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One and Done by Halestorm [2005] [album editions]

One and Done (Halestorm)

Track listing

1It's Not You
2The Hand
3Show Me
4Blue Eyes
5Takes My Life

Halestorm albums

1(Don't Mess with the) Time Man[ 1999 ]
2Breaking The Silence[ 2001 ]
3Halestorm[ 2009 ]
4Hello, It's Mz Hyde[ 2012 ]
5Live in Philly 2010[ 2010 ]
6One and Done[ 2005 ]
7Reanimate: The Covers[ 2011 ]
8The Strange Case Of...[ 2012 ]
1(Don't Mess with the) Time Man (Halestorm)
2Breaking The Silence (Halestorm)
3Halestorm (Halestorm)
4Hello, It's Mz Hyde (Halestorm)
5Live in Philly 2010 (Halestorm)
6One and Done (Halestorm)
7Reanimate: The Covers (Halestorm)
8The Strange Case Of... (Halestorm)

Halestorm songs

1All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To [from the "Reanimate: The Covers"]05:02
2American Boys [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:28
3As The Eagle Flies [from the "(Don't Mess with the) Time Man"]06:40
4Bad Romance [from the "Reanimate: The Covers"]04:08
5Beautiful With You [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:16
6Bet U Wish U Had Me Back [from the "Halestorm"]03:43
7Bet U Wish U Had Me Back [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]03:34
8Better Safe Than Sorry [from the "Halestorm"]03:12
9Better Sorry Than Safe [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]03:42
10Blue Eyes [from the "One and Done"]04:18
11Boom City [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]05:21
12Break In [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]04:45
13Conversation Over [from the "Halestorm"]03:05
14Daughters Of Darkness [from the "Hello, It's Mz Hyde"]03:55
15Daughters Of Darkness [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:55
16Dirty Mind [from the "Halestorm"]03:18
17Dirty Work [from the "Halestorm"]03:16
18Dirty Work [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]03:48
19Don't Know How To Stop [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:54
20Familiar Taste of Poison [from the "Halestorm"]04:04
21Familiar Taste of Poison [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]05:18
22Freak Like Me [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:38
23Hate It When You See Me Cry [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:11
24Here's To Us [from the "Hello, It's Mz Hyde"]02:57
25Here's To Us [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]02:59
26Hunger Strike [from the "Reanimate: The Covers"]03:53
27I Forgive You [from the "Breaking The Silence"]05:48
28I Get Off [from the "Halestorm"]03:03
29I Get Off [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]03:49
30I Miss the Misery [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:03
31I Want You (She's So Heavy) [from the "Reanimate: The Covers"]06:49
32I'm Not an Angel [from the "Halestorm"]03:14
33I'm Not an Angel [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]04:41
34In Your Room [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]02:46
35Innocence [from the "Halestorm"]03:15
36Innocence [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]04:14
37Interesting [from the "(Don't Mess with the) Time Man"]04:38
38It's Not You [from the "One and Done"]03:43
39It's Not You [from the "Halestorm"]02:54
40It's Not You [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]05:55
41Love Bites (So Do I) [from the "Hello, It's Mz Hyde"]03:12
42Love Bites (So Do I) [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:11
43Love/Hate Heartbreak [from the "Halestorm"]03:18
44Love/Hate Heartbreak [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]05:24
45Mz. Hyde [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:22
46No Clue [from the "(Don't Mess with the) Time Man"]04:30
47Nothing To Do With Love [from the "Halestorm"]03:30
48Nothing To Do With Love [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]04:08
49Out Ta Get Me [from the "Reanimate: The Covers"]04:14
50Private Parts (ft. James Michael of Sixx:A.M.) [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:59
51Rock Show [from the "Hello, It's Mz Hyde"]03:19
52Rock Show [from the "The Strange Case Of..."]03:19
53Rose In December [from the "Breaking The Silence"]04:22
54Shadows Of My Heart [from the "Breaking The Silence"]07:08
55Shout It Out [from the "Breaking The Silence"]06:41
56Show Me [from the "One and Done"]04:12
57Slave To The Grind [from the "Reanimate: The Covers"]03:31
58Takes My Life [from the "One and Done"]04:03
59Tell Me Where It Hurts [from the "Halestorm"]03:46
60Tell Me Where It Hurts [from the "Live in Philly 2010"]04:07

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Halestorm is an American hard rock band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Alternative metal,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Heavy metal
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