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Life Is Good by Nas [2012] [album editions]

Life Is Good (Nas)

Track listing

1No Introduction
2Loco-Motive Ft Large Professor
3A Queens Story
4Accident Murderers Ft Rick Ross
6Reach Out (ft. Mary J Blige)
7World's An Addiction Ft Anthony Hamilton
8Summer On Smash (ft Miguel & Swizz Beatz)
9You Wouldn't Understand (ft. Victoria Monet)
10Back When
11The Don
13Cherry Wine (ft. Amy Winehouse)
14Bye Baby
16The Black Bond
18Where's The Love (ft. Cocaine 80s)

Nas albums

18 Mile (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
2Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)[ 2010 ]
3God's Son[ 2000 ]
4Hip Hop Is Dead[ 2006 ]
5I Am...[ 1999 ]
6Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition[ 2004 ]
7It Was Written[ 1996 ]
8Life Is Good[ 2012 ]
9Nastradamus[ 1999 ]
10Stillmatic[ 2001 ]
11Streets Disciple[ 2004 ]
12The Album[ 1997 ]
13The Lost Tapes[ 2002 ]
14Untitled[ 2008 ]
18 Mile (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
2Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley) (Nas)
3God's Son (Nas)
4Hip Hop Is Dead (Nas)
5I Am... (Nas)
6Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition (Nas)
7It Was Written (Nas)
8Life Is Good (Nas)
9Nastradamus (Nas)
10Stillmatic (Nas)
11Streets Disciple (Nas)
12The Album (Various artists)
13The Lost Tapes (Nas)
14Untitled (Nas)

Nas songs

12nd Childhood [from the "Stillmatic"]03:51
2A Message to the Feds, Sincerely, We the People [from the "Streets Disciple"]02:15
3A Queens Story [from the "Life Is Good"]04:35
4Accident Murderers Ft Rick Ross [from the "Life Is Good"]04:37
5Affirmative Action [from the "It Was Written"]04:21
6Africa Must Wake Up (feat. K'naan) [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]06:40
7Album Intro [from the "I Am..."]02:51
8Album Intro [from the "It Was Written"]02:53
9America [from the "Untitled"]03:51
10American Way [from the "Streets Disciple"]04:09
11As We Enter [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]02:28
12Back When [from the "Life Is Good"]03:22
13Big Girl [from the "Nastradamus"]04:19
14Big Things [from the "I Am..."]03:39
15Black Girl Lost [from the "It Was Written"]04:25
16Black President [from the "Untitled"]04:28
17Black Republican (ft. Jay-Z) [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]03:45
18Black Zombie [from the "The Lost Tapes"]03:36
19Blaze A 50 [from the "The Lost Tapes"]02:50
20Blunt Ashes [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]04:03
21Book Of Rhymes [from the "God's Son"]03:54
22Breathe [from the "Untitled"]03:34
23Bridging The Gap [from the "Streets Disciple"]03:56
24Bye Baby [from the "Life Is Good"]03:59
25Can't Forget About You (ft. Chrisette Michele) [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]04:34
26Carry On Tradition [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]03:49
27Cherry Wine (ft. Amy Winehouse) [from the "Life Is Good"]05:56
28Come Get Me [from the "Nastradamus"]05:31
29Coon Picnic (These Are Our Heroes) [from the "Streets Disciple"]04:22
30Count Your Blessings [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]04:24
31Dance [from the "God's Son"]03:34
32Daughters [from the "Life Is Good"]03:20
33Destroy && Rebuild [from the "Stillmatic"]05:24
34Disciple [from the "Streets Disciple"]03:00
35Dispear [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]05:53
36Doo Rags [from the "The Lost Tapes"]04:04
37Dr. Knockboot [from the "I Am..."]02:25
38Drunk By Myself [from the "The Lost Tapes"]04:04
39Ether [from the "Stillmatic"]04:34
40Every Ghetto [from the "Stillmatic"]03:29
41Everybody's Crazy [from the "The Lost Tapes"]03:36
42Executive Decision - Nas [from the "The Album"] 
43Family (ft. Mobb Deep) [from the "Nastradamus"]05:16
44Favor for a Favor (ft. Scarface) [from the "I Am..."]04:07
45Fetus [from the "The Lost Tapes"]03:20
46Firm Fiasco - Nas [from the "The Album"] 
47Fried Chicken (ft. Busta Rhymes) [from the "Untitled"]02:50
48Friends [from the "Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley)"]04:49
49Get Down [from the "God's Son"]04:04
50Getting Married [from the "Streets Disciple"]03:46
51Ghetto Prisoners [from the "I Am..."]04:00
52God Love Us [from the "Nastradamus"]04:36
53Got Ur Self A... [from the "Stillmatic"]03:48
54Halftime [from the "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition"]04:20
55Hardcore - Nas [from the "The Album"] 
56Hate Me Now (ft. Puff Daddy) [from the "I Am..."]04:44
57Heaven (ft. Jully Black) [from the "God's Son"]04:41
58Hero (ft. Keri Hilson) [from the "Untitled"]04:00
59Hey Nas (ft. Kelis & Claudette Ortiz) [from the "God's Son"]04:05
60Hip-Hop Is Dead (ft. Will.I.Am) [from the "Hip Hop Is Dead"]03:45

Nas - top artists list [#487]


Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, who performs under the mononym Nas, is an American rapper and actor.


  • Hip Hop
  • Daughters - one of the best Nas songs, top songs list [#1017]

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