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Spreading Rumours by Grouplove [2013] [album editions]

Spreading Rumours (Grouplove)

Track listing

1I'm With You
2Borderlines And Aliens
4Ways to Go
5Shark Attack
6Sit Still
7Hippy Hill
8What I Know
9Didn't Have to Go
10Bitin The Bullet
11News To Me
13Save The Party For Me

Grouplove albums

1Never Trust a Happy Song[ 2011 ]
2Spreading Rumours[ 2013 ]
1Never Trust a Happy Song (Grouplove)
2Spreading Rumours (Grouplove)

Grouplove songs

1Betty's Bomb Shell [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]03:34
2Bitin The Bullet [from the "Spreading Rumours"]04:08
3Borderlines And Aliens [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:50
4Chloe [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]03:18
5Close Your Eyes And Count to Ten [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]04:48
6Colours [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]04:17
7Cruel and Beautiful World [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]04:03
8Didn't Have to Go [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:44
9Hippy Hill [from the "Spreading Rumours"]02:56
10I'm With You [from the "Spreading Rumours"]05:34
11Itchin' on a Photograph [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]04:19
12Love Will Save Your Soul [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]03:47
13Lovely Cup [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]04:17
14Naked Kids [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]03:30
15News To Me [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:46
16Raspberry [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:16
17Save The Party For Me [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:28
18Schoolboy [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:52
19Shark Attack [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:58
20Sit Still [from the "Spreading Rumours"]04:04
21Slow [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]03:38
22Spun [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]03:25
23Tongue Tied [from the "Never Trust a Happy Song"]03:38
24Ways to Go [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:35
25What I Know [from the "Spreading Rumours"]03:54

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Grouplove is a US-based band that formed in 2009. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie pop,
  • Indietronica,
  • Alternative dance
  • Shark Attack by Grouplove

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