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The Con by Tegan and Sara [2007] [album editions]

The Con (Tegan and Sara)

Track listing

1I Was Married
2Relief Next to Me
3The Con
4Knife Going In
5Are You Ten Years Ago
6Back in Your Head
7Hop a Plane
8Soil, Soil
9Burn Your Life Down
12Like O, Like H
13Dark Come Soon
14Call it Off

Tegan and Sara albums

1Heartthrob[ 2013 ]
2If It Was You[ 2002 ]
3Sainthood[ 2009 ]
4So Jealous[ 2004 ]
5The Con[ 2007 ]
6Under Feet Like Ours[ 1999 ]
1Heartthrob (Tegan and Sara)
2If It Was You (Tegan and Sara)
3Sainthood (Tegan and Sara)
4So Jealous (Tegan and Sara)
5The Con (Tegan and Sara)
6Under Feet Like Ours (Tegan and Sara)

Tegan and Sara songs

61Take Me Anywhere [from the "So Jealous"]02:31
62Terrible Storm [from the "If It Was You"]03:31
63The Con [from the "The Con"]03:57
64The Cure [from the "Sainthood"]03:22
65The Ocean [from the "Sainthood"]03:06
66This Is Everything [from the "Under Feet Like Ours"]03:09
67Time Running [from the "If It Was You"]02:13
68Underwater [from the "If It Was You"]02:52
69Wake Up Exhausted [from the "So Jealous"]03:16
70Walking With A Ghost [from the "So Jealous"]02:30
71Want To Be Bad [from the "If It Was You"]03:57
72We Didn't Do It [from the "So Jealous"]03:49
73Welcome Home [from the "Under Feet Like Ours"]02:34
74Where Did The Good Go [from the "So Jealous"]03:37
75You Went Away [from the "If It Was You"]02:02
76You Wouldn't Like Me [from the "So Jealous"]02:56

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Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara is a Canadian indie rock/indie pop duo formed in 1995 in Calgary, Alberta. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Indie pop,
  • Indie folk,
  • Synthpop
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