the "Relics"]05:10
49Cluster One [from the "The Division Bell"]05:54
50Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up - The Pink Floyd [from the "Zabriskie Point (Soundtrack)"]04:59
51Comfortably Numb [from the "The Wall"]06:22
52Comfortably Numb [from the "Delicate Sound of Thunder"]08:55
53Comfortably Numb [from the "Pulse"]09:27
54Comfortably Numb [from the "The Best of Pink Floyd: A Foot in the Door"]06:08
55Coming Back To Life [from the "Pulse"]06:55
56Coming Back To Life [from the "The Division Bell"]06:18
57Corporal Clegg [from the "A Saucerful of Secrets"]04:11
58Country Song - The Pink Floyd [from the "Zabriskie Point (Soundtrack)"]04:36
59Crumbling Land - The Pink Floyd [from the "Zabriskie Point (Soundtrack)"]04:12
60Crying Song [from the "More"]03:33

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd are an English rock band that earned recognition for their psychedelic rock music, and, as they evolved, for their avant-garde progressive rock music.

They are known for philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, innovative cover art, and elaborate live shows. []


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