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Beach Boys’ Party! by The Beach Boys [1965] [album editions]

Beach Boys’ Party! (The Beach Boys)

Track listing

1Hully Gully
2I Should Have Known Better
3Tell Me Why
5Mountain of Love
6You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
7Devoted To You
8Alley Oop
9There's No Other (Like My Baby)
10Medley: I Get Around And Little Deuce Coupe
11The Times They Are A-changin'
12Barbara Ann

The Beach Boys albums

115 Big Ones[ 1976 ]
220/20[ 1969 ]
3All Summer Long[ 1964 ]
4Beach Boys’ Party![ 1965 ]
5Carl and the Passions – "So Tough"[ 1972 ]
6Friends[ 1968 ]
7Holland[ 1973 ]
8Keepin' The Summer Alive[ 1980 ]
9L.A. (Light Album)[ 1979 ]
10Little Deuce Coupe[ 1963 ]
11Love You[ 1977 ]
12M.I.U. Album[ 1978 ]
13Pet Sounds[ 1965 ]
14Shut Down Volume 2[ 1964 ]
15Smiley Smile[ 1967 ]
16Stars and Stripes Vol. 1[ 1996 ]
17Still Cruisin'[ 1989 ]
18Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)[ 1965 ]
19Summer In Paradise[ 1992 ]
20Sunflower[ 1970 ]
21Surfer Girl[ 1963 ]
22Surfin' Safari[ 1962 ]
23Surfin' USA[ 1963 ]
24Surf's Up[ 1971 ]
25That's Why God Made the Radio[ 2012 ]
26The Beach Boys[ 1985 ]
27The Beach Boys' Christmas Album[ 1964 ]
28The Beach Boys Today![ 1965 ]
29Wild Honey[ 1967 ]
115 Big Ones (The Beach Boys)
220/20 (The Beach Boys)
3All Summer Long (The Beach Boys)
4Beach Boys’ Party! (The Beach Boys)
5Carl and the Passions –
6Friends (The Beach Boys)
7Holland (The Beach Boys)
8Keepin' The Summer Alive (The Beach Boys)
9L.A. (Light Album) (The Beach Boys)
10Little Deuce Coupe (The Beach Boys)
11Love You (The Beach Boys)
12M.I.U. Album (The Beach Boys)
13Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys)
14Shut Down Volume 2 (The Beach Boys)
15Smiley Smile (The Beach Boys)
16Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 (The Beach Boys)
17Still Cruisin' (The Beach Boys)
18Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (The Beach Boys)
19Summer In Paradise (The Beach Boys)
20Sunflower (The Beach Boys)
21Surfer Girl (The Beach Boys)
22Surfin' Safari (The Beach Boys)
23Surfin' USA (The Beach Boys)
24Surf's Up (The Beach Boys)
25That's Why God Made the Radio (The Beach Boys)
26The Beach Boys (The Beach Boys)
27The Beach Boys' Christmas Album (The Beach Boys)
28The Beach Boys Today! (The Beach Boys)
29Wild Honey (The Beach Boys)

The Beach Boys songs

1"Cassius" Love Vs. "Sonny" Wilson [from the "Shut Down Volume 2"]03:31
2409 [from the "Surfin' Safari"]02:01
3409 [from the "Little Deuce Coupe"]02:01
4409 [from the "Stars and Stripes Vol. 1"]02:24
5A Casual Look [from the "15 Big Ones"]02:48
6A Day In The Life of a Tree [from the "Surf's Up"]03:10
7A Thing or Two [from the "Wild Honey"]02:43
8A Young Man Is Gone [from the "Little Deuce Coupe"]02:18
9Add Some Music To Your Day [from the "Sunflower"]03:36
10Airplane [from the "Love You"]03:08
11All I Wanna Do [from the "Sunflower"]02:36
12All I Want To Do [from the "20/20"]02:05
13All Summer Long [from the "All Summer Long"]02:09
14All This Is That [from the "Carl and the Passions – "So Tough""]04:04
15Alley Oop [from the "Beach Boys’ Party!"]02:55
16Amusement Parks U.S.A. [from the "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)"]02:34
17And Your Dream Comes True [from the "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)"]01:04
18Angel Come Home [from the "L.A. (Light Album)"]03:41
19Anna Lee, The Healer [from the "Friends"]01:55
20Aren't You Glad [from the "Wild Honey"]02:18
21At My Window [from the "Sunflower"]02:32
22Auld Lang Syne [from the "The Beach Boys' Christmas Album"]01:18
23Auld Lang Syne (Alternate Take) (Bonus Track) [from the "The Beach Boys' Christmas Album"]01:18
24Baby Blue [from the "L.A. (Light Album)"]03:25
25Back Home [from the "15 Big Ones"]02:52
26Ballad of Ole' Betsy [from the "Little Deuce Coupe"]02:17
27Barbara Ann [from the "Beach Boys’ Party!"]03:23
28Be Here in the Morning [from the "Friends"]02:19
29Be Still [from the "Friends"]01:25
30Be True To Your School [from the "Little Deuce Coupe"]02:08
31Be True to Your School [from the "Stars and Stripes Vol. 1"]03:22
32Be With Me [from the "20/20"]03:15
33Beaches In Mind [from the "That's Why God Made the Radio"]02:38
34Belles of Paris [from the "M.I.U. Album"]02:29
35Blue Christmas [from the "The Beach Boys' Christmas Album"]03:09
36Blueberry Hill [from the "15 Big Ones"]03:04
37Bluebirds Over the Mountain [from the "20/20"]02:53
38Boogie Woodie [from the "Surfer Girl"]02:00
39Bull Session With the Big Daddy [from the "The Beach Boys Today!"]02:12
40Busy Doin' Nothin' [from the "Friends"]03:06
41Cabinessence [from the "20/20"]03:34
42California Calling [from the "The Beach Boys"]02:49
43California Girls [from the "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)"]02:38
44California Girls (From ''Soul Man'') [from the "Still Cruisin'"]02:46
45California Saga: Big Sur [from the "Holland"]02:56
46California Saga: California [from the "Holland"]03:24
47California Saga: The Beaks Of Eagles [from the "Holland"]03:48
48Car Crazy Cutie [from the "Little Deuce Coupe"]02:49
49Carl's Big Chance [from the "All Summer Long"]02:27
50Caroline, No [from the "Pet Sounds"]02:51
51Caroline, No [from the "Stars and Stripes Vol. 1"]03:23
52Catch a Wave [from the "Surfer Girl"]02:10
53Chapel Of Love [from the "15 Big Ones"]02:37
54Cherry, Cherry Coupe [from the "Little Deuce Coupe"]01:50
55Christmas Day [from the "The Beach Boys' Christmas Album"]01:49
56Chug-A-Lug [from the "Surfin' Safari"]02:01
57Come Go With Me [from the "M.I.U. Album"]02:08
58Cool, Cool Wate [from the "Sunflower"]05:04
59Cotton Fields [from the "20/20"]02:24
60Country Air [from the "Wild Honey"]02:22

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The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are an American rock band, formed in Hawthorne, California in 1961. []


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  • Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys

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