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Torn (Single) by Natalie Imbruglia [1997] [album editions]

Torn (Single) (Natalie Imbruglia)

Track listing

3Frightened Child

Natalie Imbruglia albums

1Counting Down the Days[ 2005 ]
2Go (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
3Left of the Middle[ 1997 ]
4Stigmata (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
5Torn (Single)[ 1997 ]
6White Lilies Island[ 2001 ]
1Counting Down the Days (Natalie Imbruglia)
2Go (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Left of the Middle (Natalie Imbruglia)
4Stigmata (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Torn (Single) (Natalie Imbruglia)
6White Lilies Island (Natalie Imbruglia)

Natalie Imbruglia songs

1Beauty On The Fire [from the "White Lilies Island"]04:20
2Big Mistake [from the "Left of the Middle"]04:33
3Butterflies [from the "White Lilies Island"]04:55
4City [from the "Left of the Middle"]04:34
5Come On Home [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:53
6Come September [from the "White Lilies Island"]04:10
7Counting Down The Days [from the "Counting Down the Days"]04:07
8Do You Love? [from the "White Lilies Island"]04:43
9Don't You Think [from the "Left of the Middle"]03:54
10Everything Goes [from the "White Lilies Island"]04:00
11Frightened Child [from the "Torn (Single)"] 
12Goodbye [from the "White Lilies Island"]05:00
13Honeycombe Child [from the "Counting Down the Days"]04:11
14Hurricane [from the "White Lilies Island"]03:31
15I Won't Be Lost [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:50
16Identify - Natalie Imbruglia [from the "Stigmata (Soundtrack)"] 
17Impressed [from the "Left of the Middle"]04:49
18Intuition [from the "Left of the Middle"]03:21
19Leave Me Alone [from the "Left of the Middle"]04:22
20Left Of The Middle [from the "Left of the Middle"]03:48
21On The Run [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:36
22One More Addiction [from the "Left of the Middle"]03:30
23Perfectly [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:21
24Pigeons And Crumbs [from the "Left of the Middle"]05:20
25Sanctuary [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:06
26Satellite [from the "White Lilies Island"]03:08
27Satisfied [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:26
28Shiver [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:40
29Slow Down [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:30
30Smoke [from the "Left of the Middle"]04:37
31Sometimes [from the "Torn (Single)"]03:51
32Starting Today [from the "Counting Down the Days"]02:53
33Sunlight [from the "White Lilies Island"] 
34Talk In Tongues [from the "White Lilies Island"] 
35That day [from the "White Lilies Island"]04:43
36Torn [from the "Torn (Single)"] 
37Torn [from the "Left of the Middle"]04:02
38Troubled by the Way We Came Together - Natalie Imbruglia [from the "Go (Soundtrack)"]03:51
39When You're Sleeping [from the "Counting Down the Days"]03:04
40Wishing I Was There [from the "Left of the Middle"]03:51
41Wrong Impression [from the "White Lilies Island"]04:14

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Jane Imbruglia is an Australian singer-songwriter and actress. []


  • Pop,
  • Alternative rock
  • Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

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