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Kaya by Bob Marley [1978] [album editions]

Kaya (Bob Marley)

Track listing

1Easy Skanking
3Is This Love
4Sun Is Shining
5Satisfy My Soul
6She`s Gone
7Misty Morning
9Running Away
10Time Will Tell

Bob Marley albums

1Africa Unite: The Singles Collection[ 2005 ]
2African Herbsman[ 1973 ]
3Babylon by Bus (live)[ 1978 ]
4Burnin'[ 1973 ]
5Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)[ 1973 ]
6Catch a Fire[ 1973 ]
7Chant Down Babylon[ 1999 ]
8Exodus[ 1977 ]
9Kaya[ 1978 ]
10Natty Dread[ 1974 ]
11One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers[ 2001 ]
12Rasta Revolution[ 1976 ]
13Rastaman Vibration[ 1976 ]
14Shakedown: Marley Remixed[ 2001 ]
15Survival[ 1979 ]
16Uprising[ 1980 ]
1Africa Unite: The Singles Collection (Bob Marley)
2African Herbsman (Bob Marley)
3Babylon by Bus (live) (Bob Marley)
4Burnin' (Bob Marley)
5Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973) (Bob Marley)
6Catch a Fire (Bob Marley)
7Chant Down Babylon (Bob Marley)
8Exodus (Bob Marley)
9Kaya (Bob Marley)
10Natty Dread (Bob Marley)
11One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers (Bob Marley)
12Rasta Revolution (Bob Marley)
13Rastaman Vibration (Bob Marley)
14Shakedown: Marley Remixed (Bob Marley)
15Survival (Bob Marley)
16Uprising (Bob Marley)

Bob Marley songs

1400 years [from the "African Herbsman"]02:31
2400 Years [from the "Rasta Revolution"]02:30
3400 Years [from the "Catch a Fire"]03:02
4Africa Unite [from the "Survival"]02:55
5Africa Unite [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"] 
6African Herbsman [from the "African Herbsman"]02:22
7African Herbsman (Groove Deluxe remix) [from the "Shakedown: Marley Remixed"]04:17
8All Day All Night [from the "Catch a Fire"]03:29
9All In One [from the "African Herbsman"]03:35
10Am-A-Do (Bonus Track) [from the "Natty Dread"] 
11Ambush In The Night [from the "Survival"]03:14
12Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby) [from the "Catch a Fire"]04:05
13Babylon System [from the "Survival"]04:21
14Bad Card [from the "Uprising"]02:50
15Bend Down Low [from the "Natty Dread"]03:22
16Bend Down Low (Groove Deluxe remix) [from the "Shakedown: Marley Remixed"]03:55
17Brain Washing [from the "African Herbsman"]02:38
18Buffalo Soldier [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]02:44
19Buffalo Soldier [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]02:46
20Burnin' And Lootin' [from the "Burnin'"]04:15
21Burnin' And Lootin' [from the "Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)"]08:29
22Burnin' and Lootin' with The Roots featuring Black Thought [from the "Chant Down Babylon"]03:53
23Can't Blame The Youth [from the "Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)"]05:08
24Coming In From The Cold [from the "Uprising"]04:30
25Concrete jungle [from the "Chant Down Babylon"]04:52
26Concrete Jungle [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]05:39
27Concrete Jungle [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]04:16
28Concrete Jungle [from the "Catch a Fire"]04:16
29Corner Stone [from the "Rasta Revolution"]02:27
30Could You Be Loved [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]03:35
31Could You Be Loved [from the "Uprising"]03:56
32Could You Be Loved [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]03:57
33Could You Be Loved (12in Mix) [from the "Uprising"] 
34Crazy Baldhead [from the "Rastaman Vibration"]03:11
35Crisis [from the "Kaya"]03:54
36Cry To Me [from the "Rastaman Vibration"]02:35
37Don't Rock The Boat [from the "African Herbsman"]04:31
38Duppy Conquerer [from the "African Herbsman"]03:00
39Duppy Conquerer [from the "Rasta Revolution"]03:42
40Duppy Conqueror [from the "Burnin'"]03:44
41Duppy Conqueror [from the "Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)"]06:03
42Easy Skanking [from the "Kaya"]02:58
43Exodus [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]04:16
44Exodus [from the "Exodus"]07:35
45Exodus [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]07:39
46Exodus [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]04:32
47Falling In And Out Of Love (Alex Natale remix) [from the "Shakedown: Marley Remixed"]04:27
48Forever Loving Jah [from the "Uprising"]03:53
49Fussing And Fighting [from the "African Herbsman"]02:27
50Get Up Stand Up [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]03:14
51Get Up, Stand Up [from the "Burnin'"]03:18
52Get Up, Stand Up [from the "Burnin' (Live At Leeds, November 23, 1973)"]06:15
53Get Up, Stand Up [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]03:21
54Guiltiness [from the "Exodus"]03:19
55Guiltyness [from the "Chant Down Babylon"]04:19
56Hallelujah Time [from the "Burnin'"]03:28
57Heathen [from the "Babylon by Bus (live)"]04:29
58High Tide Or Low Tide [from the "Catch a Fire"]04:44
59I Know a Place [from the "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers"]03:23
60I Shot The Sheriff [from the "Africa Unite: The Singles Collection"]03:48

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Robert 'Bob' Nesta Marley was a Jamaican singer, songwriter, guitarist, and political activist.

He is the most widely known performer of reggae music, and is famous for popularising the genre outside Jamaica.

A faithful Rastafari, Marley is regarded by many as a prophet of the religion. []


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