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2050 Before the Massacre by 50 Cent [2005] [album editions]

2050 Before the Massacre (50 Cent)

Track listing

1Valentine's Day Massacre Intro
2Candy Shop (ft. Olivia)
3I'm An Animal
5Gotta Get Mine
6Interlude (ft. Tony Yayo)
7Put A Hole In You Back
8My Downfall
9Take Ya Back
10Bitch What U Know About (ft. Young Buck & Spider Loc)
11It Is What It Is
12Get Ya Boy
13London Bitch
14Queens PIMP
15Sandbox Interlude
16We Gonna Hit Yo Ass Up (ft. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo)
17I'm Runnin' (ft. Tony Yayo)
18When You Hear That!
19Dj Whod kid - outro

50 Cent albums

12050 Before the Massacre[ 2005 ]
224 Shots[ 2003 ]
35 (Murder by Numbers)[ 2012 ]
48 Mile (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
5Animal Ambition[ 2014 ]
6Before I Self Destruct[ 2009 ]
7Curtis[ 2007 ]
8Get Rich or Die Tryin'[ 2003 ]
9Guess Who's Back?[ 2002 ]
10Power Of The Dollar[ 2000 ]
11The Massacre[ 2005 ]
12The Time Is Now[ 2008 ]
13The Undertaker[ 2009 ]
12050 Before the Massacre (50 Cent)
224 Shots (50 Cent)
35 (Murder by Numbers) (50 Cent)
48 Mile (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Animal Ambition (50 Cent)
6Before I Self Destruct (50 Cent)
7Curtis (50 Cent)
8Get Rich or Die Tryin' (50 Cent)
9Guess Who's Back? (50 Cent)
10Power Of The Dollar (50 Cent)
11The Massacre (50 Cent)
12The Time Is Now (50 Cent)
13The Undertaker (50 Cent)

50 Cent songs

121 Questions (ft. Nate Dogg) [from the "Get Rich or Die Tryin'"] 
250 Bars [from the "Guess Who's Back?"] 
350 cent (ft. Green Lantern - NYC) [from the "The Time Is Now"]03:40
4A Baltimore Love Thing [from the "The Massacre"] 
5All of Me (ft. Mary J. Blige) [from the "Curtis"]03:51
6Amusement Park [from the "Curtis"]03:09
7And I'm Realer on the Streets (Than I Am On Wax) [from the "The Undertaker"]00:50
8Animal Ambition [from the "Animal Ambition"]03:06
9As the World Turns [from the "Guess Who's Back?"] 
10As the World Turns (ft. U.G.K.) [from the "Power Of The Dollar"]04:02
11Ayo Technology (ft. Justin Timberlake) [from the "Curtis"]04:08
12Baby By Me (ft. Ne-Yo) [from the "Before I Self Destruct"]03:33
13Back Down [from the "Get Rich or Die Tryin'"]04:03
14Bad News (ft. G-Unit) [from the "24 Shots"]04:21
15Be a Gentleman [from the "Guess Who's Back?"] 
16Be My Bitch (ft. Brevi) [from the "5 (Murder by Numbers)"]03:54
17Beef With Me [from the "24 Shots"]01:51
18Better Move [from the "The Time Is Now"]01:35
19Bitch What U Know About (ft. Young Buck & Spider Loc) [from the "2050 Before the Massacre"] 
20Blood Hound (ft. Young Buck of G Unit) [from the "Get Rich or Die Tryin'"]04:00
21Bottom Girl (new) - Gunit [from the "The Time Is Now"]04:08
22Bringing ''Reefer Madness' (ft. Barry White, KRS One, Channel Live & Jigsy King) [from the "The Undertaker"]03:27
23Bringing the ''Heat'' to any Battle [from the "The Undertaker"]02:41
24Build You Up (ft. Jamie Foxx) [from the "The Massacre"] 
25Business Mind (ft. Hayes) [from the "5 (Murder by Numbers)"]03:01
26But Don't Get Caught Up As A Suspect f(t. Tony Yayo) [from the "The Undertaker"]01:06
27But He's Not Rich (And Still Lying) [from the "The Undertaker"]02:12
28C.R.E.A.M. Freestyle (ft. G-Unit) [from the "24 Shots"] 
29Can I Speak To You (ft. Schoolboy Q) [from the "5 (Murder by Numbers)"]02:55
30Candy Shop (ft. Olivia) [from the "2050 Before the Massacre"]04:12
31Candy Shop (ft. Olivia) [from the "The Massacre"] 
32Chase the Paper (feat. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd & Styles P) [from the "Animal Ambition"]04:17
33Come & Go [from the "Curtis"]03:28
34Corner Bodega [from the "24 Shots"]01:35
35Corner Bodega [from the "Guess Who's Back?"] 
36Corner Bodega [from the "Power Of The Dollar"] 
37Could've Been You (ft. R.Kelly) (Bonus track) [from the "Before I Self Destruct"]04:20
38Crime Wave [from the "Before I Self Destruct"]03:44
39''Crossing Him Is A Grave Mistake'' [from the "The Undertaker"]03:34
40Curtis 187 [from the "Curtis"]03:57
41Cuz I Aint Never Gonna Fall Off [from the "The Undertaker"]01:12
42Cuz I Put A Hollow Thru Him (ft. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo) [from the "The Undertaker"]04:06
43Cuz You Gonna Get ''Shot Down'' [from the "The Undertaker"]00:41
44Da Repercussions [from the "Power Of The Dollar"]03:28
45Death To My Enemies [from the "Before I Self Destruct"]03:47
46Definition of Sexy (ft. Guordan) [from the "5 (Murder by Numbers)"]02:57
47Disco Inferno [from the "The Massacre"]03:34
48Dj Whod kid - outro [from the "2050 Before the Massacre"]04:02
49Do You Think About Me (ft. Governor) [from the "Before I Self Destruct"]03:26
50Don't Push Me (ft. Lloyd Banks of G Unit & Eminem) [from the "Get Rich or Die Tryin'"] 
51Don't Worry 'Bout It (ft. Yo Gotti) [from the "Animal Ambition"]04:01
52Doo Wop Freestyle [from the "Guess Who's Back?"] 
53Ecstasy-I Smell Pussy (ft. G-Unit) [from the "24 Shots"]04:36
54Even Your Man Knows Your a Fraud [from the "The Undertaker"]01:10
55Everytime I Come Around (feat. Kidd Kidd) [from the "Animal Ambition"]03:10
56F**k You [from the "Guess Who's Back?"]03:55
57Fast Lane Album - Party Aint Over ft Hotrod [from the "The Time Is Now"]02:29
58Fat Bitches (ft. G-Unit) [from the "24 Shots"]03:16
59Fire (ft. Young Buck & Nicole Scherzinger) [from the "Curtis"]02:49
60Flight 187 (Bonus Track) [from the "Before I Self Destruct"]04:23

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50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper.

He rose to fame with the release of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003) and The Massacre (2005).

Both albums achieved multi-platinum success, selling more than twenty-one million copies combined. []


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  • Candy Shop (ft. Olivia) by 50 Cent

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