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The Breathtaking Blue by Alphaville [1989] [album editions]

The Breathtaking Blue (Alphaville)

Track listing

1Summer Rain
3She Fades Away
4The Mysteries of Love
6Heaven or Hell
7For A Million
8Middle of The Riddle
9Patricia's Park

Alphaville albums

1Afternoons in Utopia[ 1986 ]
2Catching Rays On Giant[ 2010 ]
3First Harvest 1984–92[ 1992 ]
4Forever Young[ 1984 ]
5Prostitute[ 1994 ]
6Salvation[ 1997 ]
7Stark Naked And Absolutely Live[ 2000 ]
8The Breathtaking Blue[ 1989 ]
1Afternoons in Utopia (Alphaville)
2Catching Rays On Giant (Alphaville)
3First Harvest 1984–92 (Alphaville)
4Forever Young (Alphaville)
5Prostitute (Alphaville)
6Salvation (Alphaville)
7Stark Naked And Absolutely Live (Alphaville)
8The Breathtaking Blue (Alphaville)

Alphaville songs

61Lies [from the "Forever Young"]03:33
62Middle of The Riddle [from the "The Breathtaking Blue"]03:19
63Miracle Healing [from the "Catching Rays On Giant"]05:04
64Monkey in the Moon [from the "Salvation"]03:53
65Monkey in the Moon [from the "Stark Naked And Absolutely Live"]04:44
66New Horizons [from the "Salvation"]05:35
67New Horizons [from the "Stark Naked And Absolutely Live"]05:48
68Oh Patti [from the "Prostitute"]01:45
69Pandora's Lullaby [from the "Salvation"]04:28
70Parade [from the "Prostitute"]03:40
71Patricia's Park [from the "The Breathtaking Blue"]04:12
72Phantoms [from the "Catching Rays On Giant"]03:37
73Point of No Return [from the "Salvation"]05:51
74Red Rose [from the "Afternoons in Utopia"]04:07
75Red Rose [from the "First Harvest 1984–92"]04:36
76Romeos [from the "The Breathtaking Blue"]05:29
77Romeos [from the "First Harvest 1984–92"]04:51
78Sensations [from the "Afternoons in Utopia"]04:24
79Sensations [from the "First Harvest 1984–92"]03:58
80She Fades Away [from the "The Breathtaking Blue"]04:57
81Some People [from the "Prostitute"]04:37
82Song For No One [from the "Catching Rays On Giant"]03:31
83Soul Messiah [from the "Salvation"]04:52
84Sounds Like a Melody [from the "Forever Young"]04:44
85Sounds Like a Melody [from the "First Harvest 1984–92"]04:29
86Sounds Like a Melody [from the "Stark Naked And Absolutely Live"]06:50
87Spirit of the Age [from the "Salvation"]04:30
88Summer in Berlin [from the "Forever Young"]04:44
89Summer Rain [from the "The Breathtaking Blue"]04:10
90Summer Rain [from the "First Harvest 1984–92"]04:09
91The Deep [from the "Catching Rays On Giant"]04:21
92The Impossible Dream [from the "Prostitute"]04:49
93The Jet Set [from the "Forever Young"]04:55
94The Jet Set [from the "First Harvest 1984–92"]03:39
95The Mysteries of Love [from the "The Breathtaking Blue"]04:55
96The Mysteries of Love [from the "First Harvest 1984–92"]03:33
97The One Thing [from the "Prostitute"]03:55
98The Paradigm Shift [from the "Prostitute"]03:47
99The Things I Didn't Do [from the "Catching Rays On Giant"]04:38
100The Voyager [from the "Afternoons in Utopia"]04:39
101To Germany With Love [from the "Forever Young"]04:15
102Universal Daddy [from the "Afternoons in Utopia"]03:57
103Wishful Thinking [from the "Salvation"]03:47
104Wishful Thinking [from the "Stark Naked And Absolutely Live"]05:21



Alphaville is a German synthpop group which gained popularity in the 1980s.

The band was at first named Forever Young before changing to Alphaville.

As of 1999 they have sold over 80 million albums. Most albums has been sold in South America and Europe.


  • New wave,
  • Synthpop,
  • New Romantic
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