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Boheme by Deep Forest [1995] [album editions]

Boheme (Deep Forest)

Track listing

2Bohemian Ballet
3Marta's Song
6Bulgarian Melody
7Deep Folk Song
8Freedom Cry
10Cafe Europa

Deep Forest albums

1Boheme[ 1995 ]
2Comparsa[ 1998 ]
3Deep Forest[ 1993 ]
4Deep Forest (mix)[ 1992 ]
5Music.Detected_[ 2002 ]
6Pacifique[ 2001 ]
7Sweet Lullaby (mix)[ 1992 ]
8World Mix[ 2002 ]
1Boheme (Deep Forest)
2Comparsa (Deep Forest)
3Deep Forest (Deep Forest)
4Deep Forest (mix) (Deep Forest)
5Music.Detected_ (Deep Forest)
6Pacifique (Deep Forest)
7Sweet Lullaby (mix) (Deep Forest)
8World Mix (Deep Forest)

Deep Forest songs

11716 [from the "Comparsa"]01:03
2Anasthasia [from the "Boheme"]01:56
3Beauty In Your Eyes [from the "Music.Detected_"]04:20
4Boheme [from the "Boheme"]04:35
5Bohemian Ballet [from the "Boheme"]05:07
6Bulgarian Melody [from the "Boheme"]03:07
7Cafe Europa [from the "Boheme"]04:17
8Comparsa [from the "Comparsa"]04:58
9Computer Machine [from the "Music.Detected_"]05:09
10Deep Blue Sea (featuring Anggun) [from the "Music.Detected_"]04:13
11Deep Folk Song [from the "Boheme"]01:14
12Deep Forest [from the "Deep Forest"]05:33
13Deep Forest [from the "World Mix"] 
14Deep Forest [deep soul edit] [from the "Deep Forest (mix)"]03:30
15Deep Forest [downstreet mix] [from the "Deep Forest (mix)"]04:27
16Deep Forest [dream city mix] [from the "Deep Forest (mix)"]06:29
17Deep Forest [original single mix] [from the "Deep Forest (mix)"]05:33
18Deep Forest [RPL jungle mix] [from the "Deep Forest (mix)"]07:59
19Deep Forest [sunrise at alcatraz] [from the "Deep Forest (mix)"]07:07
20Deep Forest [Sunrise at Alcatraz] [from the "World Mix"] 
21Deep Weather [from the "Comparsa"]04:53
22Desert Walk [from the "Deep Forest"]05:14
23Desert Walk [from the "World Mix"] 
24Dignity (featuring Beverly Jo Scott) [from the "Music.Detected_"]05:20
25Earthquake [transition one] [from the "Comparsa"]00:47
26Ekue Ekue [from the "Comparsa"]05:19
27Elemental (featuring Beverly Jo Scott) [from the "Music.Detected_"]05:21
28Endangered Species [from the "Music.Detected_"]06:16
29Endangered Species (remix radio edit) - Galleon [from the "Music.Detected_"]03:56
30Execution [from the "Pacifique"]04:22
31Far East [from the "Music.Detected_"]00:58
32First Twilight [from the "World Mix"] 
33Forest Hymn [from the "World Mix"] 
34Forest Hymn [Apollo mix] [from the "World Mix"]06:48
35Forest Hymn [remix] [from the "Deep Forest (mix)"]05:48
36Forest Power [from the "Comparsa"]03:48
37Freedom Cry [from the "Boheme"]03:17
38Gathering [from the "Boheme"]04:38
39Green And Blue [from the "Comparsa"]04:52
40Huahine Reggae [from the "Pacifique"]05:57
41Huahine Reggae Part 2 (Bonus Track) [from the "Pacifique"] 
42Hunting [from the "Deep Forest"]03:27
43Hunting [from the "World Mix"] 
44In The Evening [from the "Music.Detected_"]01:33
45India [from the "Music.Detected_"]04:04
46Katharina [from the "Boheme"]02:53
47La Legende Part 2 [from the "Pacifique"]04:00
48La Luna Se Bat Avec Les Estoil [transition two] [from the "Comparsa"]02:27
49La Revolte [from the "Pacifique"]04:23
50La Veuve Furieuse [from the "Pacifique"]03:31
51Lament [from the "Boheme"]03:09
52Le Baiser [from the "Pacifique"]02:26
53Le Reveil De Barnabe Part 1 [from the "Pacifique"]01:03
54Le Reveil De Barnabe Part 2 [from the "Pacifique"]03:17
55Lile Invisible [from the "Pacifique"]01:41
56Madazulu [from the "Comparsa"]03:23
57Marta's Song [from the "Boheme"]04:12
58Media Luna [from the "Comparsa"]04:31
59Moon Light [from the "Pacifique"]03:18
60Night Bird [from the "Deep Forest"]04:17

Deep Forest

Deep Forest

Deep Forest is a musical group consisting of two French musicians, Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet.

They compose a new kind of world music, sometimes called ethnic electronica, mixing ethnic with electronic sounds and dance beats or chillout beats.


  • Electronic,
  • New Age,
  • Ambient,
  • World music,
  • Ethnic electronica
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