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Death By Chocolate by De-Phazz [2001] [album editions]

Death By Chocolate (De-Phazz)

Track listing

2Something Special
3Nu Chic
5Better Now
6Death By Chocolate
7Jeunesse Doree
9Jim The Jinn
10Roy`s Choice
11Trash Box
12Jump Over
13Maybe San Jose
14Loves Labours Lost
15North West
16Saw It On The Radio

De-Phazz albums

1Daily Lama[ 2004 ]
2Death By Chocolate[ 2001 ]
3Detunized Gravity[ 2004 ]
4Erotic Lounge[ 2003 ]
5GodsDog[ 2003 ]
6Plastic Love Memory[ 2002 ]
7Rare Tracks & Remixes[ 2002 ]
1Daily Lama (De-Phazz)
2Death By Chocolate (De-Phazz)
3Detunized Gravity (De-Phazz)
4Erotic Lounge (Various artists)
5GodsDog (De-Phazz)
6Plastic Love Memory (De-Phazz)
7Rare Tracks & Remixes (De-Phazz)

De-Phazz songs

1Almost Gone [from the "Daily Lama"]01:13
2Anchorless [from the "GodsDog"]05:15
3Anchorless - Pat Appelton, De-Phazz [from the "Erotic Lounge"]05:18
4April Shower [from the "GodsDog"]04:43
5Atomic Cocktail [I Mix It Right] [from the "Daily Lama"]03:07
6Belle De Jour [from the "Daily Lama"]03:43
7Better Now [from the "Death By Chocolate"]02:57
8Between / Thieves [from the "Detunized Gravity"]05:26
9Cafe Coca [from the "GodsDog"]04:39
10Cup of Home [from the "Daily Lama"]01:00
11Cut The Jazz [from the "Detunized Gravity"]05:09
12Death By Chocolate [from the "Death By Chocolate"]04:40
13D├ęsert d'Amour [from the "Daily Lama"]04:01
14Detunized Gravity [from the "Detunized Gravity"]03:43
15Down the Railroad [from the "Daily Lama"]02:49
16Downtown Tazacorte [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]02:26
17Downtown Tazacorte [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"] 
18Drop Down Low [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]03:46
19Drop Down Low [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"] 
20Dummes Spiel [from the "Daily Lama"]03:46
21Free Drift [from the "Detunized Gravity"]06:17
22GodsDog [from the "GodsDog"]03:16
23Good Boy [from the "Detunized Gravity"]06:07
24Good Boy [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"]05:00
25Good Boy (2) [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"] 
26Good Boy (Manmachineman Remix [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]07:24
27Good Boy (Stepin' Nerve Mix) [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]05:54
28Happiness [from the "GodsDog"]03:39
29Havana Moon [from the "GodsDog"]03:09
30Heartfixer [from the "Death By Chocolate"]03:31
31Hero Dead And Gone [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"]04:52
32Hero Dead And Gone (Discotheque Mix) [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]04:54
33Hero Dead and Gone (Radio Swing Mix) [from the "Detunized Gravity"]03:55
34Hero Dead And Gone (Reversed Mix) [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]04:36
35Homesick Inc. [from the "Detunized Gravity"]04:02
36Information [from the "GodsDog"]04:08
37Jazz Music [from the "GodsDog"]03:34
38Jazz Music [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"] 
39Jazz Music (Strings) [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]03:33
40Jean-Mi [from the "Daily Lama"]02:03
41Jeunesse Doree [from the "Death By Chocolate"]03:47
42Jim The Jinn [from the "Death By Chocolate"]03:21
43Jump Over [from the "Death By Chocolate"]04:33
44Little Company [from the "Detunized Gravity"]05:44
45Looks [from the "Daily Lama"]04:02
46Love Set U Going [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"] 
47Love Set You Going (De-Phazz vs. Lahr mix) [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]05:09
48Lovechild [from the "Detunized Gravity"]04:48
49Loves Labours Lost [from the "Death By Chocolate"]05:23
50Low Budget Hotel [from the "GodsDog"]01:48
51Lullaby [from the "Detunized Gravity"]04:57
52Maybe San Jose [from the "Death By Chocolate"]03:34
53Nameless Life [from the "Detunized Gravity"]05:27
54Nameless Life [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"]05:15
55Nameless Life (Rapoetry) [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]05:13
56Next Message [from the "GodsDog"]04:18
57Nightmare [from the "Daily Lama"]03:38
58No Jive [from the "Detunized Gravity"]04:32
59No Jive [from the "Rare Tracks & Remixes"] 
60No Jive (Ripped Version) [from the "Plastic Love Memory"]04:30



De Phazz is a jazz band integrating modern turntablism and elements of soul, latin, trip-hop and drum 'n' bass.

De Phazz is led by Pit Baumgartner, a German producer who changes his crew for every new album.

Some of the more permanent members are Karl Frierson and Pat Appleton.


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