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Tourism by Roxette [1992] [album editions]

Tourism (Roxette)

Track listing

1How Do You Do!
3The Look
4The Heart Shaped Sea
5The Rain
6Keep Me Waiting
7It Must Have Been Love
8Cinnamon Street
9Never Is A Long Time
10Silver Blue
11Here Comes The Weekend
12So Far Away
13Come Back (Before You Leave)
14Things Will Never Be The Same
16Queen Of Rain

Roxette albums

1Crash! Boom! Bang![ 1994 ]
2Have A Nice Day[ 1999 ]
3How Do You Do![ 1992 ]
4Joyride[ 1991 ]
5Look Sharp![ 1990 ]
6Pop Hits[ 2003 ]
7Room Service[ 2001 ]
8Roxette Ballad Hits[ 2002 ]
9Tourism[ 1992 ]
1Crash! Boom! Bang! (Roxette)
2Have A Nice Day (Roxette)
3How Do You Do! (Roxette)
4Joyride (Roxette)
5Look Sharp! (Roxette)
6Pop Hits (Roxette)
7Room Service (Roxette)
8Roxette Ballad Hits (Roxette)
9Tourism (Roxette)

Roxette songs

1(Do You Get) Excited? [from the "Joyride"]04:16
2(I Could Never) Give You Up [from the "Look Sharp!"] 
3Almost Unreal [from the "Roxette Ballad Hits"]04:02
4Anyone [from the "Roxette Ballad Hits"] 
5Anyone [from the "Have A Nice Day"]04:31
6Beautiful Things [from the "Have A Nice Day"]03:48
7Better Off on Her Own [from the "Pop Hits"] 
8Big L [from the "Pop Hits"] 
9Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Hear) [from the "Pop Hits"] 
10Breathe [from the "Roxette Ballad Hits"] 
11Bringing Me Down To My Knees [from the "Room Service"] 
12Centre of the Heart [from the "Pop Hits"] 
13Chances [from the "Look Sharp!"] 
14Church of Your Heart [from the "Pop Hits"] 
15Church of Your Heart [from the "Joyride"]03:16
16Cinnamon Street [from the "Tourism"] 
17Come Back (Before You Leave) [from the "Tourism"]04:34
18Cooper [from the "Have A Nice Day"]04:19
19Crash! Boom! Bang! [from the "Roxette Ballad Hits"]05:02
20Crash! Boom! Bang! [from the "Crash! Boom! Bang!"]05:01
21Crush On You [from the "Have A Nice Day"]03:37
22Cry [from the "Look Sharp!"] 
23Dance Away [from the "Look Sharp!"] 
24Dangerous [from the "Pop Hits"] 
25Dangerous [from the "Look Sharp!"]03:48
26Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way? [from the "Crash! Boom! Bang!"]04:08
27Dressed For Success [from the "Look Sharp!"] 
28Dressed For Success [from the "Pop Hits"] 
29Fading Like A Flower [from the "Roxette Ballad Hits"]03:52
30Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) [from the "How Do You Do!"]03:52
31Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) [from the "Joyride"]03:54
32Fingertips [from the "Tourism"]03:33
33Fireworks [from the "Crash! Boom! Bang!"]03:57
34Fool [from the "Room Service"] 
35Go To Sleep [from the "Crash! Boom! Bang!"]03:58
36Half A Woman, Half A Shadow [from the "Look Sharp!"] 
37Harleys & Indians (Riders In The Sky) [from the "Crash! Boom! Bang!"]03:44
38Here Comes The Weekend [from the "Tourism"]04:13
39Hotblooded [from the "Joyride"]03:18
40How Do You Do! [from the "How Do You Do!"]03:11
41How Do You Do! [from the "Pop Hits"]03:11
42How Do You Do! [from the "Tourism"]03:11
43I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars [from the "Crash! Boom! Bang!"] 
44I Remember You [from the "Joyride"]03:53
45I Was So Lucky [from the "Have A Nice Day"] 
46I`m Sorry [from the "Crash! Boom! Bang!"]03:12
47It Hurts [from the "Roxette Ballad Hits"] 
48It Must Have Been Love [from the "Roxette Ballad Hits"]04:18
49It Must Have Been Love [from the "Tourism"]04:15
50It Takes You No Time To Get Here [from the "Room Service"] 
51It Will Take A Long Time [from the "Have A Nice Day"] 
52Jefferson [from the "Room Service"] 
53Joyride [from the "Pop Hits"] 
54Joyride [from the "Joyride"]04:26
55Joyride [from the "Tourism"] 
56June Afternoon [from the "Pop Hits"] 
57Keep Me Waiting [from the "Tourism"] 
58Knocking On Every Door [from the "Joyride"]03:58
59Lies [from the "Crash! Boom! Bang!"]03:33
60Listen To Your Heart [from the "Roxette Ballad Hits"]05:27



Roxette is a Swedish pop music duo, consisting of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle.

They enjoyed worldwide success from the late 1980s until the mid-1990s. []


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