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20/20 by The Beach Boys [1969] [album editions]

20/20 (The Beach Boys)

Track listing

1Do it Again
2I Can Hear Music
3Bluebirds Over the Mountain
4Be With Me
5All I Want To Do
6The Nearest Faraway Place
7Cotton Fields
8I Went To Sleep
9Time To Get Alone
10Never Learn Not To Love
11Our Prayer

The Beach Boys albums

115 Big Ones[ 1976 ]
220/20[ 1969 ]
3All Summer Long[ 1964 ]
4Beach Boys’ Party![ 1965 ]
5Carl and the Passions – "So Tough"[ 1972 ]
6Friends[ 1968 ]
7Holland[ 1973 ]
8Keepin' The Summer Alive[ 1980 ]
9L.A. (Light Album)[ 1979 ]
10Little Deuce Coupe[ 1963 ]
11Love You[ 1977 ]
12M.I.U. Album[ 1978 ]
13Pet Sounds[ 1965 ]
14Shut Down Volume 2[ 1964 ]
15Smiley Smile[ 1967 ]
16Stars and Stripes Vol. 1[ 1996 ]
17Still Cruisin'[ 1989 ]
18Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)[ 1965 ]
19Summer In Paradise[ 1992 ]
20Sunflower[ 1970 ]
21Surfer Girl[ 1963 ]
22Surfin' Safari[ 1962 ]
23Surfin' USA[ 1963 ]
24Surf's Up[ 1971 ]
25That's Why God Made the Radio[ 2012 ]
26The Beach Boys[ 1985 ]
27The Beach Boys' Christmas Album[ 1964 ]
28The Beach Boys Today![ 1965 ]
29Wild Honey[ 1967 ]
115 Big Ones (The Beach Boys)
220/20 (The Beach Boys)
3All Summer Long (The Beach Boys)
4Beach Boys’ Party! (The Beach Boys)
5Carl and the Passions –
6Friends (The Beach Boys)
7Holland (The Beach Boys)
8Keepin' The Summer Alive (The Beach Boys)
9L.A. (Light Album) (The Beach Boys)
10Little Deuce Coupe (The Beach Boys)
11Love You (The Beach Boys)
12M.I.U. Album (The Beach Boys)
13Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys)
14Shut Down Volume 2 (The Beach Boys)
15Smiley Smile (The Beach Boys)
16Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 (The Beach Boys)
17Still Cruisin' (The Beach Boys)
18Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (The Beach Boys)
19Summer In Paradise (The Beach Boys)
20Sunflower (The Beach Boys)
21Surfer Girl (The Beach Boys)
22Surfin' Safari (The Beach Boys)
23Surfin' USA (The Beach Boys)
24Surf's Up (The Beach Boys)
25That's Why God Made the Radio (The Beach Boys)
26The Beach Boys (The Beach Boys)
27The Beach Boys' Christmas Album (The Beach Boys)
28The Beach Boys Today! (The Beach Boys)
29Wild Honey (The Beach Boys)

The Beach Boys songs

121Here Comes the Night [from the "L.A. (Light Album)"]10:52
122Here She Comes [from the "Carl and the Passions – "So Tough""]05:12
123Here Today [from the "Pet Sounds"]02:54
124Heroes and Villains [from the "Smiley Smile"]03:40
125Hey, Little Tomboy [from the "M.I.U. Album"]02:27
126Hold On Dear Brother [from the "Carl and the Passions – "So Tough""]04:48
127Honkin' Down the Highwa [from the "Love You"]02:52
128Honky Tonk [from the "Surfin' USA"]02:05
129Hot Fun in the Summertime [from the "Summer In Paradise"]03:30
130How She Boogalooed It [from the "Wild Honey"]01:58
131Hully Gully [from the "Beach Boys’ Party!"]02:22
132Hushabye [from the "All Summer Long"]02:42
133I Can Hear Music [from the "20/20"]02:38
134I Can Hear Music [from the "Stars and Stripes Vol. 1"]03:18
135I Do Love You [from the "The Beach Boys"]04:20
136I Get Around [from the "All Summer Long"]02:13
137I Get Around [from the "Stars and Stripes Vol. 1"]02:32
138I Get Around (From ''Good Morning Vietnam'') [from the "Still Cruisin'"]02:14
139I Just Wasn't Made For These Times [from the "Pet Sounds"]03:12
140I Know There's an Answer [from the "Pet Sounds"]03:08
141I Should Have Known Better [from the "Beach Boys’ Party!"]01:40
142I Wanna Pick You Up [from the "Love You"]02:41
143I Was Made To Love Her [from the "Wild Honey"]02:07
144I Went To Sleep [from the "20/20"]01:38
145I'd Love Just Once To See You [from the "Wild Honey"]01:50
146I'll Be Home For Christmas [from the "The Beach Boys' Christmas Album"]02:43
147I'll Bet He's Nice [from the "Love You"]02:39
148I'm Bugged at My Ol' Man [from the "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)"]02:20
149I'm So Lonely [from the "The Beach Boys"]02:52
150I'm So Young [from the "The Beach Boys Today!"]02:34
151I'm Waiting For the Day [from the "Pet Sounds"]03:04
152In My Car [from the "Still Cruisin'"]03:20
153In My Room [from the "Surfer Girl"]02:14
154In the Back of My Mind [from the "The Beach Boys Today!"]02:12
155In the Parkin' Lot [from the "Shut Down Volume 2"]02:03
156In the Still of the Nig [from the "15 Big Ones"]03:05
157Island Fever [from the "Summer In Paradise"]03:26
158Island Girl [from the "Still Cruisin'"]03:49
159Isn't It Me [from the "That's Why God Made the Radio"]03:45
160It's About Time [from the "Sunflower"]02:58
161It's Gettin' Late [from the "The Beach Boys"]03:26
162It's Just a Matter of Time [from the "The Beach Boys"]02:22
163It's OK [from the "15 Big Ones"]02:15
164Johnny Carson [from the "Love You"]02:49
165Just Once In My Life [from the "15 Big Ones"]03:49
166Keep an Eye On Summer [from the "Shut Down Volume 2"]02:23
167Keepin' The Summer Alive [from the "Keepin' The Summer Alive"]03:43
168Kiss Me Baby [from the "The Beach Boys Today!"]02:38
169Kokomo (From ''Cocktail'') [from the "Still Cruisin'"]03:36
170Kona Coast [from the "M.I.U. Album"]02:33
171Lady Lynda [from the "L.A. (Light Album)"]03:59
172Lahaia Aloha [from the "Summer In Paradise"]03:44
173Lana [from the "Surfin' USA"]01:43
174Leaving This Town [from the "Holland"]05:51
175Let Him Run Wild [from the "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)"]02:21
176Let The Wind Blow [from the "Wild Honey"]02:21
177Let Us Go On This Way [from the "Love You"]02:01
178Let's Go Away For Awhile [from the "Pet Sounds"]02:18
179Let's Go Tippin' [from the "Surfin' USA"]02:00
180Let's Put Our Hearts To [from the "Love You"]02:15

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The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are an American rock band, formed in Hawthorne, California in 1961. []


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  • I Can Hear Music by The Beach Boys

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