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Ray of Light by Madonna [1998] [album editions]

Ray of Light (Madonna)

Track listing

1Drowned World / Substitute for Love
3Ray of Light
4Candy Perfume Girl
6Nothing Really Matters
7Sky Fits Heaven
8Shanti / Ashtangi
10The Power of Goodbye
11To Have and Not To Hold
12Little Star
13Mer Girl

Madonna albums

1American Life[ 2003 ]
2Candy Shop[ 2007 ]
3Celebration[ 2009 ]
4Confessions On A Dance Floor[ 2005 ]
5Erotica[ 1992 ]
6GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)[ 2001 ]
7Hard Candy[ 2008 ]
8Licorice[ 2008 ]
9MDNA[ 2012 ]
10Music[ 2000 ]
11Music (Single)[ 2000 ]
12My Paradise (The Lounge Album)[ 2007 ]
13Ray of Light[ 1998 ]
14Rebel Heart[ 2015 ]
15Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta)[ 2009 ]
16Something to Remember[ 1995 ]
17Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)[ 2008 ]
18The Best Of Madonna[ 1990 ]
19Who's That Girl (Soundtrack)[ 1987 ]
1American Life (Madonna)
2Candy Shop (Madonna)
3Celebration (Madonna)
4Confessions On A Dance Floor (Madonna)
5Erotica (Madonna)
6GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2) (Madonna)
7Hard Candy (Madonna)
8Licorice (Madonna)
9MDNA (Madonna)
10Music (Madonna)
11Music (Single) (Madonna)
12My Paradise (The Lounge Album) (Madonna)
13Ray of Light (Madonna)
14Rebel Heart (Madonna)
15Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta) (Madonna)
16Something to Remember (Madonna)
17Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version) (Madonna)
18The Best Of Madonna (Madonna)
19Who's That Girl (Soundtrack) (Madonna)

Madonna songs

181Mother & Father [from the "American Life"]04:33
182Music [from the "Music"]03:43
183Music [from the "GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)"]03:45
184Music [from the "Celebration"]03:45
185Music (Calderone Anthem Mix) [from the "Music (Single)"]11:56
186Music (Deep Dish Dot Com Remix [from the "Music (Single)"]11:23
187Music (Groove Armada 12 Mix) [from the "My Paradise (The Lounge Album)"]05:15
188Music (Groove Armada Club Mix) [from the "Music (Single)"]09:30
189Music (HQ2 Club Mix) [from the "Music (Single)"]08:52
190Music (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Version) [from the "Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)"]05:11
191Music (The Young Collective Club Mix) [from the "Music (Single)"]10:34
192Music CLub Mix [from the "Music"]08:47
193My Baby [from the "Candy Shop"]04:59
194My Baby [from the "Licorice"]05:01
195Nobody Knows Me [from the "American Life"]04:39
196Nobody's Perfect [from the "Music"]05:00
197Nothing Fails [from the "American Life"]04:48
198Nothing Fails (Slow Vocal Mix) [from the "My Paradise (The Lounge Album)"]05:07
199Nothing Really Matters [from the "Ray of Light"]04:26
200Nothing Really Matters (Kruder And Dofmeister Vocal Edit) [from the "My Paradise (The Lounge Album)"]05:05
201Oh Father [from the "Something to Remember"]04:59
202One More Chance [from the "Something to Remember"]04:27
203Open Your Heart [from the "The Best Of Madonna"]03:51
204Open Your Heart [from the "Celebration"]03:49
205Papa Don't Preach [from the "The Best Of Madonna"]04:09
206Papa Don't Preach [from the "Celebration"]04:29
207Paradise (Not For Me) [from the "Music"]06:31
208Paradise (Not For Me) [from the "My Paradise (The Lounge Album)"]06:11
209Pharrel [from the "Candy Shop"]01:44
210Pharrel [from the "Licorice"]01:46
211Push [from the "Confessions On A Dance Floor"]03:45
212Queen [from the "Rebel Heart"]04:15
213Rain [from the "Something to Remember"]05:28
214Rain [from the "Erotica"]05:24
215Rain/Here Comes The Rain (Interlude) [from the "Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)"]03:37
216Ray of Light [from the "Ray of Light"]05:20
217Ray of Light [from the "GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)"]04:35
218Ray of Light [from the "Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)"]06:32
219Ray of Light [from the "Celebration"]04:33
220Ray of Light (Ambient Edit) [from the "My Paradise (The Lounge Album)"]03:32
221Rebel Heart [from the "Rebel Heart"]03:21
222Rescue Me [from the "The Best Of Madonna"]05:31
223Revolver (ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta)"]03:40
224Revolver (ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "Celebration"]03:40
225Revolver (One Love Club remix) [from the "Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta)"]04:34
226Revolver (One Love remix ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta)"]03:19
227Revolver (Paul Van Dyk Dub) [from the "Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta)"]08:37
228Revolver (Paul Van Dyk remix) [from the "Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta)"]08:37
229Revolver (Tracy Young's Shoot To Kill remix) [from the "Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta)"]09:27
230Runaway Lover [from the "Music"]04:48
231S.E.X. [from the "Rebel Heart"]04:11
232Secret [from the "GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)"]04:32
233Secret [from the "Celebration"]04:28
234Secret (Dens54 Deep Remix) [from the "My Paradise (The Lounge Album)"]04:51
235Secret Garden [from the "Erotica"]05:32
236Shanti / Ashtangi [from the "Ray of Light"]04:29
237She's Not Me [from the "Hard Candy"]06:04
238She's Not Me [from the "Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)"] 
239Skin [from the "Ray of Light"]06:21
240Sky Fits Heaven [from the "Ray of Light"]04:47

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Madonna is an American recording artist, actress and entrepreneur. []


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  • Ray of Light by Madonna

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