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Completely Remixed by Bad Boys Blue [1999] [album editions]

Completely Remixed (Bad Boys Blue)

Track listing

1Come Back and Stay
2L.O.V.E. in My Car
3Jungle in My Heart
4Kisses and Tears
5Hungry for Love
6I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat
7Queen of Hearts
8Pretty Young Girl
9Lady in Black
10You're a Woman
11A Train To Nowhere
12Where Have You Gone
13Kiss You All Over
14How I Need You

Bad Boys Blue albums

1Completely Remixed[ 1999 ]
2Pretty Young Girl[ 2000 ]
1Completely Remixed (Bad Boys Blue)
2Pretty Young Girl (Bad Boys Blue)

Bad Boys Blue songs

1A Train To Nowhere [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:32
2Baby I Love You [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
3Come Back and Stay [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:26
4Come Back and Stay [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
5Don't Walk Away, Suzanne [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
6Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady) [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
7How I Need You [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:29
8Hungry for Love [from the "Completely Remixed"]05:17
9I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:46
10Jungle in My Heart [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:48
11Kiss You All Over [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:33
12Kisses and Tears [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:59
13Kisses and Tears (My One and Only) [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
14L.O.V.E. in My Car [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:39
15Lady in Black [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:12
16Love Don't Come Easy [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
17Love Is No Crime [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
18Love Really Hurts Without You [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
19Lovers in the Sand [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
20One Night in Heaven [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
21Pretty Young Girl [from the "Pretty Young Girl"]03:58
22Pretty Young Girl [from the "Completely Remixed"]05:43
23Queen of Hearts [from the "Completely Remixed"]03:53
24Queen of Hearts [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
25Rhythm of the Night [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
26Till the End of Time [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
27Train to Nowhere [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 
28Where Have You Gone [from the "Completely Remixed"]03:42
29You're a Woman [from the "Completely Remixed"]04:05
30You're a Woman [from the "Pretty Young Girl"] 

Bad Boys Blue

Bad Boys Blue

Bad Boys Blue are a multinational pop group that was formed in Cologne, Germany. []


  • Euro Disco,
  • Eurodance,
  • Italo disco,
  • Dance-pop
  • You're a Woman by Bad Boys Blue

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