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Millenium by Earth, Wind & Fire [1993]

Millenium (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Track listing

1Even If You Wonder
2Sunday Morning
3Blood Brothers
4Kalimba Interlude
5Spend The Night
7Two Hearts
8Honor The Magic
9Love Is The Greatest Story
10The L Word
11Just Another Lonely Night
12Super Hero
13Wouldn't Change A Thing About You
14Love Across The Wire
15Chicago (Chi-Town) Blues
16Kalimba Blues

Earth, Wind & Fire albums

1All 'n All[ 1977 ]
2Earth, Wind & Fire[ 1971 ]
3Electric Universe[ 1983 ]
4Faces[ 1980 ]
5Head to the Sky[ 1973 ]
6Heritage[ 1990 ]
7Hitch (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
8I Am[ 1977 ]
9Illumination[ 2005 ]
10Last Days and Time[ 1972 ]
11Millenium[ 1993 ]
12Now, Then & Forever[ 2013 ]
13Open Our Eyes[ 1974 ]
14Powerlight[ 1983 ]
15Raise![ 1981 ]
16Spirit[ 1976 ]
17That's the Way of the World[ 1975 ]
18The Need of Love[ 1971 ]
19The Promise[ 2003 ]
20Touch the World[ 1987 ]
1All 'n All (Earth, Wind & Fire)
2Earth, Wind & Fire (Earth, Wind & Fire)
3Electric Universe (Earth, Wind & Fire)
4Faces (Earth, Wind & Fire)
5Head to the Sky (Earth, Wind & Fire)
6Heritage (Earth, Wind & Fire)
7Hitch (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8I Am (Earth, Wind & Fire)
9Illumination (Earth, Wind & Fire)
10Last Days and Time (Earth, Wind & Fire)
11Millenium (Earth, Wind & Fire)
12Now, Then & Forever (Earth, Wind & Fire)
13Open Our Eyes (Earth, Wind & Fire)
14Powerlight (Earth, Wind & Fire)
15Raise! (Earth, Wind & Fire)
16Spirit (Earth, Wind & Fire)
17That's the Way of the World (Earth, Wind & Fire)
18The Need of Love (Earth, Wind & Fire)
19The Promise (Earth, Wind & Fire)
20Touch the World (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Earth, Wind & Fire songs

121Night Of My Life [from the "Now, Then & Forever"]04:00
122On Your Face [from the "Spirit"]04:34
123Open Our Eyes [from the "Open Our Eyes"]05:06
124Pass You By [from the "Illumination"]04:59
125Power [from the "Last Days and Time"]08:14
126Pride [from the "Faces"]04:11
127Promise 1 [from the "The Promise"]00:39
128Promise 2 [from the "The Promise"]00:27
129Promise 3 [from the "The Promise"]00:51
130Pure Gold [from the "Illumination"]04:40
131Reasons [from the "That's the Way of the World"]04:59
132Reasons - Earth, Wind & Fire [from the "Hitch (Soundtrack)"] 
133Remember The Children [from the "Last Days and Time"]04:03
134Rock That! [from the "I Am"]03:07
135Runnin' [from the "All 'n All"]05:51
136Sailaway [from the "Faces"]04:37
137Saturday Nite [from the "Spirit"]04:02
138See The Light [from the "That's the Way of the World"]05:08
139Serpentine Fire [from the "All 'n All"]03:50
140Share Your Love [from the "Faces"]03:18
141She Waits [from the "The Promise"]05:09
142Shining Star [from the "That's the Way of the World"]02:51
143Shining Star (Future Star) [from the "That's the Way of the World"]02:51
144Show Me the Way (ft. Raphael Saadiq) [from the "Illumination"]07:47
145Side By Side [from the "Powerlight"]05:57
146Sign On [from the "Now, Then & Forever"]04:17
147Something Special [from the "Powerlight"]04:23
148Song In My Heart [from the "Faces"]04:17
149Soweto (Reprise) [from the "Heritage"]00:38
150Sparkle [from the "Faces"]03:51
151Spasmodic Movements [from the "Open Our Eyes"]01:51
152Spend The Night [from the "Millenium"]04:23
153Spirit [from the "Spirit"]03:13
154Spirit Of A New World [from the "Electric Universe"]04:30
155Splashes [from the "Now, Then & Forever"]05:22
156Spread Your Love [from the "Powerlight"]03:51
157Star [from the "I Am"]04:24
158Straight From The Heart [from the "Powerlight"]04:42
159Sunday Morning [from the "Millenium"]04:37
160Super Hero [from the "Millenium"]04:08
161Suppose You Like Me [from the "The Promise"]04:37
162Sweet Sassy Lady [from the "Electric Universe"]04:13
163System Of Survival [from the "Touch the World"]05:00
164Take It To The Sky [from the "Faces"]03:50
165Takin' Chances [from the "Heritage"]03:30
166Tee Nine Chee Bit [from the "Open Our Eyes"]03:46
167That's The Way of the World [from the "That's the Way of the World"]05:46
168That's The Way of the World (Latin Expedition) [from the "That's the Way of the World"]01:41
169The Changing Times [from the "Raise!"]05:54
170The L Word [from the "Millenium"]04:32
171The One [from the "Illumination"]05:11
172The Rush [from the "Now, Then & Forever"]05:07
173The Speed Of Love [from the "Powerlight"]03:36
174The Way You Move [from the "Illumination"]04:36
175The World's A Masquerade [from the "Head to the Sky"]04:48
176They Don't See [from the "Last Days and Time"]03:31
177Thinking of You [from the "Touch the World"]04:41
178This Is How I Feel - Earth, Wind & Fire featuring Kelly Rowland and Sleepy Brown [from the "Hitch (Soundtrack)"] 
179This Is How I Feel (ft. Big Boi, Kelly Rowland and Sleepy Brown) [from the "Illumination"]04:21
180This World Today [from the "Earth, Wind & Fire"]03:40

Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire is an American band that has spanned the musical genres of R&B, soul, jazz, pop, rock, funk, disco, latin, African and gospel.

They are one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands of the twentieth century. []


  • R&B,
  • Soul,
  • Jazz,
  • Pop,
  • Rock,
  • Funk,
  • Disco,
  • Gospel
  • Sunday Morning by Earth, Wind & Fire

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