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Kerosene by Miranda Lambert [2005] [album editions]

Kerosene (Miranda Lambert)

Track listing

2What About Georgia
3Greyhound Bound for Nowhere
4New Strings
5I Can't Be Bothered
6Bring Me Down
7Me And Charlie Talking
8I Wanna Die
9Love's Looking For You
10Mama, I'm Alright
11There's a Wall
12Love Your Memory

Miranda Lambert albums

1Crazy Ex-Girlfriend[ 2007 ]
2Four the Record[ 2011 ]
3Kerosene[ 2005 ]
4Miranda Lambert[ 2001 ]
5Platinum[ 2014 ]
6Revolution[ 2009 ]
7The Weight of These Wings[ 2016 ]
8Wildcard[ 2019 ]
1Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Miranda Lambert)
2Four the Record (Miranda Lambert)
3Kerosene (Miranda Lambert)
4Miranda Lambert (Miranda Lambert)
5Platinum (Miranda Lambert)
6Revolution (Miranda Lambert)
7The Weight of These Wings (Miranda Lambert)
8Wildcard (Miranda Lambert)

Miranda Lambert songs

1Airstream Song [from the "Revolution"]02:48
2All Kinds of Kinds [from the "Four the Record"]04:27
3All That's Left (ft. The Time Jumpers) [from the "Platinum"]03:12
4Another Heartache [from the "Miranda Lambert"]02:08
5Another Sunday in the South [from the "Platinum"]03:50
6Automatic [from the "Platinum"]04:07
7Babies Makin' Babies [from the "Platinum"]02:56
8Bad Boy [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]04:40
9Baggage Claim [from the "Four the Record"]03:18
10Bathroom Sink [from the "Platinum"]04:06
11Better in the Long Run (with Blake Shelton) [from the "Four the Record"]03:34
12Bluebird [from the "Wildcard"]03:29
13Bring Me Down [from the "Kerosene"]04:16
14Covered Wagon [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]04:08
15Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]03:07
16Dark Bars [from the "Wildcard"]04:48
17Dead Flowers [from the "Revolution"]04:01
18Dear Diamond [from the "Four the Record"]03:49
19Dear Old Sun [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]04:56
20Desperation [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]03:31
21Down [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]03:55
22Dry Town [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]02:42
23Easy From Now On [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]04:37
24Easy Living [from the "Four the Record"]02:45
25Famous In a Small Town [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]04:05
26Fastest Girl In Town [from the "Four the Record"]03:20
27Fine Tune [from the "Four the Record"]04:39
28Fire Escape [from the "Wildcard"]03:49
29For the Birds [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]03:47
30Getaway Driver [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]03:53
31Getting Ready [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]03:21
32Girl Like Me [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]02:55
33Girls [from the "Platinum"]03:35
34Good Ol' Days [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]03:18
35Gravity Is a B**ch [from the "Platinum"]03:08
36Greyhound Bound for Nowhere [from the "Kerosene"]04:23
37Guilty In Here [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]02:44
38Gunpowder and Lead [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]03:11
39Hard Staying Sober [from the "Platinum"]04:28
40Heart Like Mine [from the "Revolution"]02:58
41Highway Vagabond [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]03:53
42Holding On to You [from the "Platinum"]04:32
43Holy Water [from the "Wildcard"]03:14
44How Dare You Love [from the "Wildcard"]03:37
45Hurts To Think [from the "Four the Record"]02:54
46I Can't Be Bothered [from the "Kerosene"]03:21
47I Just Really Miss You [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]05:18
48I Wanna Die [from the "Kerosene"]03:46
49It All Comes Out in the Wash [from the "Wildcard"]03:34
50I've Got Wheels [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]03:40
51Jack Daniels [from the "Miranda Lambert"]03:05
52Keeper of the Flame [from the "The Weight of These Wings"]03:59
53Kerosene [from the "Kerosene"]03:05
54Last Goodbye [from the "Miranda Lambert"]04:17
55Little Red Wagon [from the "Platinum"]03:24
56Locomotive [from the "Wildcard"]03:13
57Look At Miss Ohio [from the "Four the Record"]04:18
58Love Letters [from the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"]02:45
59Love Song [from the "Revolution"]02:50
60Love Your Memory [from the "Kerosene"]03:47

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Miranda Lambert

Miranda Leigh Lambert-Shelton is an American country music artist.



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  • Country rock,
  • Southern rock
  • Kerosene by Miranda Lambert

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