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Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Iron Maiden [1988] [album editions]

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Iron Maiden)

Track listing

2Infinite Dreams
3Can I Play With Madness
4The Evil That Men Do
5Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
6The Prophecy
7The Clairvoyant
8Only the Good Die Young

Iron Maiden albums

1Brave New World[ 2000 ]
2Dance Of Death[ 2003 ]
3Fear of the Dark[ 1992 ]
4Iron Maiden[ 1980 ]
5Killers[ 1981 ]
6No Prayer For the Dying[ 1990 ]
7Piece of Mind[ 1983 ]
8Powerslave[ 1984 ]
9Seventh Son of a Seventh Son[ 1988 ]
10Somewhere Back In Time[ 2008 ]
11Somewhere In Time[ 1986 ]
12The Best of the Beast[ 1996 ]
13The Number of the Beast[ 1982 ]
14The X Factor[ 1995 ]
15Virtual XI[ 1998 ]
1Brave New World (Iron Maiden)
2Dance Of Death (Iron Maiden)
3Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden)
4Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden)
5Killers (Iron Maiden)
6No Prayer For the Dying (Iron Maiden)
7Piece of Mind (Iron Maiden)
8Powerslave (Iron Maiden)
9Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Iron Maiden)
10Somewhere Back In Time (Iron Maiden)
11Somewhere In Time (Iron Maiden)
12The Best of the Beast (Iron Maiden)
13The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden)
14The X Factor (Iron Maiden)
15Virtual XI (Iron Maiden)

Iron Maiden songs

61Innocent Exile [from the "Killers"]03:54
62Invaders [from the "The Number of the Beast"]03:24
63Iron Maiden [from the "Iron Maiden"]03:31
64Iron Maiden - Live [from the "Somewhere Back In Time"]04:21
65Journeyman [from the "Dance Of Death"]07:07
66Judas Be My Guide [from the "Fear of the Dark"]03:08
67Judgement Of Heaven [from the "The X Factor"]05:12
68Killers [from the "Killers"]05:01
69Lightning Strikes Twice [from the "Virtual XI"]04:50
70Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner [from the "Somewhere In Time"]06:31
71Look For The Truth [from the "The X Factor"]05:10
72Lord Of The Flies [from the "The X Factor"]05:03
73Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) [from the "Powerslave"]04:12
74Man On The Edge [from the "The X Factor"]04:13
75Man on the Edge [from the "The Best of the Beast"] 
76Montsegur [from the "Dance Of Death"]05:52
77Moonchild [from the "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"]05:40
78Mother Russia [from the "No Prayer For the Dying"]05:27
79Murders In The Rue Morgue [from the "Killers"]04:19
80New Frontier [from the "Dance Of Death"]05:06
81No More Lies [from the "Dance Of Death"]07:21
82No Prayer For The Dying [from the "No Prayer For the Dying"]04:23
83Number of the Beast [from the "The Best of the Beast"] 
84Only the Good Die Young [from the "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"]04:37
85Out of the Silent Planet [from the "Brave New World"]06:25
86Paschendale [from the "Dance Of Death"]08:30
87Phantom Of The Opera [from the "Iron Maiden"]07:08
88Phantom of the Opera - Live [from the "Somewhere Back In Time"]07:10
89Powerslave [from the "Powerslave"]06:47
90Powerslave [from the "Somewhere Back In Time"]06:49
91Prodigal Son [from the "Killers"]06:12
92Prowler [from the "Iron Maiden"]03:56
93Public Enema Number One [from the "No Prayer For the Dying"]04:13
94Purgatory [from the "Killers"]03:20
95Quest For Fire [from the "Piece of Mind"]03:41
96Rainmaker [from the "Dance Of Death"]03:50
97Remember Tomorrow [from the "Iron Maiden"]05:28
98Revelations [from the "Piece of Mind"]06:48
99Rime of the Ancient Mariner [from the "Powerslave"]13:28
100Run Silent Run Deep [from the "No Prayer For the Dying"]04:35
101Run to the Hills [from the "The Number of the Beast"]03:54
102Run to the Hills [from the "The Best of the Beast"] 
103Run to the Hills [from the "Somewhere Back In Time"]03:54
104Running Free [from the "Iron Maiden"]03:17
105Running Free [Live] [from the "The Best of the Beast"] 
106Sanctuary [from the "Iron Maiden"]03:16
107Sea of Madness [from the "Somewhere In Time"]05:42
108Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son [from the "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"]09:53
109Sign Of The Cross [from the "The X Factor"]11:18
110Still Life [from the "Piece of Mind"]04:53
111Strange World [from the "Iron Maiden"]05:32
112Stranger in a Strange Land [from the "Somewhere In Time"]05:44
113Sun And Steel [from the "Piece of Mind"]03:26
114Tailgunner [from the "No Prayer For the Dying"]04:15
115The Aftermath [from the "The X Factor"]06:20
116The Angel And The Gambler [from the "Virtual XI"]09:52
117The Apparition [from the "Fear of the Dark"]03:54
118The Assassin [from the "No Prayer For the Dying"]04:35
119The Clairvoyant [from the "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"]04:27
120The Clansman [from the "Virtual XI"]08:59

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band from east London.

The band were formed in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris, formerly a member of Gypsy's Kiss and Smiler.

Iron Maiden are one of the most successful and influential bands in the heavy metal genre, having sold 80 million albums worldwide. []


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