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Summer Solstice: Bee Stings by Coil [album editions]

Summer Solstice: Bee Stings (Coil)

Track listing

1Bee Stings
2Glowworms / Waveforms
3Summer Substructures
4A Warning From the Sun (For Fritz)

Coil albums

1Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers[ 1998 ]
2Black Light District[ 1999 ]
3Foxtrot[ 1999 ]
4Horse Rotovator[ 2000 ]
5Love's Secret Domain[ 2001 ]
6Scatology[ 2000 ]
7Stolen & Contaminated Songs[ 2000 ]
8Summer Solstice: Bee Stings[   ]
9Unnatural History[ 1999 ]
10Unnatural History II[ 1999 ]
11Unnatural History III[ 1999 ]
12Windowpane & The Snow[ 1999 ]
1Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers (Coil)
2Black Light District (Coil)
3Foxtrot (Coil)
4Horse Rotovator (Coil)
5Love's Secret Domain (Coil)
6Scatology (Coil)
7Stolen & Contaminated Songs (Coil)
8Summer Solstice: Bee Stings (Coil)
9Unnatural History (Coil)
10Unnatural History II (Coil)
11Unnatural History III (Coil)
12Windowpane & The Snow (Coil)

Coil songs

1A Dream Of The Inmost Light-Current 93 [from the "Foxtrot"]08:59
2A Warning From the Sun (For Fritz) [from the "Summer Solstice: Bee Stings"]04:59
3Airborne Bells [from the "Unnatural History II"]05:21
4Amethyst Deceivers [from the "Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers"]06:35
5Another Brown World [from the "Unnatural History II"]11:41
6Answers Come in Dreams [from the "Windowpane & The Snow"]05:50
7Answers Come in Dreams II [from the "Windowpane & The Snow"]05:56
8Aqua Regis [from the "Scatology"]04:45
9As Pure As? [from the "Windowpane & The Snow"]06:43
10At The Heart of It All [from the "Scatology"]05:13
11Baby Food [from the "Unnatural History III"]12:32
12Babylero [from the "Horse Rotovator"]00:51
13Bee Stings [from the "Summer Solstice: Bee Stings"]04:55
14Blood From The Air [from the "Horse Rotovator"]05:32
15Blue Rats [from the "Black Light District"]03:10
16Blue Rats (Blue Cheese Mix)-Coil [from the "Foxtrot"]04:08
17Bone Frequency-The Inflatable Sideshow [from the "Foxtrot"]06:26
18Catherdral in Flames [from the "Scatology"]04:39
19Chalice [from the "Black Light District"]08:15
20Chaostrophy [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]05:37
21Circles of Mania [from the "Horse Rotovator"]05:01
22Clap [from the "Scatology"]01:17
23Cold Dream of an Earth Star [from the "Black Light District"]09:01
24Comfortable [from the "Unnatural History"]01:40
25Contains a Disclaimer [from the "Unnatural History II"]07:34
26Corybantic Ennui [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]00:42
27Dark River [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]06:27
28Die Wolfe Kommen Zuruck [from the "Black Light District"]10:26
29Disco Hospital [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]02:17
30Dream Photography [from the "Unnatural History"]03:22
31Feeder (with Chris & Cosey) [from the "Unnatural History III"]08:41
32First Dark Ride [from the "Unnatural History III"]10:53
33Further Back and Faster [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]07:55
34Futhur [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]04:21
35Glowworms / Waveforms [from the "Summer Solstice: Bee Stings"]05:54
36Godhead=Deathead [from the "Scatology"]05:16
37Green Water [from the "Black Light District"]05:28
38Heartworms-Coil [from the "Foxtrot"]07:16
39Her Friends The Wolves [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]10:58
40Herald [from the "Horse Rotovator"] 
41Here to Here [Double Headed Secret] [from the "Unnatural History"]04:51
42His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi [from the "Unnatural History"]03:28
43Homage To Sewage [from the "Unnatural History"]02:22
44How to Destroy Angels [from the "Unnatural History"] 
45In Memory of the Truth [from the "Unnatural History II"]02:57
46In My Head A Crystal Sphere Of Heavy Fluid-Peter Christopher [from the "Foxtrot"]05:48
47Inkling [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]03:03
48Light Shining Darkly [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]02:45
49Lorca Not Orca [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]02:04
50Lost Rivers of London [from the "Unnatural History III"]07:41
51Love's Secret Domain [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]03:52
52Love's Secret Domain (Original Mix) [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]03:57
53Meaning What Exactly [from the "Unnatural History III"]03:45
54Music for Commercials [from the "Unnatural History III"]08:45
55Nasa Arab [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]10:59
56Neither His nor Yours [from the "Unnatural History III"]02:50
57Never [from the "Unnatural History"]04:37
58No New World [from the "Unnatural History II"]03:56
59Omlagus Garfungiloops [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]04:24
60Original Chaostrophy [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]01:52



Coil was an English cross-genre, industrial experimental music group formed in 1982 by John Balance and Peter Christopherson.


  • Industrial,
  • Post-industrial,
  • Acid House,
  • Dark ambient,
  • Noise,
  • Drone,
  • Electronic,
  • Avant-Garde
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