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Yesterday (Remixes) by Debelah Morgan [1998] [album editions]

Yesterday (Remixes) (Debelah Morgan)

Track listing

1Yesterday (LP Version)
2Yesterday (Noise World Remix w/Rap (rap performed by Loon))
3Yesterday (Dark Child Remix Radio Edit)
4Yesterday (Soul Solution Remix Radio Edit)
5Whatever (LP Version)

Debelah Morgan albums

1Dance With Me[ 2000 ]
2It's Not Over[ 1998 ]
3Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
4Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins[ 2001 ]
5Yesterday (Remixes)[ 1998 ]
1Dance With Me (Debelah Morgan)
2It's Not Over (Debelah Morgan)
3Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins (Various artists)
5Yesterday (Remixes) (Debelah Morgan)

Debelah Morgan songs

1Ain't No Mountain [from the "It's Not Over"] 
2Alright [from the "Dance With Me"]04:29
3Baby I Need Your Love [from the "Dance With Me"]03:56
4Bring Back The Sun [from the "Dance With Me"]03:57
5Can't Stop Loving You [from the "Dance With Me"]03:56
6Close To You [from the "Dance With Me"]04:50
7Come And Danz [from the "Dance With Me"]03:41
8Dance With Me [from the "Dance With Me"]03:39
9Do You Remember - Debelah Morgan [from the "Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins"]04:10
10Don't Hurry Back [from the "It's Not Over"] 
11Fall In Love Again [from the "Dance With Me"]05:04
12Fly Away [from the "It's Not Over"] 
13Here Waiting [from the "It's Not Over"]03:59
14I Love You [from the "It's Not Over"]03:39
15I Remember [from the "Dance With Me"]03:57
16It's Not Over [from the "It's Not Over"] 
17Let's Get It On [from the "Dance With Me"]03:36
18No One Compares [from the "It's Not Over"] 
19Our Sweet Love [from the "It's Not Over"]04:41
20Radio Skit [from the "It's Not Over"] 
21Stay [from the "It's Not Over"]04:21
22Still In Love [from the "It's Not Over"] 
23Take The Rain Away [from the "Dance With Me"]03:26
24Thank You [from the "It's Not Over"] 
25Think Of You [from the "Dance With Me"]03:30
26Think Of You (Intro) [from the "Dance With Me"]00:35
27Tonight [from the "It's Not Over"] 
28What Would You Do [from the "Dance With Me"]04:17
29Whatever [from the "It's Not Over"] 
30Whatever (LP Version) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"] 
31Who Do You Love [from the "It's Not Over"] 
32Why Did You Have To Be - Debelah Morgan [from the "Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)"]04:17
33Yesterday [from the "It's Not Over"]03:23
34Yesterday (Dark Child Remix Radio Edit) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"]04:09
35Yesterday (LP Version) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"] 
36Yesterday (Noise World Remix w/Rap (rap performed by Loon)) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"] 
37Yesterday (Soul Solution Remix Radio Edit) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"] 

Debelah Morgan

Debelah Morgan

Debelah Morgan is an American singer and songwriter.


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Gospel
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