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Scapegoat by Josh Abbott Band [2008] [album editions]

Scapegoat (Josh Abbott Band)

Track listing

1Miss You Again
2We're All In
3Buried Me
4Here I Stand
5I'll Trust You
6Good Night For Dancing (ft. Charla Corn)
7Scapegoat (Heart Of Stone)
9On My Mind
10Her Eyes Turn Green
11IF I See You Tonight
12Evil Woman
13I Guess It's Time (Acoustic)

Josh Abbott Band albums

1Scapegoat[ 2008 ]
2She's Like Texas[ 2010 ]
3Small Town Family Dream[ 2012 ]
1Scapegoat (Josh Abbott Band)
2She's Like Texas (Josh Abbott Band)
3Small Town Family Dream (Josh Abbott Band)

Josh Abbott Band songs

1All of a Sudden [from the "She's Like Texas"]03:02
2Brushy Creek [from the "She's Like Texas"]03:22
3Buried Me [from the "Scapegoat"]04:22
4Dallas Love [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]03:41
5Distant [from the "Scapegoat"]02:48
6End of a Dirt Road (ft. Roger Creager & Trent Willmon) [from the "She's Like Texas"]04:09
7Evil Woman [from the "Scapegoat"]03:25
8Fall In Love Again [from the "She's Like Texas"]03:37
9FFA [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]01:01
10Flatland Farmer [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]03:37
11Good Night For Dancing (ft. Charla Corn) [from the "Scapegoat"]04:33
12Hell's Gates on Fire [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]04:15
13Her Eyes Turn Green [from the "Scapegoat"]04:13
14Here I Stand [from the "Scapegoat"]04:52
15Hot Water [from the "She's Like Texas"]04:36
16Hotty Toddy [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]03:50
17I Guess It's Time (Acoustic) [from the "Scapegoat"]03:36
18I Just Wanna Love You [from the "She's Like Texas"]03:09
19Idalou [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]04:48
20IF I See You Tonight [from the "Scapegoat"]04:00
21If You're Leaving (I'm Coming Too) [from the "She's Like Texas"]03:54
22I'll Sing About Mine [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]04:15
23I'll Trust You [from the "Scapegoat"]05:00
24Let My Tears Be Still [from the "She's Like Texas"]04:38
25Matagorda Bay [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]03:56
26Miss You Again [from the "Scapegoat"]05:08
27My Texas [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]03:10
28Oh, Tonight (ft. Kacey Musgraves) [from the "She's Like Texas"]03:25
29On My Mind [from the "Scapegoat"]04:10
30Rain Finally Coming Down [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]03:40
31Road Trippin [from the "She's Like Texas"]03:10
32Scapegoat (Heart Of Stone) [from the "Scapegoat"]03:34
33She Will Be Free [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]04:16
34She's Like Texas [from the "She's Like Texas"]03:55
35Small Town Family Dream [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]04:29
36The Walking Out [from the "She's Like Texas"]00:32
37Touch [from the "Small Town Family Dream"]03:27
38We're All In [from the "Scapegoat"]03:07

Josh Abbott Band - top artists list [#460]

Josh Abbott Band

Josh Abbott Band is a Texas country band from the state of Texas, USA, founded the band in 2006.


  • Red dirt,
  • Texas country
  • Good Night For Dancing (ft. Charla Corn) by Josh Abbott Band

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