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Procrastination Killz 2 by Kirko Bangz [2010]

Procrastination Killz 2 (Kirko Bangz)

Track listing

24 My Town
4Thru My City
5Girls Go Crazy
6Where You Wanna Go
7What Yo Name Iz
8Call Me 4 Dat Good (Remix)
9Welcom To My Crib (ft. Three 6 Mafia)
10Bedrock Bangz
11Roger That
13Don't Push Me Away
14Stupid Decisions
15Breaking Me (ft. Monique)
16Little Brother's Letter
17Daddy's Girl
18My World
19Incredible Nigga
20H-Town Presidents (Bonus)

Kirko Bangz albums

1Procrastination Kills 4[ 2012 ]
2Procrastination Killz 2[ 2010 ]
3Progression 3[ 2013 ]
1Procrastination Kills 4 (Kirko Bangz)
2Procrastination Killz 2 (Kirko Bangz)
3Progression 3 (Kirko Bangz)

Kirko Bangz songs

14 My Town [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]02:53
2Awwready [from the "Progression 3"]03:57
3Bedrock Bangz [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]02:11
4Breaking Me (ft. Monique) [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]04:15
5Call Me 4 Dat Good (Remix) [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:48
6Came Here For Something [from the "Progression 3"]09:36
7Cup Up Top Down [from the "Progression 3"]05:49
8Daddy's Girl [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]04:19
9Don't Push Me Away [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]02:16
10Essay [from the "Progression 3"]05:08
11For My Niggas [from the "Progression 3"]03:44
12Girls Go Crazy [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:05
13Help Me Out [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]04:07
14Hold It Down (ft. Young Jeezy) [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]03:24
15H-Town Presidents (Bonus) [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:23
16I Got A Friend [from the "Progression 3"]04:28
17Incredible Nigga [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:13
18Laid Back [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]04:43
19Lettin' Them Know (ft. Paul Wall) [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]03:33
20Like Me [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]02:48
21Little Brother's Letter [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:12
22M.O.N.E.Y. [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]04:08
23Make It Mine [from the "Progression 3"]03:18
24Mission [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:54
25My Time (ft. Z-Ro) [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]04:06
26My World [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:09
27Nasty Nigga (ft. Tyga) [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]04:01
28Neva Changed [from the "Progression 3"]02:59
29Old Ways [from the "Progression 3"]03:17
30On My Own [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]04:35
31Rain Down [from the "Progression 3"]04:16
32Roger That [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:24
33SevenTeen [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]04:54
34Stop Bitchin' [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]03:36
35Stupid Decisions [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]04:48
36That Pole (ft. Chris Brown) [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]03:44
37Thru My City [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:05
38Tonight [from the "Progression 3"]04:03
39Use To Be [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]03:05
40Vent [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]03:27
41Vent 2 [from the "Progression 3"]02:53
42Versace [from the "Progression 3"]04:49
43Walk On Green (ft. French Montana) [from the "Procrastination Kills 4"]03:25
44Welcom To My Crib (ft. Three 6 Mafia) [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]02:58
45What It Do [from the "Progression 3"]03:22
46What Yo Name Iz [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]03:26
47Where You Wanna Go [from the "Procrastination Killz 2"]02:53

Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz

Kirk Jerel Randle, better known by his stage name Kirko Bangz, is an American rapper and singer.



  • Hip hop,
  • R&B
  • What Yo Name Iz by Kirko Bangz

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