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God's Son by Nas [2000] [album editions]

God's Son (Nas)

Track listing

1Get Down
2The Cross
3Made You Look
4Last Real Nigga Alive
5Zone Out (ft. Bravehearts)
6Hey Nas (ft. Kelis & Claudette Ortiz)
7I Can
8Book Of Rhymes
9Thugz Mansion (N.Y.) (ft. 2Pac & J. Phoenix)
11Warrior Song (ft. Alicia Keys)
12Revolutionary Warfare (ft. Lake)
14Heaven (ft. Jully Black)
15Thugz Mirror (Freestyle)
16Pussy Killz
17The G.O.D.

Nas albums

18 Mile (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
2Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)[ 2010 ]
3God's Son[ 2000 ]
4Hip Hop Is Dead[ 2006 ]
5I Am...[ 1999 ]
6Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition[ 2004 ]
7It Was Written[ 1996 ]
8Life Is Good[ 2012 ]
9Nastradamus[ 1999 ]
10Stillmatic[ 2001 ]
11Streets Disciple[ 2004 ]
12The Album[ 1997 ]
13The Lost Tapes[ 2002 ]
14Untitled[ 2008 ]
18 Mile (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
2Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley) (Nas)
3God's Son (Nas)
4Hip Hop Is Dead (Nas)
5I Am... (Nas)
6Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition (Nas)
7It Was Written (Nas)
8Life Is Good (Nas)
9Nastradamus (Nas)
10Stillmatic (Nas)
11Streets Disciple (Nas)
12The Album (Various artists)
13The Lost Tapes (Nas)
14Untitled (Nas)

Nas songs

61Hold Down The Block [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]03:58
62Hope [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]03:05
63Hustlers (ft. The Game, Marsha) [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]04:06
64I Can [from the "God's Son"]04:13
65I Gave You Power [from the "It Was Written"]00:10
66I Want to Talk to You [from the "I Am..."]04:36
67If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) [from the "It Was Written"]04:42
68In His Own Words (ft. Stephen Marley) [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]05:00
69Intro [from the "Streets Disciple"]01:50
70It Ain't Hard To Tell [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]03:22
71It Ain't Hard To Tell (remix) [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]03:27
72Just a Moment [from the "Streets Disciple"]04:23
73K-I-S-S-I-N-G [from the "I Am..."]04:15
74Land Of Promise (ft. Dennis Brown) [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]03:53
75Last Real Nigga Alive [from the "God's Son"]05:05
76Last Words (ft. Millennium Thug (Nashawn)) [from the "Nastradamus"]05:31
77Leaders (feat. Stephen Marley) [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]04:19
78Let There Be Light (ft. Tre Williams) [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]04:28
79Life is What You Make it (ft. DMX) [from the "I Am..."]04:04
80Life We Chose [from the "Nastradamus"]04:08
81Life's A Bitch [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]03:30
82Life's A Bitch (remix) [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]03:00
83Live Nigga Rap [from the "It Was Written"]03:47
84Live Now [from the "Streets Disciple"]04:30
85Loco-Motive Ft Large Professor [from the "Life Is Good"]03:40
86Made You Look [from the "God's Son"]03:23
87Make The World Go Round (ft. Chris Brown And The Game) [from the "Untitled"]03:49
88Mastermind [from the "God's Son"]04:07
89Me & You (dedicated To Destiny) [from the "Streets Disciple"]03:26
90Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]04:08
91Message [from the "It Was Written"]05:29
92Money is my Bitch [from the "I Am..."]04:02
93Money Over Bullshit [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]04:16
94My Country [from the "Stillmatic"]05:12
95My Generation (ft. Lil Wayne & Joss Stone) [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]04:00
96My Way [from the "The Lost Tapes"]03:56
97N.I.*.*.E.R. (The Slave And The Master) [from the "Untitled"]04:33
98N.Y. State Of Mind [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]04:54
99N.Y. State of Mind Pt II [from the "I Am..."]03:36
100Nah Mean [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]04:08
101Nas Is Coming [from the "It Was Written"]05:43
102Nas is Like [from the "I Am..."]03:57
103Nastradamus [from the "Nastradamus"]04:11
104Nasty [from the "Life Is Good"]03:04
105Nazareth Savage [from the "Streets Disciple"]02:41
106New World [from the "Nastradamus"]04:00
107No Idea's Original [from the "The Lost Tapes"]03:05
108No Introduction [from the "Life Is Good"]04:15
109No One Else In The Room [from the "Streets Disciple"]05:08
110Not Going Back (ft. Kelis) [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]04:09
111Nothing Last Forever [from the "The Lost Tapes"]03:53
112On the Real [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]03:26
113One Love [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]05:25
114One Love (remix) [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]05:10
115One Mic [from the "Stillmatic"]04:28
116One Time 4 Your Mind [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]03:18
117Patience [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]05:45
118Play On Playa (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]03:33
119Poppa Was a Playa [from the "The Lost Tapes"]03:50
120Project Roach (ft. The Last Poets) [from the "Untitled"]01:48

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Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, who performs under the mononym Nas, is an American rapper and actor.


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