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Sweet Lullaby (mix) by Deep Forest [1992] [album editions]

Sweet Lullaby (mix) (Deep Forest)

Track listing

1Sweet Lullaby [Extended remix]
2Sweet Lullaby [Q-bass remix]
3Sweet Lullaby [Apollo 440 remix]
4Sweet Lullaby [Single remix]
5Sweet Lullaby [A la EFX single mix]
6Sweet Lullaby [Ambient remix]

Deep Forest albums

1Boheme[ 1995 ]
2Comparsa[ 1998 ]
3Deep Forest[ 1993 ]
4Deep Forest (mix)[ 1992 ]
5Music.Detected_[ 2002 ]
6Pacifique[ 2001 ]
7Sweet Lullaby (mix)[ 1992 ]
8World Mix[ 2002 ]
1Boheme (Deep Forest)
2Comparsa (Deep Forest)
3Deep Forest (Deep Forest)
4Deep Forest (mix) (Deep Forest)
5Music.Detected_ (Deep Forest)
6Pacifique (Deep Forest)
7Sweet Lullaby (mix) (Deep Forest)
8World Mix (Deep Forest)

Deep Forest songs

61Night Bird [from the "World Mix"] 
62Night Village [from the "Pacifique"]04:06
63Noonday Sun [from the "Comparsa"]04:59
64Ouverture Huahine [from the "Pacifique"]05:02
65Pacifique [from the "Pacifique"]03:43
66Radio Belize [from the "Comparsa"]03:57
67Savana Dance [from the "Deep Forest"]04:25
68Savana Dance [from the "World Mix"] 
69Second Twilight [from the "World Mix"] 
70Soul Elevator [from the "Music.Detected_"]04:10
71Sweet Lullaby [from the "Deep Forest"]03:53
72Sweet Lullaby [from the "World Mix"] 
73Sweet Lullaby [A la EFX single mix] [from the "Sweet Lullaby (mix)"]03:08
74Sweet Lullaby [ambient mix] [from the "Deep Forest"]03:46
75Sweet Lullaby [Ambient Mix] [from the "World Mix"] 
76Sweet Lullaby [Ambient remix] [from the "Sweet Lullaby (mix)"]03:44
77Sweet Lullaby [Apollo 440 remix] [from the "Sweet Lullaby (mix)"]07:20
78Sweet Lullaby [Apollo album mix] [from the "World Mix"]07:18
79Sweet Lullaby [Extended remix] [from the "Sweet Lullaby (mix)"]06:08
80Sweet Lullaby [Q-bass remix] [from the "Sweet Lullaby (mix)"]05:59
81Sweet Lullaby [Round the world mix] [from the "World Mix"]06:49
82Sweet Lullaby [Single remix] [from the "Sweet Lullaby (mix)"]03:54
83Tefaora Ne Croit Pas A La Legande [from the "Pacifique"]01:05
84The First Twilight [from the "Deep Forest"]03:18
85The Second Twilight [from the "Deep Forest"]03:00
86Tres Marias [from the "Comparsa"]04:53
87Twosome [from the "Boheme"]04:06
88White Whisper [from the "Deep Forest"]05:45
89White Whisper [from the "World Mix"] 
90Will You Be Ready (feat. Angela McCluskey & Chitose Hajime) [from the "Music.Detected_"]05:15
91Yuki Song (featuring Beverly Jo Scott) [from the "Music.Detected_"]05:19

Deep Forest

Deep Forest

Deep Forest is a musical group consisting of two French musicians, Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet.

They compose a new kind of world music, sometimes called ethnic electronica, mixing ethnic with electronic sounds and dance beats or chillout beats.


  • Electronic,
  • New Age,
  • Ambient,
  • World music,
  • Ethnic electronica
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