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Busted by Cheap Trick [1990] [album editions]

Busted (Cheap Trick)

Track listing

1Black 'n' Blue
2I Can't Understand It
3Wherever Would I Be
4If You Need Me
5Can't Stop Fallin' into Love
7Walk Away
8You Drive, I'll Steer
9When You Need Someone
10Had to Make You Mine
11Rock and Roll Tonight

Cheap Trick albums

1All Shook Up[ 1980 ]
2Busted[ 1990 ]
3Cheap Trick[ 1977 ]
4Cheap Trick (97)[ 1997 ]
5Dream Police[ 1979 ]
6Heaven Tonight[ 1978 ]
7In Color[ 1977 ]
8Lap of Luxury[ 1988 ]
9Next Position Please[ 1983 ]
10One On One[ 1982 ]
11Rockford[ 2006 ]
12Sgt. Pepper Live[ 2009 ]
13Small Soldiers (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
14Special One[ 2003 ]
15Standing on the Edge[ 1985 ]
16The Doctor[ 1986 ]
17The Latest[ 2009 ]
18Woke Up With a Monster[ 1994 ]
1All Shook Up (Cheap Trick)
2Busted (Cheap Trick)
3Cheap Trick (Cheap Trick)
4Cheap Trick (97) (Cheap Trick)
5Dream Police (Cheap Trick)
6Heaven Tonight (Cheap Trick)
7In Color (Cheap Trick)
8Lap of Luxury (Cheap Trick)
9Next Position Please (Cheap Trick)
10One On One (Cheap Trick)
11Rockford (Cheap Trick)
12Sgt. Pepper Live (Cheap Trick)
13Small Soldiers (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
14Special One (Cheap Trick)
15Standing on the Edge (Cheap Trick)
16The Doctor (Cheap Trick)
17The Latest (Cheap Trick)
18Woke Up With a Monster (Cheap Trick)

Cheap Trick songs

13-D [from the "Next Position Please"]03:37
2A Day In The Life [from the "Sgt. Pepper Live"]04:41
3Alive [from the "The Latest"]03:36
4All Those Years [from the "Rockford"]03:35
5All We Need Is a Dream [from the "Lap of Luxury"]04:22
6All Wound Up [from the "Lap of Luxury"]04:46
7Anytime [from the "Cheap Trick (97)"]04:35
8Are You Lonely Tonight [from the "The Doctor"]03:47
9Auf Wiedersehen [from the "Heaven Tonight"]03:42
10Baby Loves To Rock [from the "All Shook Up"]03:17
11Baby No More [from the "Cheap Trick (97)"]02:54
12Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite [from the "Sgt. Pepper Live"]02:46
13Best Friend [from the "Special One"]04:16
14Big Eyes [from the "In Color"]03:09
15Black 'n' Blue [from the "Busted"]04:42
16Borderline [from the "Next Position Please"]03:34
17Busted [from the "Busted"]04:06
18California Girl [from the "The Latest"]02:47
19California Man [from the "Heaven Tonight"]03:44
20Can't Hold On (Live) [from the "All Shook Up"]05:56
21Can't Stop Fallin' into Love [from the "Busted"]03:49
22Can't Stop It (But I'm Gonna Try) [from the "All Shook Up"]03:30
23Carnival Game [from the "Cheap Trick (97)"]03:50
24Clock Strikes Ten [from the "In Color"]03:02
25Closer, The Ballad Of Burt And Linda [from the "The Latest"]03:00
26Come On Come On Come On [from the "Rockford"]03:03
27Come On, Come On [from the "In Color"]02:39
28Come On, Come On (Demo) [from the "In Color"]02:05
29Cover Girl [from the "Standing on the Edge"]03:41
30Cry Baby [from the "Woke Up With a Monster"]04:20
31Cry, Cry [from the "Cheap Trick"]04:19
32Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School [from the "Cheap Trick"]04:43
33Dancing The Night Away [from the "Next Position Please"]04:58
34Day Tripper (Live) [from the "All Shook Up"]03:40
35Decaf [from the "Rockford"]03:38
36Didn't Know I Had It [from the "Woke Up With a Monster"]04:55
37Don't Be Cruel [from the "Lap of Luxury"]03:11
38Don't Make Our Love A Crime [from the "Next Position Please"]03:44
39Downed [from the "In Color"]04:11
40Dream Police [from the "Dream Police"]03:54
41Dream Police (No Strings Version) [from the "Dream Police"]03:53
42Dream The Night Away [from the "Rockford"]03:14
43Eight Miles Low [from the "Cheap Trick (97)"]03:27
44Elo Kiddies [from the "Cheap Trick"]03:40
45Every Night And Every Day [from the "Rockford"]03:12
46Everybody Knows [from the "The Latest"]04:16
47Everyday You Make Me Crazy [from the "The Latest"]01:17
48Everything Works If You Let It (Bonus Track) [from the "All Shook Up"]03:29
49Fixing A Hole [from the "Sgt. Pepper Live"]03:16
50Four Letter Word [from the "One On One"]03:37
51Getting Better [from the "Sgt. Pepper Live"]02:36
52Ghost Town [from the "Lap of Luxury"]04:13
53Girlfriends [from the "Woke Up With a Monster"]04:34
54Give It Away [from the "Rockford"]02:48
55Go For The Throat (Use Your Own Imagination) [from the "All Shook Up"]03:05
56Gonna Raise Hell [from the "Dream Police"]09:20
57Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere) [from the "The Doctor"]03:21
58Good Morning Good Morning [from the "Sgt. Pepper Live"]02:36
59Goodnight [from the "In Color"]02:19
60Had to Make You Mine [from the "Busted"]03:15

Cheap Trick - top artists list [#461]

Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick is an American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1973.

The band consists of members Robin Zander (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitar, backing vocals), Tom Petersson (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Bun E. Carlos (drums, percussion).

They have often been referred to in the Japanese press as the 'American Beatles'.



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  • Hard rock,
  • Power pop,
  • Punk rock
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