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Willennium by Will Smith [1999] [album editions]

Willennium (Will Smith)

Track listing

1I'm Comin' (ft. Tra-Knox)
2Will 2K (ft. K-Ci)
3Freakin' It
4Da Butta (ft. Lil Kim)
5La Fiesta
6Who Am I (ft. Tatyana Ali & MC Lyte)
7Afro Angel
8So Fresh (ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Biz Markie & Slick Rick)
9Pump Me Up
10Can You Feel Me (ft. Eve)
11Potnas & Interlude
12No More (ft. Breeze)
13Uuhhh (ft. Kel Spencer)
14Wild Wild West (ft. Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee)
15The Rain (feat. Jill Scott)

Will Smith albums

1Big Willie Style[ 1997 ]
2Born To Reign[ 2002 ]
3Lost and Found[ 2005 ]
4Willennium[ 1999 ]
1Big Willie Style (Will Smith)
2Born To Reign (Will Smith)
3Lost and Found (Will Smith)
4Willennium (Will Smith)

Will Smith songs

11000 Kisses (ft. Jada) [from the "Born To Reign"]04:17
2Act Like You Know [from the "Born To Reign"]04:01
3Afro Angel [from the "Willennium"]05:10
4Big Willie Style (ft. Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes) [from the "Big Willie Style"]03:37
5Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) (ft. Tra-Knox) [from the "Born To Reign"]04:19
6Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) (Remix) (ft. Christina Vidal & Tra-Knox) [from the "Born To Reign"]03:43
7Block Party [from the "Born To Reign"]04:13
8Born To Reign [from the "Born To Reign"]01:53
9Can You Feel Me (ft. Eve) [from the "Willennium"]03:44
10Candy (ft. Larry Blackmon & Cameo) [from the "Big Willie Style"]03:59
11Chasing Forever [from the "Big Willie Style"]04:18
12Could U Love Me [from the "Lost and Found"]02:50
13Da Butta (ft. Lil Kim) [from the "Willennium"]02:58
14Don't Say Nothin' [from the "Big Willie Style"]04:24
15Freakin' It [from the "Willennium"]03:59
16Gettin' Jiggy Wit It [from the "Big Willie Style"]03:50
17Give Me Tonite [from the "Born To Reign"]03:41
18Here He Comes [from the "Lost and Found"]02:19
19How Da Beat Goes [from the "Born To Reign"]04:14
20I Can't Stop [from the "Born To Reign"]04:57
21I Gotta Go Home (feat. Vashawn) [from the "Born To Reign"]04:32
22I Loved You [from the "Big Willie Style"]04:14
23I Wish I Made That (Swagga) [from the "Lost and Found"]04:16
24If You Can't Dance (Slide) (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) [from the "Lost and Found"]04:02
25I'm Comin' (ft. Tra-Knox) [from the "Willennium"]03:55
26Intro [from the "Big Willie Style"]01:53
27It's All Good [from the "Big Willie Style"]04:06
28Jaden's Interlude [from the "Born To Reign"]00:55
29Just Cruisin' [from the "Big Willie Style"]03:58
30Just The Two Of Us [from the "Big Willie Style"]05:17
31Keith B-Real I (Interlude) [from the "Big Willie Style"]01:09
32Keith B-Real II (Interlude) [from the "Big Willie Style"]00:32
33Keith B-Real III (Interlude) [from the "Big Willie Style"]01:56
34La Fiesta [from the "Willennium"]04:16
35Loretta [from the "Lost and Found"]04:55
36Lost & Found [from the "Lost and Found"]04:16
37Maybe [from the "Born To Reign"]04:07
38Men In Black (ft. Coko) [from the "Big Willie Style"]03:47
39Miami [from the "Big Willie Style"]03:19
40Momma Knows [from the "Born To Reign"]03:56
41Mr. Niceguy [from the "Lost and Found"]02:21
42Ms Holy Roller [from the "Lost and Found"]03:39
43No More (ft. Breeze) [from the "Willennium"]03:25
44Party Starter (ft. Ludacris) [from the "Lost and Found"]04:09
45Potnas & Interlude [from the "Willennium"]06:09
46Pump Me Up [from the "Willennium"]04:05
47Pump Ya Brrakes (feat. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Lost and Found"]03:34
48Scary Story [from the "Lost and Found"]03:39
49So Fresh (ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Biz Markie & Slick Rick) [from the "Willennium"]04:16
50Switch [from the "Lost and Found"]03:16
51Switch (R&B Mix) (ft. Robin Thicke) [from the "Lost and Found"]04:45
52Switch (Reggae Remix) (ft. Elephant Man) [from the "Lost and Found"]03:50
53Tell Me Why (ft. Mary J Blige) [from the "Lost and Found"]04:29
54The Rain (feat. Jill Scott) [from the "Willennium"]04:49
55Uuhhh (ft. Kel Spencer) [from the "Willennium"]03:29
56Wave Em Off [from the "Lost and Found"]03:30
57Who Am I (ft. Tatyana Ali & MC Lyte) [from the "Willennium"]04:02
58Wild Wild West (ft. Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee) [from the "Willennium"]04:28
59Will 2K (ft. K-Ci) [from the "Willennium"]03:54
60Willow Is A Player [from the "Born To Reign"]03:48

Will Smith

Will Smith

Willard Christopher 'Will' Smith, Jr. (born September 25, 1968) is an American actor, film producer and rapper. []


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