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Rasta Revolution by Bob Marley [1976] [album editions]

Rasta Revolution (Bob Marley)

Track listing

1Mr. Brown
2Soul Rebel
3Try Me
4It's Alright
5No Sympathy
6My Cup
7Duppy Conquerer
8Rebel's Hop
9Corner Stone
10400 Years
11No Water
13Soul Almighty

Bob Marley albums

1Africa Unite: The Singles Collection[ 2005 ]
2African Herbsman[ 1973 ]
3Babylon by Bus (live)[ 1978 ]
4Burnin'[ 1973 ]
5Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)[ 1973 ]
6Catch a Fire[ 1973 ]
7Chant Down Babylon[ 1999 ]
8Exodus[ 1977 ]
9Kaya[ 1978 ]
10Natty Dread[ 1974 ]
11One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers[ 2001 ]
12Rasta Revolution[ 1976 ]
13Rastaman Vibration[ 1976 ]
14Shakedown: Marley Remixed[ 2001 ]
15Survival[ 1979 ]
16Uprising[ 1980 ]
1Africa Unite: The Singles Collection (Bob Marley)
2African Herbsman (Bob Marley)
3Babylon by Bus (live) (Bob Marley)
4Burnin' (Bob Marley)
5Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973) (Bob Marley)
6Catch a Fire (Bob Marley)
7Chant Down Babylon (Bob Marley)
8Exodus (Bob Marley)
9Kaya (Bob Marley)
10Natty Dread (Bob Marley)
11One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers (Bob Marley)
12Rasta Revolution (Bob Marley)
13Rastaman Vibration (Bob Marley)
14Shakedown: Marley Remixed (Bob Marley)
15Survival (Bob Marley)
16Uprising (Bob Marley)

Bob Marley songs

61I Shot The Sheriff [from the "Burnin'"]04:41
62I Shot the Sheriff [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]03:56
63Iron Lion Zion [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]03:14
64Is This Love [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]03:55
65Is This Love [from the "Kaya"]03:52
66Is This Love [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]03:55
67Is This Love? [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]07:30
68It's Alright [from the "Rasta Revolution"]02:34
69Jah Live [from the "Rastaman Vibration"] 
70Jamming [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]03:17
71Jamming [from the "Exodus"]03:31
72Jamming [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]05:45
73Jamming [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]03:36
74Johnny was [from the "Chant Down Babylon"]03:50
75Johnny Was [from the "Rastaman Vibration"]03:47
76Kaya [from the "African Herbsman"]02:38
77Kaya [from the "Kaya"]03:15
78Kaya (Groove Deluxe remix) [from the "Shakedown: Marley Remixed"]04:08
79Keep On Movin' (Groove Deluxe remix) [from the "Shakedown: Marley Remixed"]04:00
80Keep On Moving [from the "African Herbsman"]03:04
81Kinky Reggae [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]04:48
82Kinky Reggae [from the "Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)"]05:56
83Kinky Reggae [from the "Catch a Fire"]03:44
84Kinky Reggae with The Marley Brothers and The Ghetto Youths Crew [from the "Chant Down Babylon"]03:53
85Lively Up Yourself [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]02:48
86Lively Up Yourself [from the "African Herbsman"]02:52
87Lively Up Yourself [from the "Natty Dread"]05:12
88Lively Up Yourself [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]06:20
89Lively Up Yourself [from the "Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)"]13:35
90Lively Up Yourself [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]05:12
91MC Lyte / Jammin' [from the "Chant Down Babylon"]04:18
92Midnight Ravers [from the "Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)"]06:28
93Midnight Ravers [from the "Catch a Fire"]05:09
94Misty Morning [from the "Kaya"]03:33
95Mr. Brown [from the "Rasta Revolution"]03:29
96My Cup [from the "Rasta Revolution"]03:34
97Natty Dread [from the "Natty Dread"]03:35
98Natural Mystic [from the "Exodus"]03:27
99Night Shift [from the "Rastaman Vibration"]03:10
100No more trouble [from the "Chant Down Babylon"]04:51
101No More Trouble [from the "Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)"]06:59
102No More Trouble [from the "Catch a Fire"]05:16
103No Sympathy [from the "Rasta Revolution"]02:12
104No Sympathy (Bonus Track) [from the "Burnin'"] 
105No Water [from the "Rasta Revolution"]02:08
106No Woman No Cry [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]04:04
107No Woman No Cry [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]07:13
108No Woman, No Cry [from the "Natty Dread"]03:46
109On Drop [from the "Survival"]03:51
110One Foundation [from the "Burnin'"]03:42
111One Love (People Get Ready) [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]02:49
112One Love / People Get Ready [from the "Exodus"]02:51
113One Love/People Get Ready [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]02:54
114Pass It On [from the "Burnin'"]03:33
115Pimper's Paradise [from the "Uprising"]03:27
116Positive Vibration [from the "Rastaman Vibration"]03:33
117Positive Vibration [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]05:49
118Punky Reggae Party [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]05:50
119Put It On [from the "African Herbsman"]03:08
120Put It On [from the "Burnin'"]04:00

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Robert 'Bob' Nesta Marley was a Jamaican singer, songwriter, guitarist, and political activist.

He is the most widely known performer of reggae music, and is famous for popularising the genre outside Jamaica.

A faithful Rastafari, Marley is regarded by many as a prophet of the religion. []


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