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Willow in the Wind by Kathy Mattea [1989] [album editions]

Willow in the Wind (Kathy Mattea)

Track listing

1Come from the Heart
2Here's Hopin'
3Burnin' Old Memories
4She Came From Fort Worth
5True North
6Hills Of Alabam'
7Willow In The Wind
8Love Chooses You
9I'll Take Care Of You
10Where've You Been

Kathy Mattea albums

1Coal[ 2008 ]
2Kathy Mattea[ 1984 ]
3Roses[ 2002 ]
4The Innocent Years[ 2000 ]
5Walk the Way the Wind Blows[ 1986 ]
6Willow in the Wind[ 1989 ]
1Coal (Kathy Mattea)
2Kathy Mattea (Kathy Mattea)
3Roses (Kathy Mattea)
4The Innocent Years (Kathy Mattea)
5Walk the Way the Wind Blows (Kathy Mattea)
6Willow in the Wind (Kathy Mattea)

Kathy Mattea songs

1(Back To The) Heartbreak Kid [from the "Kathy Mattea"]03:10
2Ashes In The Wind [from the "Roses"]04:37
3Back Up Grinnin' Again [from the "Walk the Way the Wind Blows"]03:08
4BFD [from the "The Innocent Years"]03:15
5Black Lung/Coal [from the "Coal"]06:08
6Blue Diamond Mines [from the "Coal"]04:59
7Burnin' Old Memories [from the "Willow in the Wind"]02:19
8Callin' My Name [from the "The Innocent Years"]04:06
9Coal Tattoo [from the "Coal"]03:17
10Come Away With Me [from the "Roses"]03:45
11Come from the Heart [from the "Willow in the Wind"]03:10
12Coming of the Roads [from the "Coal"]04:38
13Dark as a Dungeon [from the "Coal"]04:34
14Evenin' [from the "Walk the Way the Wind Blows"]03:38
15Full Time Love [from the "Kathy Mattea"]02:57
16God Ain't No Stained Glass Window [from the "Kathy Mattea"]03:39
17Green Rolling Hills [from the "Coal"]03:46
18Guns of Love [from the "Roses"]03:34
19Here's Hopin' [from the "Willow in the Wind"]02:56
20Hills Of Alabam' [from the "Willow in the Wind"]03:13
21I Have Always Loved You [from the "The Innocent Years"]04:29
22I'll Take Care Of You [from the "Willow in the Wind"]02:59
23I'm Alright [from the "Roses"]04:13
24Isle of Inishmore Part 1 (Air) [from the "Roses"]02:04
25Isle of Inishmore Part 2 (Jig) [from the "Roses"]02:18
26Junkyard [from the "Roses"]04:08
27Lawrence Jones [from the "Coal"]03:04
28Leaving West Virginia [from the "Walk the Way the Wind Blows"]03:47
29Love At The Five & Dime [from the "Walk the Way the Wind Blows"]03:41
30Love Chooses You [from the "Willow in the Wind"]04:17
31Love Is My Last Word [from the "The Innocent Years"]03:59
32Out Of The Blue [from the "The Innocent Years"]03:16
33Prove That By Me [from the "The Innocent Years"]04:57
34Reason To Live [from the "Walk the Way the Wind Blows"]03:25
35Red-Winged Blackbird [from the "Coal"]02:53
36Sally in the Garden [from the "Coal"]00:44
37She Came From Fort Worth [from the "Willow in the Wind"]03:33
38Someone Is Falling in Love [from the "Kathy Mattea"]03:06
39Somewhere Down The Road [from the "Kathy Mattea"]03:39
40Song For The Life [from the "Walk the Way the Wind Blows"]03:53
41Street Talk [from the "Kathy Mattea"]02:45
42Takin' The Givin' Away [from the "Kathy Mattea"]03:16
43That's All The Lumber You Sent [from the "Roses"]04:22
44That's Easy For You To Say [from the "Kathy Mattea"]03:10
45That's The Deal [from the "The Innocent Years"]03:55
46The Innocent Years [from the "The Innocent Years"]03:56
47The Innocent Years (Reprise) [from the "The Innocent Years"]00:42
48The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore [from the "Coal"]04:11
49The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here [from the "Roses"]03:35
50They Are The Roses [from the "Roses"]03:58
51Till I Turn To You [from the "Roses"]04:50
52Train of Memories [from the "Walk the Way the Wind Blows"]02:52
53Trouble With Angels [from the "The Innocent Years"]04:36
54True North [from the "Willow in the Wind"]04:22
55Trust Me [from the "The Innocent Years"]04:54
56Walk the Way the Wind Blows [from the "Walk the Way the Wind Blows"]03:48
57Where've You Been [from the "Willow in the Wind"]03:44
58Who We Are [from the "Roses"]04:04
59Why Can't We [from the "The Innocent Years"]04:12
60Willow In The Wind [from the "Willow in the Wind"]03:44

Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea

Kathleen Alice "Kathy" Mattea is an American country music and bluegrass performer who often brings folk, Celtic and traditional country sounds to her music. []


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  • Where've You Been by Kathy Mattea

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