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For the Lions by Hatebreed [2009] [album editions]

For the Lions (Hatebreed)

Track listing

1Ghosts Of War (Slayer Cover)
2Suicidal Maniac (Suicidal Tendencies Cover)
3Escape (Metallica Cover)
4Hatebreeders (Misfits Cover)
5Set It Off (Madball Cover)
6Thirsty And Miserable (Black Flag Cover)
7All I Had I Gave (Crowbar Cover)
8Your Mistake (Agnostic Front Cover)
9I'm In Pain (Obituary Cover)
10It's The Limit (Cro-Mags Cover)
11Refuse-Resist (Sepultura Cover)
12Supertouch-Shitfit (Bad Brains Cover)
13Evil Minds (D.R.I. Cover)
14Shut Me Out (Sick of it All Cover)
15Sick Of Talk (Negative Approach Cover)
16Life Is Pain (Merauder Cover)
17Hear Me (Judge Cover)
18Bored In (Subzero Cover)
19Sheer Terror: I, Spoiler
20To the Threshold (Live In Dallas)
21Destroy Everything (Live In Dallas)
22Defeatist (Live In Dallas)
23The Most Truth (Live In Dallas)

Hatebreed albums

1For the Lions[ 2009 ]
2Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
3Hatebreed[ 2009 ]
4Live Dominance (DVD)[ 2008 ]
5Perseverance[ 2002 ]
6Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire[ 1997 ]
7Supremacy[ 2006 ]
8The Divinity of Purpose[ 2013 ]
9The Rise of Brutality[ 2003 ]
10Under the Knife[ 1996 ]
1For the Lions (Hatebreed)
2Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Hatebreed (Hatebreed)
4Live Dominance (DVD) (Hatebreed)
5Perseverance (Hatebreed)
6Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire (Hatebreed)
7Supremacy (Hatebreed)
8The Divinity of Purpose (Hatebreed)
9The Rise of Brutality (Hatebreed)
10Under the Knife (Hatebreed)

Hatebreed songs

1A Call For Blood [from the "Perseverance"]03:05
2A Call For Blood (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]03:43
3A Lesson Lived Is a Lesson Learned [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]02:03
4Afflicted Past [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:41
5All I Had I Gave (Crowbar Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]03:13
6Another Day, Another Vendetta [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]03:04
7As Damaged As Me [from the "Hatebreed"]02:21
8As Diehard as They Come [from the "Supremacy"]02:16
9As Diehard As They Come (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]02:29
10As Diehard As They Come (Live) [from the "Hatebreed"]02:17
11Become the Fuse [from the "Hatebreed"]02:27
12Before Dishonor [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]02:49
13Before Dishonor (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]03:22
14Before The Fight Ends You [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]03:17
15Beholder of Justice [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]02:44
16Beholder Of Justice (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]04:02
17Below The Bottom [from the "Perseverance"]02:26
18Betrayed by Life [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:39
19Betrayed By Life (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]02:18
20Between Hell And A Heartbeat [from the "Hatebreed"]02:54
21Bitter Truth [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]02:40
22Bloodsoaked Memories [from the "Perseverance"]02:53
23Bored In (Subzero Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]02:59
24Boundless (Time To Murder It) [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]03:21
25Burial for the Living [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:40
26Burn the Lies [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:46
27Choose or Be Chosen [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]01:39
28Conceived Through an Act of Violence [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:44
29Condemned Until Rebirth - Hatebreed [from the "Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)"] 
30Confide in No One [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]02:38
31Dead Man Breathing [from the "The Divinity of Purpose"]03:19
32Defeatist [from the "Supremacy"]03:19
33Defeatist [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]03:39
34Defeatist (Live In Dallas) [from the "For the Lions"]02:40
35Destroy Everything [from the "Supremacy"]03:29
36Destroy Everything (Live In Dallas) [from the "For the Lions"]04:07
37Destroy Everything (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]03:38
38Divine Judgment [from the "Supremacy"]02:28
39Doomsayer [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]03:23
40Doomsayer (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]06:16
41Driven by Suffering [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:48
42Empty Promises [from the "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"]01:19
43Empty Promises (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]01:37
44Escape (Diehard Edit) [from the "Hatebreed"]04:01
45Escape (Metallica Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]04:37
46Every Lasting Scar [from the "Hatebreed"]03:13
47Everyone Bleeds Now [from the "Hatebreed"]02:56
48Evil Minds (D.R.I. Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]00:57
49Facing What Consumes You [from the "The Rise of Brutality"]03:29
50Facing What Consumes You (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]04:23
51Filth [from the "Under the Knife"]01:42
52Final Prayer [from the "Perseverance"]02:12
53Ghosts Of War (Slayer Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]03:58
54Give Wings to My Triumph [from the "Supremacy"]03:05
55Hallow Ground (Live) [from the "Live Dominance (DVD)"]02:49
56Hands Of A Dying Man [from the "Hatebreed"]02:48
57Hatebreeders (Misfits Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]02:51
58Healing To Suffer Again [from the "Perseverance"]02:49
59Hear Me (Judge Cover) [from the "For the Lions"]01:54
60Hollow Ground [from the "Perseverance"]02:39

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Hatebreed is an American metalcore band from Connecticut founded in 1994.



  • Metalcore,
  • Hardcore punk
  • Escape (Metallica Cover) by Hatebreed

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