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ZZ Top - Greatest Hits by ZZ Top [1992] [album editions]

ZZ Top - Greatest Hits (ZZ Top)

Track listing

1Gimme All Your Lovin'
2Sharp Dressed Man
3Rough Boy
5My Head's In Mississippi
6Pearl Necklace
7I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
8Viva Las Vegas
10Gun Love
11Got Me Under Pressure
12Give It Up
13Cheap Sunglasses
14Sleeping Bag
15Planet Of Women
16La Grange
17Tube Snake Boogie

ZZ Top albums

1Afterburner[ 1985 ]
2Antenna[ 1994 ]
3Armageddon (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
4Deguello[ 1990 ]
5El Loco[ 1990 ]
6Eliminator[ 1983 ]
7Fandango[ 1975 ]
8From Dusk Till Dawn (Soundtrack)[ 1996 ]
9Mescalero[ 0 ]
10Recycler[ 1994 ]
11Rhythmeen[ 1996 ]
12Rio Grande Mud[ 1972 ]
13Tejas[ 1976 ]
14Tres Hombres[ 1973 ]
15XXX[ 1999 ]
16ZZ Top - Greatest Hits[ 1992 ]
1Afterburner (ZZ Top)
2Antenna (ZZ Top)
3Armageddon (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Deguello (ZZ Top)
5El Loco (ZZ Top)
6Eliminator (ZZ Top)
7Fandango (ZZ Top)
8From Dusk Till Dawn (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
9Mescalero (ZZ Top)
10Recycler (ZZ Top)
11Rhythmeen (ZZ Top)
12Rio Grande Mud (ZZ Top)
13Tejas (ZZ Top)
14Tres Hombres (ZZ Top)
15XXX (ZZ Top)
16ZZ Top - Greatest Hits (ZZ Top)

ZZ Top songs

121Punk-Ass Boyfriend [from the "Mescalero"]03:05
122Que Lastima [from the "Mescalero"]04:24
123Rhythmeen [from the "Rhythmeen"]03:52
124Rough Boy [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:51
125Rough Boy [from the "Afterburner"]04:48
126Sharp Dressed Man [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:14
127Sharp Dressed Man [from the "Eliminator"]04:18
128She Loves My Automobile [from the "Deguello"]02:23
129Shes a Heartbreaker [from the "Tejas"]03:01
130Shes Just Killing Me [from the "Rhythmeen"]04:56
131She's Just Killing Me - ZZ Top [from the "From Dusk Till Dawn (Soundtrack)"] 
132Shiek [from the "Tres Hombres"]04:05
133Sinpusher [from the "XXX"]05:18
134Sleeping Bag [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:02
135Sleeping Bag [from the "Afterburner"]04:02
136Snappy Kakkie [from the "Tejas"]02:58
137Stackin' Paper [from the "Mescalero"]02:58
138Stages [from the "Afterburner"]03:31
139Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell [from the "Rio Grande Mud"]06:48
140Tell It [from the "Recycler"]04:48
141Ten Dollar Man [from the "Tejas"]03:40
142Ten Foot Pole [from the "El Loco"]04:23
143Thug [from the "Eliminator"]04:18
144Thunderbird [from the "Fandango"]04:08
145Tramp [from the "Mescalero"]05:12
146Trippin' [from the "XXX"]03:55
147Tube Snake Boogie [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]03:03
148Tube Snake Boogie [from the "El Loco"]03:06
149Tush [from the "Fandango"]02:14
150Tush [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]02:15
151Tv Dinners [from the "Eliminator"]03:53
152Two Ways To Play [from the "Mescalero"]04:15
153Velcro Fly [from the "Afterburner"]03:28
154Vincent Price Blues [from the "Rhythmeen"]06:03
155Viva Las Vegas [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:45
156Waitin' For The Bus [from the "Tres Hombres"]02:54
157What It Is Kid [from the "Mescalero"]04:13
158What Would You Do? [from the "Mescalero"]03:02
159Whats Up With That [from the "Rhythmeen"]05:19
160Whiskeyn Mama [from the "Rio Grande Mud"]03:20
161Woke Up With Wood [from the "Afterburner"]03:45
162World Of Swirl [from the "Antenna"]04:08
163Zipper Job [from the "Rhythmeen"]04:14

ZZ Top - top artists list [#624]

ZZ Top

ZZ Top is an American blues rock band formed in 1970 in Houston, Texas.

Their style, which is rooted in blues-based boogie rock, has come to incorporate elements of arena, southern, and boogie rock. []


  • Blues rock,
  • Rock and roll,
  • Blues rock,
  • Boogie rock,
  • Hard rock,
  • Southern rock
  • Sharp Dressed Man - one of the best ZZ Top songs, top songs list [#1627]

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