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Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town by Emmylou Harris [1978] [album editions]

Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town (Emmylou Harris)

Track listing

1Easy from Now On
2Two More Bottles of Wine
3To Daddy
4My Songbird
5Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight
6Defying Gravity
7I Ain't Living Long Like This
8One Paper Kid
9Green Rolling Hills
10Burn That Candle

Emmylou Harris albums

1All I Intended to Be[ 2008 ]
2Angel Band[ 1987 ]
3Blue Kentucky Girl[ 1979 ]
4Brand New Dance[ 1990 ]
5Cimarron[ 1981 ]
6Elite Hotel[ 1975 ]
7Evangeline[ 1981 ]
8Gliding Bird[ 1969 ]
9Hard Bargain[ 2011 ]
10Lilith Fair, Volume 3, A Celebration of Women in Music[ 1999 ]
11Luxury Liner[ 1997 ]
12Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town[ 1978 ]
13Red Dirt Girl[ 2000 ]
14Thirteen[ 1986 ]
15White Shoes[ 1983 ]
1All I Intended to Be (Emmylou Harris)
2Angel Band (Emmylou Harris)
3Blue Kentucky Girl (Emmylou Harris)
4Brand New Dance (Emmylou Harris)
5Cimarron (Emmylou Harris)
6Elite Hotel (Emmylou Harris)
7Evangeline (Emmylou Harris)
8Gliding Bird (Emmylou Harris)
9Hard Bargain (Emmylou Harris)
10Lilith Fair, Volume 3, A Celebration of Women in Music (Various artists)
11Luxury Liner (Emmylou Harris)
12Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town (Emmylou Harris)
13Red Dirt Girl (Emmylou Harris)
14Thirteen (Emmylou Harris)
15White Shoes (Emmylou Harris)

Emmylou Harris songs

121Spanish Is a Loving Tongue [from the "Cimarron"]03:20
122Spanish Johnny [from the "Evangeline"]03:51
123Sweet Dreams [Live] [from the "Elite Hotel"]04:08
124Sweet Dreams Of You [from the "Brand New Dance"]03:56
125Sweetheart of The Pines [from the "Thirteen"]03:33
126Take That Ride [from the "All I Intended to Be"]03:39
127Tennessee Rose [from the "Cimarron"]05:34
128Tennessee Waltz [from the "Cimarron"]02:30
129The Last Cheater's Waltz [from the "Cimarron"]05:37
130The Other Side of Life [from the "Angel Band"]02:34
131The Pearl [from the "Red Dirt Girl"]05:02
132The Price You Pay [from the "Cimarron"]04:39
133The Road [from the "Hard Bargain"]05:28
134The Ship on His Arm [from the "Hard Bargain"]04:45
135They'll Never Take His Love from Me [from the "Blue Kentucky Girl"]02:32
136Till I Gain Control Again [from the "Elite Hotel"]05:36
137To Daddy [from the "Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town"]02:51
138Today I Started Loving You Again [from the "Thirteen"]03:18
139Together Again [from the "Elite Hotel"]03:54
140Tougher Than The Rest [from the "Brand New Dance"]05:01
141Tragedy [from the "Red Dirt Girl"]04:24
142Tulsa Queen [from the "Luxury Liner"]04:47
143Two More Bottles of Wine [from the "Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town"]03:11
144Waltz of the Magic Man [from the "Gliding Bird"]04:20
145We Shall Rise [from the "Angel Band"]02:12
146Wheels [from the "Elite Hotel"]03:16
147Wheels Of Love [from the "Brand New Dance"]02:43
148When He Calls [from the "Angel Band"]02:41
149When I Stop Dreaming [from the "Luxury Liner"]03:16
150When I Was Yours [from the "Thirteen"]02:48
151When They Ring Those Golden Bells [from the "Angel Band"]03:11
152Where Could I Go But to the Lord [from the "Angel Band"]03:31
153White Shoes [from the "White Shoes"]03:30
154Who Will Sing for Me? [from the "Angel Band"]02:32
155Your Long Journey [from the "Thirteen"]03:38
156You're Free To Go [from the "Thirteen"]02:48
157You're Running Wild [from the "Elite Hotel"]01:45
158You're Supposed to Be Feeling Good [from the "Luxury Liner"]04:01

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris is an American singer and songwriter.

She has released many popular albums and singles over the course of her career, and has now won 13 Grammys. []


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  • Two More Bottles of Wine by Emmylou Harris

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