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The new Wave by Daft Punk [1994] [album editions]

The new Wave (Daft Punk)

Track listing

1The New Wave (Edit)
2The New Wave (Full Length)
4Alive (New Wave Final Mix)

Daft Punk albums

1Aerodynamic (Single)[ 2001 ]
2Discovery[ 2001 ]
3Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Single)[ 2001 ]
4Homework[ 1997 ]
5Human After All[ 2005 ]
6Random Access Memories[ 2013 ]
7Revolution 909[ 1998 ]
8The new Wave[ 1994 ]
9The Saint (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
10Tron Legacy Reconfigured[ 2011 ]
1Aerodynamic (Single) (Daft Punk)
2Discovery (Daft Punk)
3Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Single) (Daft Punk)
4Homework (Daft Punk)
5Human After All (Daft Punk)
6Random Access Memories (Daft Punk)
7Revolution 909 (Daft Punk)
8The new Wave (Daft Punk)
9The Saint (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
10Tron Legacy Reconfigured (Daft Punk)

Daft Punk songs

61Rollin' & Scratchin' [from the "Homework"]07:26
62Short Circuit [from the "Discovery"]03:24
63Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights Remix) [from the "Tron Legacy Reconfigured"]04:32
64Something About Us [from the "Discovery"]03:49
65Steam Machine [from the "Human After All"]05:22
66Superheroes [from the "Discovery"]03:56
67Teachers [from the "Homework"]02:51
68Technologic [from the "Human After All"]04:44
69Television Rules the Nation [from the "Human After All"]04:47
70The Brainwasher [from the "Human After All"]04:08
71The Game of Love [from the "Random Access Memories"]05:22
72The Grid (The Crystal Method Remix) [from the "Tron Legacy Reconfigured"]04:27
73The New Wave (Edit) [from the "The new Wave"]05:19
74The New Wave (Full Length) [from the "The new Wave"]07:16
75The Prime Time of Your Life [from the "Human After All"]04:23
76The Son Of Flynn (Ki:Theory Remix) [from the "Tron Legacy Reconfigured"]04:51
77The Son Of Flynn (Moby Remix) [from the "Tron Legacy Reconfigured"]06:32
78Too Long [from the "Discovery"]09:58
79Touch (ft. Paul Williams) [from the "Random Access Memories"]08:18
80Tron Legacy (End Titles) (Sander Kleinenberg Remix) [from the "Tron Legacy Reconfigured"]05:04
81Veridis Quo [from the "Discovery"]05:43
82Voyager [from the "Discovery"]03:45
83WDPK 83.7 FM [from the "Homework"]00:28
84Within [from the "Random Access Memories"]03:48

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Daft Punk

Daft Punk are an electronic music duo consisting of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. []


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