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F'Real by Murs [1997]

F'Real (Murs)

Track listing

12 Reasons (ft. Aesop)
28th Samurai
34 the Record
4Basik Murs
5Interview with the Dominant
6M-3 (Anger)
7Say Anything (ft. Arata, Bizarro, The Grouch & P$C)
8The Saint
10The Jerry Maguire Song
11Morocco Mike
12Live My Life
13Nites Like This
14The Extras (ft. Big Texas & Evanescent)
15Ease Back
16The Sermon

Murs albums

1F'Real[ 1997 ]
2Good Music[ 1999 ]
3Have a Nice Life[ 2015 ]
4Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation[ 2011 ]
5Murray's Revenge[ 2006 ]
6Murs For President[ 2008 ]
7Murs is My Best Friend[ 2002 ]
8Murs Rules the World[ 2000 ]
9Sweet Lord (Murs & 9th Wonder)[ 2008 ]
10The End of the Beginning[ 2003 ]
1F'Real (Murs)
2Good Music (Murs)
3Have a Nice Life (Murs)
4Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation (Murs)
5Murray's Revenge (Murs)
6Murs For President (Murs)
7Murs is My Best Friend (Murs)
8Murs Rules the World (Murs)
9Sweet Lord (Murs & 9th Wonder) (Murs)
10The End of the Beginning (Murs)

Murs songs

118 W a Bullet Remix [from the "The End of the Beginning"]04:27
22 Original (ft. 45 ACP) [from the "Good Music"]03:22
32 Reasons (ft. Aesop) [from the "F'Real"]04:53
424 hrs. W/ a G (ft . Grover) [from the "Good Music"]04:31
5316 Ways [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]04:07
64 the Record [from the "F'Real"]04:39
7'67 Cutless [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]03:24
88th Samurai [from the "F'Real"]02:18
9A Part Of Me [from the "Murs For President"]04:22
10All Day [from the "Murs Rules the World"]03:51
11And I Love It [from the "Sweet Lord (Murs & 9th Wonder)"]03:54
12Angels (ft. Grouch) [from the "Good Music"]04:53
13Animal Style [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]04:47
14Anyways [from the "Have a Nice Life"]03:09
15Are You Ready? [from the "Sweet Lord (Murs & 9th Wonder)"]03:50
16Barbershop (ft. Big Pooh) [from the "Murray's Revenge"]05:01
17Basik Murs [from the "F'Real"]04:20
18Black Girls Be Like [from the "Have a Nice Life"]03:11
19Brainbusters (ft.2mex) [from the "Murs is My Best Friend"]04:09
20Break Up (The Oj Song) [from the "Murs For President"]04:08
21Breakthrough [from the "Murs For President"]04:05
22Brotherly Love [from the "The End of the Beginning"]03:50
23Bt$ [from the "The End of the Beginning"]03:07
24Can It Be (Half A Million Dollars and 18 Months Later) [from the "Murs For President"]03:42
25Cha Cha Cha Interlude [from the "Murs Rules the World"]00:57
26Chico's Chicken [from the "Good Music"]03:26
27Dark Skinned White Girls [from the "Murray's Revenge"]04:30
28Def Cover [from the "The End of the Beginning"]03:56
29Dibbs Did This Shit-Interlude [from the "The End of the Beginning"]02:09
30Done Deal (ft. 3mg) [from the "The End of the Beginning"]03:28
31Dream On (ft Dee-1) [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]03:50
32Dreamchasers [from the "Murray's Revenge"]02:38
33Ease Back [from the "F'Real"]02:27
34Eazy-E [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]05:01
35Epic Salutations [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]03:12
36Everything [from the "Murs For President"]03:34
37Free [from the "Sweet Lord (Murs & 9th Wonder)"]03:31
38Gods Work [from the "The End of the Beginning"]04:24
39Got Damned [from the "The End of the Beginning"]04:19
40Happy Pillz (ft. Aesop Rock) [from the "The End of the Beginning"]04:56
41Have a Nice Life [from the "Have a Nice Life"]03:30
42Hip-Hop And Love (ft Tabi Bonney) [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]03:02
43I Did Like That [from the "Murs Rules the World"]03:18
44I Hate Your Boyfriend [from the "Murs Rules the World"]04:23
45I Miss Mikey [from the "Have a Nice Life"]03:46
46I'm Innocent [from the "Murs For President"]03:53
47In The Zone [from the "Murs Rules the World"]03:03
48International [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]04:04
49Interview with the Dominant [from the "F'Real"]02:51
50Intro [from the "Murs For President"]01:47
51It Could Be You (ft.PSC Eligh) [from the "Murs is My Best Friend"]04:08
52It's For Real [from the "Sweet Lord (Murs & 9th Wonder)"]03:16
53Jebidiah (Tokyofunk) (ft. Underbosses and Ba) [from the "Murs is My Best Friend"]06:40
54L.A. [from the "Murray's Revenge"]02:54
55L.A. Story (ft. 427 & Luckyiam PSC) [from the "Good Music"]05:04
56L.A. Story Part 1 [from the "Good Music"]01:46
57L.A. Story Part 2 [from the "Good Music"]02:50
58Life And Time (ft Ab-Soul & O.C.) [from the "Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation"]03:02
59Like What [from the "Murs Rules the World"]03:25
60Live My Life [from the "F'Real"]05:03



Nick Carter, better known by his stage name Murs, is an American rapper.



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