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Under The Violet Moon by Blackmore's Night [1999]

Under The Violet Moon (Blackmore's Night)

Track listing

1Under the Violet Moon
2Castles And Dreams
3Past Time With Good Company
4Morning Star
6Possum Goes To Prague
7Wind In The Willows
8Gone With The Wind
9Beyond The Sunset
10March The Heroes Home
11Spanish Nights
12Catherine Howard's Fate
13Fools's Gold
14Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus
15Now And Then
16Self Portrait

Blackmore's Night albums

1Ghost of a Rose[ 2003 ]
2Shadow Of The Moon[ 1998 ]
3Under The Violet Moon[ 1999 ]
1Ghost of a Rose (Blackmore's Night)
2Shadow Of The Moon (Blackmore's Night)
3Under The Violet Moon (Blackmore's Night)

Blackmore's Night songs

13 Black Crows [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]04:01
2All For One [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]06:20
3Avalon [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]03:02
4Be Mine Tonight [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]02:51
5Beyond The Sunset [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]03:44
6Cartouche [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]04:36
7Castles And Dreams [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]03:33
8Catherine Howard's Fate [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]02:34
9Dandelion Wine [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]06:29
10Diamonds and Rust [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]05:33
11Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]02:31
12Fools's Gold [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]03:31
13Ghost Of A Rose [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]06:14
14Gone With The Wind [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]05:24
15Greensleeves [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]03:48
16Ivory Tower [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]07:07
17Loreley [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]04:27
18Magical World [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]04:01
19March The Heroes Home [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]04:39
20Memmingen [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]01:06
21Minstrel Hall [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]02:37
22Mond Tanz [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]03:35
23Morning Star [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]04:41
24Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword (Instrumental) [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]01:57
25No Second Chance [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]05:40
26Now And Then [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]03:11
27Nur Eine Minute (Instrumental) [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]01:01
28Ocean Gypsy [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]06:06
29Past Time With Good Company [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]03:24
30Play Minstree Play [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]03:59
31Possum Goes To Prague [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]01:13
32Queen For A Day (Part 1) [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]03:04
33Queen For A Day (Part 2) (Instrumental) [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]01:31
34Rainbow Blues [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]05:26
35Renaissance Faire [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]04:17
36Self Portrait [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]03:18
37Shadow Of The Moon [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]05:07
38Spanish Nights [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]05:22
39Spirit Of The Sea [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]04:51
40The Clock Ticks On [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]05:16
41Under the Violet Moon [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]04:23
42Way To Mandalay [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]10:57
43Where Are We Going From Here [from the "Ghost of a Rose"]06:18
44Wind In The Willows [from the "Under The Violet Moon"]04:12
45Wish You Were Here [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]05:02
46Writing On The Wall [from the "Shadow Of The Moon"]04:37

Blackmore's Night

Blackmore's Night

Blackmore's Night is a British/American traditional folk rock duo formed in 1997, consisting of Ritchie Blackmore (acoustic and electric guitar) and Candice Night (lead vocals, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist).


  • Celtic,
  • Folk,
  • Neo-medieval,
  • Rock
  • Under the Violet Moon by Blackmore's Night

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