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Cosmo's Factory by Creedence Clearwater Revival [1970] [album editions]

Cosmo's Factory (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Track listing

1Ramble Tamble
2Before You Accuse Me
3Travelin' Band
4Ooby Dooby
5Lookin' out My Back Door
6Run Through the Jungle
7Up Around the Bend
8My Baby Left Me
9Who'll Stop the Rain
10I Heard It Through the Grapevine
11Long as I Can See the Light
12Travelin' Band (Remake Take)
13Up Around the Bend (Live)
14Born on the Bayou

Creedence Clearwater Revival albums

1At the Movies[ 2000 ]
2Bayou Country[ 1969 ]
3Chronicle, Vol. 1[ 1976 ]
4Chronicle, Vol. 2[ 1986 ]
5Cosmo's Factory[ 1970 ]
6Creedence Clearwater Revival[ 1968 ]
7Forever - 36 Greatest Hits[ 1995 ]
8Green River[ 1969 ]
9Live in Europe[ 1973 ]
10Mardi Gras[ 1972 ]
11Pendulum[ 1970 ]
12Rock Legends[ 2007 ]
13The Concert[ 1980 ]
14The Long Road Home[ 2005 ]
15Willy and the Poor Boys[ 1969 ]
1At the Movies (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
2Bayou Country (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
3Chronicle, Vol. 1 (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
4Chronicle, Vol. 2 (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
5Cosmo's Factory (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
6Creedence Clearwater Revival (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
7Forever - 36 Greatest Hits (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
8Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
9Live in Europe (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
10Mardi Gras (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
11Pendulum (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
12Rock Legends (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
13The Concert (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
14The Long Road Home (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
15Willy and the Poor Boys (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Creedence Clearwater Revival songs

121Lodi [from the "Green River"]03:13
122Lodi (Album Version) [from the "Rock Legends"]03:12
123Lodi (Live) [from the "Green River"]03:19
124Long as I Can See the Light [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 1"]03:34
125Long As I Can See The Light [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]03:33
126Long as I Can See the Light [from the "Cosmo's Factory"]03:30
127Lookin' for a Reason [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 2"]03:29
128Lookin' for a Reason [from the "Mardi Gras"]03:30
129Lookin' Out My Back Door [from the "The Long Road Home"]02:32
130Lookin' Out My Back Door [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 1"]02:32
131Lookin' Out My Back Door [from the "At the Movies"]02:32
132Lookin' Out My Back Door [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]02:33
133Lookin' out My Back Door [from the "Cosmo's Factory"]02:32
134Molina [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 2"]02:44
135Molina [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]02:06
136Molina [from the "Pendulum"]02:45
137My Baby Left Me [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 2"]02:20
138My Baby Left Me [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]02:17
139My Baby Left Me [from the "Cosmo's Factory"]02:18
140Need Someone to Hold [from the "Mardi Gras"]03:03
141Night Time Is the Right Time [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 2"]03:09
142Night Time Is The Right Time [from the "The Concert"]03:29
143Night Time Is The Right Time [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]03:07
144Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do) [from the "Creedence Clearwater Revival"]03:38
145Ooby Dooby [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]02:04
146Ooby Dooby [from the "Cosmo's Factory"]02:07
147Pagan Baby [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 2"]06:25
148Pagan Baby [from the "Pendulum"]06:25
149Penthouse Pauper [from the "Bayou Country"]03:39
150Poorboy Shuffle [from the "Willy and the Poor Boys"]06:07
151Poorboy Shuffle [from the "Rock Legends"]02:17
152Porterville [from the "Creedence Clearwater Revival"]02:25
153Proud Mary [from the "The Long Road Home"]03:05
154Proud Mary [from the "Bayou Country"]03:08
155Proud Mary [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 1"]03:08
156Proud Mary [from the "At the Movies"]03:08
157Proud Mary [from the "The Concert"]03:33
158Proud Mary [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]03:07
159Proud Mary [from the "Live in Europe"]02:52
160Proud Mary (Album Version) [from the "Rock Legends"]03:09
161Ramble Tamble [from the "Rock Legends"]07:11
162Ramble Tamble [from the "Cosmo's Factory"]07:11
163Rambunctious Boy [from the "The Long Road Home"]03:53
164Rockin' All Over The World (Live) [from the "The Long Road Home"]02:58
165Rude Awakening #2 [from the "Pendulum"]06:23
166Run Through The Jungle [from the "The Long Road Home"]03:05
167Run Through the Jungle [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 1"]03:05
168Run Through The Jungle [from the "At the Movies"]03:06
169Run Through The Jungle [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]03:05
170Run Through the Jungle [from the "Cosmo's Factory"]03:04
171Sail Away [from the "Mardi Gras"]02:32
172Sailor's Lament [from the "Pendulum"]03:51
173Side O' the Road [from the "Willy and the Poor Boys"]03:25
174Sinister Purpose [from the "Green River"]03:21
175Someday Never Comes [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 1"]04:00
176Someday Never Comes [from the "Forever - 36 Greatest Hits"]03:57
177Someday Never Comes [from the "Mardi Gras"]04:02
178Susie-Q [from the "Chronicle, Vol. 1"]08:34
179Suzie Q [from the "Creedence Clearwater Revival"]08:35
180Suzie Q [from the "At the Movies"]04:34

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival was an American rock band, fronted by John Fogerty.

Though hailing from the Bay Area of California, the group was influenced by the swamp blues genre that came out of south Louisiana in the late 1950s and early to mid-1960s. []


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