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Trancendance by Cosmosis [2005] [album editions]

Trancendance (Cosmosis)

Track listing

1Spontaneous Combustion
2Naked Chicks
3Echoes In Eternity
4Inside Yourself
5One Blinding Illumination
6stormy Monday
8Dead or Alive?
9Tim's Trip

Cosmosis albums

1Contact[ 2003 ]
2Cosmology[ 1996 ]
3Intergalactic[ 2001 ]
4Synergy[ 1998 ]
5Trancendance[ 2005 ]
1Contact (Cosmosis)
2Cosmology (Cosmosis)
3Intergalactic (Cosmosis)
4Synergy (Cosmosis)
5Trancendance (Cosmosis)

Cosmosis songs

1Afterglow [from the "Cosmology"]06:31
2Alien Disco [from the "Cosmology"]06:47
3Brainwaves [from the "Intergalactic"]07:39
4Cannabanoid [from the "Cosmology"]08:42
5Contact [from the "Contact"]08:08
6Dead or Alive? [from the "Trancendance"]08:19
7Dissociation [from the "Intergalactic"]07:00
8Down At The Crossroad [from the "Synergy"]09:06
9Echoes In Eternity [from the "Trancendance"]08:38
10Find Your Own Divinity [from the "Contact"]07:55
11Flatliners [from the "Intergalactic"]06:51
12Gift Of The Gods [from the "Cosmology"]07:54
13Higher Access [from the "Synergy"]10:06
14Holographic (Time Space Illusion) [from the "Contact"]08:08
15Human Evolution (Also Sprach Zarathustra) [from the "Contact"]06:14
16Inner Space [from the "Contact"]08:21
17Inside Yourself [from the "Trancendance"]08:29
18Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster [from the "Synergy"]07:43
19Interspatial Meltdown [from the "Cosmology"]07:14
20Just Say No [from the "Intergalactic"]07:47
21Key To The Innerverse [from the "Cosmology"]07:33
22Kinda Weirda [from the "Intergalactic"]07:50
23Moonshine [from the "Synergy"]09:31
24Morphic Resonance [from the "Cosmology"]06:46
25Naked Chicks [from the "Trancendance"]08:02
26Oceanic [from the "Cosmology"]07:38
27One Blinding Illumination [from the "Trancendance"]08:12
28Re-Order [from the "Trancendance"]08:05
29Roswell [from the "Intergalactic"] 
30Sanyacid [from the "Cosmology"]07:53
31Skankadelic [from the "Contact"]07:48
32Spontaneous Combustion [from the "Trancendance"]07:12
33Spores From Space (A Microscopic Trace) [from the "Synergy"]09:34
34stormy Monday [from the "Trancendance"]07:48
35Supernatural [from the "Contact"]08:11
36Telepathy [from the "Intergalactic"]07:11
37The Big Bang Boogie [from the "Synergy"]12:32
38The First Step [from the "Contact"]07:17
39The Spirit World [from the "Intergalactic"]07:40
40The Ultimate Sun [from the "Synergy"]08:51
41Tim's Trip [from the "Trancendance"]07:24
42Turn On, Tune In... [from the "Synergy"]09:25
43Weird, Sick 'N' Twisted (Cosmosis Remix) [from the "Contact"]07:54
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