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My Way by Usher [1997] [album editions]

My Way (Usher)

Track listing

1You Make Me Wanna...
2Just Like Me
3Nice And Slow
4Slow Jam
5My Way
6Come Back
7I Will
9One Day You'll Be Mine
10You Make Me Wanna... (Extended Version)

Usher albums

18701[ 2005 ]
2Confessions[ 2004 ]
3Here I Stand[ 2008 ]
4I Need a Girl (Single)[ 2002 ]
5Looking 4 Myself[ 2012 ]
6My Way[ 1997 ]
7Raymond v. Raymond[ 2010 ]
8Versus[ 2010 ]
9Yeah[ 2004 ]
18701 (Usher)
2Confessions (Usher)
3Here I Stand (Usher)
4I Need a Girl (Single) (Various artists)
5Looking 4 Myself (Usher)
6My Way (Usher)
7Raymond v. Raymond (Usher)
8Versus (Usher)
9Yeah (Usher)

Usher songs

61Numb [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:45
62Okay [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]03:15
63OMG (ft. Will.I.Am) [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]04:29
64One Day You'll Be Mine [from the "My Way"] 
65Papers [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]04:21
66Prayer For You (Interlude) [from the "Here I Stand"]01:43
67Pro Lover [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]05:03
68Red Light [from the "Confessions"] 
69Red Light [from the "Yeah"] 
70Say the Words [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]04:00
71Scream [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:54
72Seduction [from the "Confessions"]05:37
73She Don't Know (ft. Ludacris) [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]04:03
74Show Me [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:43
75Simple Things [from the "Confessions"]02:17
76Sins of My Father [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:56
77Slow Jam [from the "My Way"] 
78So Many Girls [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]04:36
79Somebody to Love (Remix) (with Justin Bieber) [from the "Versus"]03:41
80Something Special [from the "Here I Stand"]03:57
81Stranger [from the "Versus"]04:56
82Superstar [from the "Confessions"]00:55
83Superstar (Interlude) [from the "Confessions"]01:04
84Sweet Lies [from the "Yeah"] 
85Take Your Hand [from the "Confessions"]01:18
86That's What It's Made For [from the "Confessions"]01:38
87There Goes My Baby [from the "Raymond v. Raymond"]04:41
88There Goes My Baby [from the "Versus"]04:41
89This Ain't Sex [from the "Here I Stand"]04:24
90Throwback [from the "Confessions"]01:26
91Trading Places [from the "Here I Stand"]04:28
92Truth Hurts [from the "Confessions"]01:49
93Twisted (ft. Pharrell) [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]03:43
94Twork It Out [from the "8701"] 
95U Dont Have To Call - Usher [from the "I Need a Girl (Single)"] 
96U Dont Have To Call (Remix Ft Ludacris) - Usher [from the "I Need a Girl (Single)"] 
97U Dont Have To Call (Video) - Usher [from the "I Need a Girl (Single)"] 
98U Don't Have To Call- Featuring Kelis [from the "8701"] 
99U Got It Bad [from the "8701"]04:07
100U R The One [from the "8701"] 
101U Remind Me [from the "8701"] 
102U-Turn [from the "8701"] 
103What Happened to U [from the "Looking 4 Myself"]04:21
104What's A Man To Do [from the "Here I Stand"]04:09
105What's Your Name (Feat. Will.I.Am) [from the "Here I Stand"]03:58
106Will Work For Love [from the "Here I Stand"]03:19
107Without U [from the "8701"] 
108Yeah! [from the "Confessions"]01:25
109Yeah! - Ludacris, Usher [from the "Yeah"]04:08
110Yeah! [Instrumental] [from the "Yeah"] 
111You Make Me Wanna... [from the "My Way"]03:41
112You Make Me Wanna... (Extended Version) [from the "My Way"] 

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Usher Raymond IV is an American R&B/pop singer and actor who rose to fame in the mid-late 1990s.

To date, he has sold approximately over 35 million albums worldwide and has won five Grammy Awards. Usher is also a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers National Basketball Association franchise. []


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