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Cafe del Mar, Vol. 7 [2001]

Cafe del Mar, Vol. 7 (Various artists)

Track listing

1Northern Lights - Lux
2Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix) - Afterlife
3Whispering Wind - Moby
4Easy Rider - Deep & Wide
5Letting the Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Remix) - Bush
6Sunbeams - UKO
7Winter Pagent - Aromabar
8Beautiful Strange - Bedrock
9One More Try - A New Funky Generation
10Swollen - Bent
1168 Moves - Underwolves
12Cahuita (Oystein Sevag & Lakki Patey)

Bush albums

1Cafe del Mar, Vol. 7[ 2001 ]
2Golden State[ 2001 ]
3Razorblade Suitcase[ 1996 ]
4The Science of Things[ 1999 ]
1Cafe del Mar, Vol. 7 (Various artists)
2Golden State (Bush)
3Razorblade Suitcase (Bush)
4The Science of Things (Bush)

Bush songs

140 Miles from the Sun [from the "The Science of Things"] 
2A Tendency To Start Fires [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"] 
3Altered States [from the "The Science of Things"] 
4Bonedriven [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]04:31
5Cold Contagious [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]05:58
6Communicator [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]04:22
7Deat Meat [from the "The Science of Things"] 
8Disease of the Dancing Cats [from the "The Science of Things"] 
9Distant Voices [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]05:15
10English Fire [from the "The Science of Things"] 
11Float [from the "Golden State"] 
12Fugitive [from the "Golden State"] 
13Greedy Fly [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]04:28
14Headful Of Ghosts [from the "Golden State"] 
15History [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"] 
16Homebody [from the "The Science of Things"] 
17Hurricane [from the "Golden State"] 
18Inflatable [from the "Golden State"]04:17
19Insect Kin [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]04:24
20Jesus Online [from the "The Science of Things"] 
21Land Of The Living [from the "Golden State"] 
22Letting the Cables Sleep [from the "The Science of Things"] 
23Letting the Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Remix) - Bush [from the "Cafe del Mar, Vol. 7"]05:23
24Mind Changer [from the "The Science of Things"] 
25Mouth [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]05:43
26My Engine Is With You [from the "Golden State"] 
27Out Of This World [from the "Golden State"] 
28Personal Holloway [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"] 
29Prizefighter [from the "The Science of Things"] 
30Reasons [from the "Golden State"] 
31Solutions [from the "Golden State"] 
32Spacetravel [from the "The Science of Things"] 
33Straight No Chaser [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]03:59
34Superman [from the "Golden State"] 
35Swallowed [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]04:50
36Synapse [from the "Razorblade Suitcase"]04:49
37The Chemical Between Us [from the "The Science of Things"]03:35
38The People That We Love [from the "Golden State"]04:01
39Warm Machine [from the "The Science of Things"] 



Bush are a British rock band formed in London in 1992. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Grunge
  • Letting the Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Remix) - Bush by Bush

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