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Circus by Lenny Kravitz [1995] [album editions]

Circus (Lenny Kravitz)

Track listing

1Rock & Roll Is Dead
3Beyond The 7th Sky
4Tunnel Vision
5Cаnt Get You Off My Mind
7God Is Love
8Thin Ice
9Don`t Go And Have A Bullet In Your Head
10In My Life Today
11The Resurrection

Lenny Kravitz albums

15 (Lenny Kravitz)[ 1999 ]
2Are You Gonna Go My Way[ 1993 ]
3Baptism[ 2004 ]
4Black and White America[ 2011 ]
5Circus[ 1995 ]
6If You Cant Say No (Single)[ 1998 ]
7It Is Time for a Love Revolution[ 2008 ]
8Lenny[ 2001 ]
9Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits[ 2000 ]
10Let Love Rule[ 1992 ]
11Mama Said[ 1992 ]
12Strut[ 2014 ]
15 (Lenny Kravitz) (Lenny Kravitz)
2Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz)
3Baptism (Lenny Kravitz)
4Black and White America (Lenny Kravitz)
5Circus (Lenny Kravitz)
6If You Cant Say No  (Single) (Lenny Kravitz)
7It Is Time for a Love Revolution (Lenny Kravitz)
8Lenny (Lenny Kravitz)
9Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits (Lenny Kravitz)
10Let Love Rule (Lenny Kravitz)
11Mama Said (Lenny Kravitz)
12Strut (Lenny Kravitz)

Lenny Kravitz songs

61Good Morning [from the "It Is Time for a Love Revolution"]04:17
62Happy Birthday [from the "Strut"]04:57
63Heaven Help [from the "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits"]03:04
64Heaven Help [from the "Are You Gonna Go My Way"]03:11
65I Belong to You [from the "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits"]04:12
66I Belong to You [from the "5 (Lenny Kravitz)"]04:17
67I Belong to You [from the "If You Cant Say No (Single)"]04:18
68I Build This Garden For Us [from the "Let Love Rule"]06:17
69I Can't Be Without You [from the "Black and White America"]04:49
70I Don't Want To Be a Star [from the "Baptism"]04:25
71I Love The Rain [from the "It Is Time for a Love Revolution"]04:44
72I Never Want To Let You Down [from the "Strut"]04:37
73I Want To Go Home [from the "It Is Time for a Love Revolution"]05:06
74If I Could Fall In Love [from the "Lenny"]04:19
75If You Can't Say No [from the "5 (Lenny Kravitz)"]05:17
76If You Cant Say No (BT Dub) [from the "If You Cant Say No (Single)"]08:04
77If You Cant Say No (BT Mix) [from the "If You Cant Say No (Single)"]08:46
78If You Cant Say No (Dallas Aus Mix) [from the "If You Cant Say No (Single)"]04:44
79If You Cant Say No (Edit) [from the "If You Cant Say No (Single)"]04:22
80If You Cant Say No (Flunky Mix) [from the "If You Cant Say No (Single)"]05:16
81If You Cant Say No (Just Say) [from the "If You Cant Say No (Single)"]06:02
82If You Cant Say No (Zero 7 Mix) [from the "If You Cant Say No (Single)"]04:59
83If You Want It [from the "It Is Time for a Love Revolution"]05:08
84I'll Be Waiting [from the "It Is Time for a Love Revolution"]04:19
85I'm A Believer [from the "Strut"]03:16
86In My Life Today [from the "Circus"]06:29
87In The Black [from the "Black and White America"]03:25
88Is There Any Love In Your Heart [from the "Are You Gonna Go My Way"]03:40
89It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over [from the "Mama Said"]04:02
90It Ain't Over Till It's Over [from the "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits"]04:04
91It's Your Life [from the "5 (Lenny Kravitz)"]05:02
92Just Be A Woman [from the "Are You Gonna Go My Way"]03:48
93Lady [from the "Baptism"]04:15
94Let Love Rule [from the "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits"]05:43
95Let Love Rule [from the "Let Love Rule"]05:42
96Let's Get High [from the "Lenny"]05:35
97Life Ain't Ever Been Better Than It Is Now [from the "Black and White America"]04:17
98Liquid Jesus [from the "Black and White America"]03:28
99Little Girl's Eyes [from the "5 (Lenny Kravitz)"]07:44
100Live [from the "5 (Lenny Kravitz)"]05:10
101Looking Back On Love [from the "Black and White America"]05:37
102Love Love Love [from the "It Is Time for a Love Revolution"]03:21
103Love Revolution [from the "It Is Time for a Love Revolution"]03:14
104Magdalene [from the "Circus"]03:48
105Minister of Rock 'n' Roll [from the "Baptism"]03:34
106More Than Anything In This World [from the "Mama Said"]03:28
107Mr. Cab Driver [from the "Let Love Rule"]03:50
108Mr. Cab Driver [from the "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits"] 
109My Love [from the "Are You Gonna Go My Way"]03:53
110My Precious Love [from the "Let Love Rule"]05:15
111New York City [from the "Strut"]06:22
112Ooo Baby Baby [from the "Strut"]03:40
113Pay To Pay [from the "Lenny"]02:49
114Push [from the "Black and White America"]04:23
115Rock & Roll Is Dead [from the "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits"]03:25
116Rock & Roll Is Dead [from the "Circus"]03:24
117Rock Star City Life (Kravitz, Ross) [from the "Black and White America"]03:24
118Rosemary [from the "Let Love Rule"]05:28
119Sex [from the "Strut"]03:53
120She's A Beast [from the "Strut"]04:42

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Lenny Kravitz

Leonard Albert 'Lenny' Kravitz is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger. []


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