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The Sign by Ace Of Base [1993] [album editions]

The Sign (Ace Of Base)

Track listing

1All That She Wants
2Don't Turn Around
3Young And Proud
4The Sign
5Living In Danger
6Dancer In A Daydream
7Wheel Of Fortune
8Waiting For Magic (Total Remix 7'')
9Happy Nation
10Voulez-Vous Danser
11My Mind (Mindless Mix)
12All That She Wants (Banghra Version)

Ace of Base albums

1Cruel Summer[ 1998 ]
2Da Capo[ 2002 ]
3Flowers[ 1998 ]
4Greatest Hits[ 2000 ]
5Happy Nation[ 1992 ]
6Singles Of The 90s[ 1999 ]
7The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)[ 2003 ]
8The Bridge[ 1995 ]
9The Sign[ 1993 ]
1Cruel Summer (Ace of Base)
2Da Capo (Ace of Base)
3Flowers (Ace of Base)
4Greatest Hits (Ace of Base)
5Happy Nation (Ace of Base)
6Singles Of The 90s (Ace of Base)
7The Best Of  (Platinum & Gold Collection) (Ace of Base)
8The Bridge (Ace of Base)
9The Sign (Ace of Base)

Ace of Base songs

1Adventures In Paradise [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:30
2Adventures In Paradise [from the "Flowers"]03:32
3All That She Wants [from the "Happy Nation"]03:33
4All That She Wants [from the "The Sign"]03:34
5All That She Wants [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:31
6All That She Wants [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:31
7All That She Wants [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:30
8All That She Wants (banghra version) [from the "Happy Nation"]04:14
9All That She Wants (Banghra Version) [from the "The Sign"]04:14
10Always Have, Always Will [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:49
11Always Have, Always Will [from the "Flowers"]03:46
12Always Have, Always Will [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:44
13Always Have, Always Will [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:48
14Angel Eyes [from the "The Bridge"]03:14
15Beautiful Life [from the "The Bridge"]03:41
16Beautiful Life [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:39
17Beautiful Life [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:39
18Beautiful Life [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:38
19Beautiful Life (Junior Vasquez Mix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]08:25
20Beautiful Morning [from the "Da Capo"]03:01
21Blooming 18 [from the "The Bridge"]03:38
22Captain Nemo [from the "Flowers"]04:02
23Cecilia [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:54
24Cecilia [from the "Flowers"]03:55
25C'est La Vie Always 21 [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:27
26C'est La Vie (Always 21) [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:27
27Change With The Light [from the "Da Capo"]03:37
28Cruel Summer [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:36
29Cruel Summer [from the "Flowers"]03:35
30Cruel Summer [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]04:06
31Cruel Summer [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:33
32Cruel Summer [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:33
33Cruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix) [from the "Flowers"]04:07
34Cruel Summer (Blazin Rhythm Remix) [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:32
35Da Capo [from the "Da Capo"]03:10
36Dancer In A Daydream [from the "Happy Nation"]03:40
37Dancer In A Daydream [from the "The Sign"]03:39
38Dimension Of Depth [from the "Happy Nation"]01:46
39Donnie [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:47
40Donnie [from the "Flowers"]04:39
41Don't Go Away [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:40
42Don't Go Away [from the "Flowers"]03:41
43Don't Turn Around [from the "The Sign"]03:51
44Don't Turn Around [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:48
45Don't Turn Around [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:49
46Don't Turn Around [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:48
47Dr. Sun [from the "Flowers"]03:35
48Edge Of Heaven [from the "The Bridge"]03:50
49Everytime It Rains [from the "Cruel Summer"]04:53
50Everytime It Rains [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:55
51Everytime It Rains [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:18
52Everytime It Rains (Radio Mix) [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]04:17
53Experience Pearls [from the "The Bridge"]03:58
54Fashion Party [from the "Happy Nation"]04:13
55Hallo Hallo [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]02:51
56Happy Nation [from the "Happy Nation"]04:14
57Happy Nation [from the "The Sign"]04:16
58Happy Nation [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:32
59Happy Nation [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:33
60He Decides [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:49

Ace of Base

Ace of Base

The Ace Of Base story started in the early 90’s when the three Berggren siblings formed the techno band Tech Noir.

Next to their rehearsal room, Ulf Ekberg played in another band. Soon, Jonas and Ulf hit it off, started to write and produce together and Ace Of Base as we know them were formed.


  • House,
  • Eurodance,
  • Pop,
  • Techno
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