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Art Official Age by Prince [2014] [album editions]

Art Official Age (Prince)

Track listing

1Art Official Cage
2Clouds (ft. Lianne La Havas)
3Breakdown (ft. Andy Allo)
4The Gold Standard
5U Know
6Breakfast Can Wait
7This Could Be Us
8What It Feels Like (ft. Andy Allo)
9Affirmation I & II (ft. Lianne La Havas)
10Way Back Home (ft. Paloma Ayana (Delilah))
11Funknroll (Remix)
12Time (ft. Andy Allo)
13Affirmation III (ft. Lianne La Havas and Paloma Ayana (Delilah))

Prince albums

120Ten[ 2010 ]
23121[ 2006 ]
3Around The World In A Day[ 1985 ]
4Art Official Age[ 2014 ]
5Crystal Ball[ 1998 ]
6Diamonds And Pearls[ 1991 ]
7LOtUSFLOW3R[ 2009 ]
8MplSound[ 2009 ]
9N.E.W.S.[ 2003 ]
10Parade[ 1986 ]
11Planet Earth[ 2007 ]
12PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)[ 2014 ]
13Sign 'O' The Times[ 1987 ]
120Ten (Prince)
23121 (Prince)
3Around The World In A Day (Prince)
4Art Official Age (Prince)
5Crystal Ball (Prince)
6Diamonds And Pearls (Prince)
7LOtUSFLOW3R (Prince)
8MplSound (Prince)
9N.E.W.S. (Prince)
10Parade (Prince)
11Planet Earth (Prince)
12PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl) (Prince)
13Sign 'O' The Times (Prince)

Prince songs

1$ [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]03:57
2(There'll Never B) Another Like Me [from the "MplSound"]06:01
3...Back To The Lotus [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]05:34
418 and Over [from the "Crystal Ball"]05:40
52morrow [from the "Crystal Ball"]04:13
63121 [from the "3121"]04:31
74ever [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]03:47
877 Beverly Park [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]03:04
9Acknowledge Me [from the "Crystal Ball"]05:27
10Act Of God [from the "20Ten"]03:13
11Adore [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]06:30
12Affirmation I & II (ft. Lianne La Havas) [from the "Art Official Age"]00:40
13Affirmation III (ft. Lianne La Havas and Paloma Ayana (Delilah)) [from the "Art Official Age"]03:27
14Aintturninround [from the "PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)"]03:01
15All The Midnights In The World [from the "Planet Earth"]02:21
16America [from the "Around The World In A Day"]03:42
17An Honest Man [from the "Crystal Ball"]01:13
18Anotherlove (adapted from original song by Alice Smith, Rebecca Jordan and Reginald "Syience" Perry) [from the "PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)"]04:15
19Anotherloverholenyohead [from the "Parade"]04:00
20Around The World In A Day [from the "Around The World In A Day"]03:28
21Art Official Cage [from the "Art Official Age"]03:41
22Beautiful, Loved And Blessed [from the "3121"]05:43
23Beginning Endlessly [from the "20Ten"]05:27
24Better With Time [from the "MplSound"]04:54
25Black Sweat [from the "3121"]03:11
26Boom [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]03:19
27Boytrouble (ft. Lizzo and Sophia Eris) [from the "PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)"]03:52
28Breakdown (ft. Andy Allo) [from the "Art Official Age"]04:04
29Breakfast Can Wait [from the "Art Official Age"]03:54
30Calhoun Square [from the "Crystal Ball"]04:47
31Chelsea Rodgers [from the "Planet Earth"]05:41
32Chocolate Box [from the "MplSound"]06:13
33Christopher Tracy's Parade [from the "Parade"]02:11
34Cloreen Bacon Skin [from the "Crystal Ball"]15:37
35Clouds (ft. Lianne La Havas) [from the "Art Official Age"]04:34
36Colonized Mind [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]04:48
37Compassion [from the "20Ten"]03:57
38Condition Of The Heart [from the "Around The World In A Day"]06:48
39Cream [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]04:13
40Crimson & Clover [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]03:51
41Crucial [from the "Crystal Ball"]05:06
42Crystal Ball [from the "Crystal Ball"]10:28
43Da Bang [from the "Crystal Ball"]03:19
44Daddy Pop [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]05:17
45Dance 4 Me [from the "MplSound"]04:58
46Days of Wild [from the "Crystal Ball"]09:19
47Diamonds and Pearls [from the "Diamonds And Pearls"]04:45
48Do U Lie? [from the "Parade"]02:44
49Dream Factory [from the "Crystal Ball"]03:07
50Dreamer [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]05:30
51East [from the "N.E.W.S."]14:00
52Everybody Loves Me [from the "20Ten"]04:09
53Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]03:52
54Fixurlifeup [from the "PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)"]03:12
55Forever In My Life [from the "Sign 'O' The Times"]03:30
56From The Lotus... [from the "LOtUSFLOW3R"]02:46
57Funknroll [from the "PlectrumElectrum (Prince and 3rdeyegirl)"]04:09
58Funknroll (Remix) [from the "Art Official Age"]04:08
59Fury [from the "3121"]04:02
60Future Baby Mama [from the "Planet Earth"]04:47



Prince Rogers Nelson is an American musician. Prince is prolific, having released several hundred songs both under his own name and with other artists. He has won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the first year he was eligible in 2004. []


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  • Breakfast Can Wait by Prince

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