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Flying the Corporate Jet by Nine Days [2003]

Flying the Corporate Jet (Nine Days)

Track listing

129 Year Old Girls
4Something Has Gone Wrong
5Reality TV
6Devil You Know
7Catch Me If You Can
8The Moment
917 And 33

Nine Days albums

1Flying the Corporate Jet[ 2003 ]
2Monday Songs[ 1996 ]
3So Happily Unsatisfied[ 2002 ]
4Something To Listen To[ 1995 ]
5The Madding Crowd[ 2000 ]
6Three[ 1998 ]
1Flying the Corporate Jet (Nine Days)
2Monday Songs (Nine Days)
3So Happily Unsatisfied (Nine Days)
4Something To Listen To (Nine Days)
5The Madding Crowd (Nine Days)
6Three (Nine Days)

Nine Days songs

117 And 33 [from the "Flying the Corporate Jet"]03:53
2257 Weeks [from the "The Madding Crowd"]04:04
329 Year Old Girls [from the "Flying the Corporate Jet"]04:15
47 Windsor Ct. [from the "Something To Listen To"]03:42
59 Days Of Rain [from the "Something To Listen To"]03:53
6A Bit Of Truth [from the "Something To Listen To"]05:07
7Absolutely (Story of a Girl) [from the "The Madding Crowd"]03:09
8All My Reasons [from the "Something To Listen To"]04:47
9Back To Me [from the "The Madding Crowd"]04:01
10Beautiful [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]04:17
11Behind An Old Blue Vase [from the "Monday Songs"]04:41
12Bitter [from the "The Madding Crowd"]06:21
13Bob Dylan [from the "The Madding Crowd"]04:35
14Cap Le'Moine [from the "Something To Listen To"]05:47
15Castles Burning [from the "Something To Listen To"]03:28
16Catch Me If You Can [from the "Flying the Corporate Jet"]03:32
17Crazy [from the "The Madding Crowd"]04:14
18Devil You Know [from the "Flying the Corporate Jet"]05:54
19Don't Look Back [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]03:44
20Down With the Ship [from the "Three"]03:48
21Emily [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]03:37
22End Up Alone [from the "The Madding Crowd"]03:57
23Everything [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]04:27
24Favorite Song [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]04:33
25Ghosts in a Graveyard [from the "Three"]04:03
26Good Friend [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]04:09
27Goodbye [from the "Flying the Corporate Jet"]04:12
28Great Divide [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]04:12
29Greener Grass [from the "Three"]04:14
30Her Own Two Feet [from the "Something To Listen To"]04:20
31I Feel Fine [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]03:45
32I'd Go Crazy [from the "Monday Songs"]04:40
33If I Am [from the "The Madding Crowd"]04:18
34Long Hard Road [from the "Monday Songs"]05:17
35Lost You... [from the "Something To Listen To"]04:28
36Making Amends [from the "Something To Listen To"]06:03
37Marvelous [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]03:48
38Mexico [from the "Three"]04:01
39Miss Alva Maria [from the "Something To Listen To"]08:43
40Muddy Water [from the "Something To Listen To"]04:41
41My Brother [from the "Monday Songs"]02:36
42Ocean [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]05:51
43Oklahoma City [from the "Monday Songs"]04:23
44On Her Way to Boston [from the "Three"]04:46
45Outside Yourself [from the "Something To Listen To"]04:03
46Reality TV [from the "Flying the Corporate Jet"]03:23
47Regrets [from the "Three"]04:18
48Revolve [from the "The Madding Crowd"]03:54
49Road You Go Down [from the "Monday Songs"]04:01
50See You In A Crowd [from the "Monday Songs"]04:24
51Shipwreck Water [from the "Something To Listen To"]04:37
52Shoes on the Bed [from the "Three"]05:47
53So Far Away [from the "The Madding Crowd"]03:56
54Something Has Gone Wrong [from the "Flying the Corporate Jet"]03:29
55Sometimes [from the "The Madding Crowd"]05:14
56Still Here [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]04:15
57The End Of Agent Bobby Roe [from the "Monday Songs"]05:03
58The Joneses [from the "So Happily Unsatisfied"]03:50
59The Moment [from the "Flying the Corporate Jet"]04:16
60Things We Said [from the "Something To Listen To"]04:23

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Nine Days

Nine Days is an American rock band from Long Island, New York, formed in 1994. []


  • Rock,
  • Power pop,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Pop punk,
  • Country rock
  • 29 Year Old Girls by Nine Days

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