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Passion and Warfare by Steve Vai [1997] [album editions]

Passion and Warfare (Steve Vai)

Track listing

2Erotic Nightmares
3The Animal
5The Riddle
7For The Love Of God
8The Audience Is Listening
9I Would Love To
10Blue Powder
11Greasy Kid's Stuff
12Alien Water Kiss
14Love Secrets

Steve Vai albums

1Alien Love Secrets[ 1997 ]
2Fire Garden[ 1996 ]
3Flex-Able[ 1997 ]
4Flex-Able Leftovers[ 1998 ]
5G3 Live in Concert (Live)[ 1997 ]
6Passion and Warfare[ 1997 ]
7Sex & Religion[ 1993 ]
8The 7th Song[ 2000 ]
9The Ultra Zone[ 1999 ]
1Alien Love Secrets (Steve Vai)
2Fire Garden (Steve Vai)
3Flex-Able (Steve Vai)
4Flex-Able Leftovers (Steve Vai)
5G3 Live in Concert (Live) (Various artists)
6Passion and Warfare (Steve Vai)
7Sex & Religion (Steve Vai)
8The 7th Song (Steve Vai)
9The Ultra Zone (Steve Vai)

Steve Vai songs

1Aching Hunger [from the "Fire Garden"]04:44
2Alien Water Kiss [from the "Passion and Warfare"]01:10
3All About Eve [from the "Fire Garden"]04:37
4An Earth Dweller's Return [from the "Sex & Religion"]01:03
5Answers [from the "Passion and Warfare"]02:56
6Answers - Steve Vai [from the "G3 Live in Concert (Live)"]06:57
7Asian Sky [from the "The Ultra Zone"] 
8Bad Horse [from the "Alien Love Secrets"]05:50
9Ballerina [from the "Passion and Warfare"]01:42
10Bangkok [from the "Fire Garden"]02:46
11Bill's Private Parts [from the "Flex-Able"]00:16
12Bledsoe Bluvd [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]04:21
13Bledsoe Bluvd (Leftovers, Bonus Tracks) [from the "Flex-Able"] 
14Blood and Tears [from the "The Ultra Zone"]04:24
15Blowfish [from the "Fire Garden"]04:02
16Blue Powder [from the "Passion and Warfare"]04:44
17Boston Rain Melody [from the "The 7th Song"]08:50
18Brother [from the "Fire Garden"]05:03
19Burnin' Down The Mountain [from the "The 7th Song"]04:18
20Burnin' Down The Mountain [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]04:19
21Burnin' Down The Mountain (Leftovers, Bonus Tracks) [from the "Flex-Able"] 
22Call It Sleep [from the "Flex-Able"]05:06
23Call It Sleep [from the "The 7th Song"]05:04
24Christmas Time Is Here [from the "The 7th Song"]04:12
25Chronic Insomnia [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]02:03
26Chronic Insomnia (Leftovers, Bonus Tracks) [from the "Flex-Able"] 
27Damn You [from the "Fire Garden"]04:31
28Deepness [from the "Fire Garden"]00:47
29Details At 10 [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]05:57
30Die To Live [from the "Alien Love Secrets"]03:52
31Dirty Black Hole [from the "Sex & Religion"]04:27
32Down Deep Into The Pain [from the "Sex & Religion"]08:00
33Dyin' Day [from the "Fire Garden"]04:28
34Erotic Nightmares [from the "Passion and Warfare"]04:14
35F**k Yourself [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]08:25
36Fever Dream [from the "The Ultra Zone"] 
37Fire Garden Suite: Bull Whip/Pusa Road/Angel Food/Taurus Bulba [from the "Fire Garden"]09:55
38For The Love Of God [from the "The 7th Song"]06:08
39For The Love Of God [from the "Passion and Warfare"]06:02
40For The Love Of God - Steve Vai [from the "G3 Live in Concert (Live)"]07:46
41Frank [from the "The Ultra Zone"]05:07
42Genocide [from the "Fire Garden"]04:11
43Going Down - Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai [from the "G3 Live in Concert (Live)"]05:46
44Greasy Kid's Stuff [from the "Passion and Warfare"]02:58
45Hand On Heart [from the "The 7th Song"]05:24
46Hand On Heart [from the "Fire Garden"]05:25
47Here & Now [from the "Sex & Religion"]04:47
48Here I Am [from the "The Ultra Zone"] 
49I Would Love To [from the "Passion and Warfare"]03:40
50I'll Be Around [from the "The Ultra Zone"] 
51In My Dreams With You [from the "Sex & Religion"]04:59
52Jibboom [from the "The Ultra Zone"]03:44
53Juice [from the "Alien Love Secrets"]03:44
54Junkie [from the "Flex-Able"]07:19
55Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters [from the "Alien Love Secrets"]07:01
56Liberty [from the "Passion and Warfare"]02:02
57Little Alligator [from the "Fire Garden"]06:11
58Little Green Men [from the "Flex-Able"]05:36
59Little Pieces Of Seaweed [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]05:10
60Love Secrets [from the "Passion and Warfare"]03:37

Steve Vai

Steve Vai

Steven Siro 'Steve' Vai (born June 6, 1960) is an Italian-American rock guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, producer and actor.

After starting his professional career as a music transcriptionist for Frank Zappa, Vai would also record and tour in Zappa's backing band starting in 1980. []


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