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Alien Love Secrets by Steve Vai [1997] [album editions]

Alien Love Secrets (Steve Vai)

Track listing

1Bad Horse
3Die To Live
4The Boy From Seattle
5Ya-Yo Gakk
6Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters
7Tender Surrender

Steve Vai albums

1Alien Love Secrets[ 1997 ]
2Fire Garden[ 1996 ]
3Flex-Able[ 1997 ]
4Flex-Able Leftovers[ 1998 ]
5G3 Live in Concert (Live)[ 1997 ]
6Passion and Warfare[ 1997 ]
7Sex & Religion[ 1993 ]
8The 7th Song[ 2000 ]
9The Ultra Zone[ 1999 ]
1Alien Love Secrets (Steve Vai)
2Fire Garden (Steve Vai)
3Flex-Able (Steve Vai)
4Flex-Able Leftovers (Steve Vai)
5G3 Live in Concert (Live) (Various artists)
6Passion and Warfare (Steve Vai)
7Sex & Religion (Steve Vai)
8The 7th Song (Steve Vai)
9The Ultra Zone (Steve Vai)

Steve Vai songs

1Aching Hunger [from the "Fire Garden"]04:44
2Alien Water Kiss [from the "Passion and Warfare"]01:10
3All About Eve [from the "Fire Garden"]04:37
4An Earth Dweller's Return [from the "Sex & Religion"]01:03
5Answers [from the "Passion and Warfare"]02:56
6Answers - Steve Vai [from the "G3 Live in Concert (Live)"]06:57
7Asian Sky [from the "The Ultra Zone"] 
8Bad Horse [from the "Alien Love Secrets"]05:50
9Ballerina [from the "Passion and Warfare"]01:42
10Bangkok [from the "Fire Garden"]02:46
11Bill's Private Parts [from the "Flex-Able"]00:16
12Bledsoe Bluvd [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]04:21
13Bledsoe Bluvd (Leftovers, Bonus Tracks) [from the "Flex-Able"] 
14Blood and Tears [from the "The Ultra Zone"]04:24
15Blowfish [from the "Fire Garden"]04:02
16Blue Powder [from the "Passion and Warfare"]04:44
17Boston Rain Melody [from the "The 7th Song"]08:50
18Brother [from the "Fire Garden"]05:03
19Burnin' Down The Mountain [from the "The 7th Song"]04:18
20Burnin' Down The Mountain [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]04:19
21Burnin' Down The Mountain (Leftovers, Bonus Tracks) [from the "Flex-Able"] 
22Call It Sleep [from the "Flex-Able"]05:06
23Call It Sleep [from the "The 7th Song"]05:04
24Christmas Time Is Here [from the "The 7th Song"]04:12
25Chronic Insomnia [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]02:03
26Chronic Insomnia (Leftovers, Bonus Tracks) [from the "Flex-Able"] 
27Damn You [from the "Fire Garden"]04:31
28Deepness [from the "Fire Garden"]00:47
29Details At 10 [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]05:57
30Die To Live [from the "Alien Love Secrets"]03:52
31Dirty Black Hole [from the "Sex & Religion"]04:27
32Down Deep Into The Pain [from the "Sex & Religion"]08:00
33Dyin' Day [from the "Fire Garden"]04:28
34Erotic Nightmares [from the "Passion and Warfare"]04:14
35F**k Yourself [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]08:25
36Fever Dream [from the "The Ultra Zone"] 
37Fire Garden Suite: Bull Whip/Pusa Road/Angel Food/Taurus Bulba [from the "Fire Garden"]09:55
38For The Love Of God [from the "The 7th Song"]06:08
39For The Love Of God [from the "Passion and Warfare"]06:02
40For The Love Of God - Steve Vai [from the "G3 Live in Concert (Live)"]07:46
41Frank [from the "The Ultra Zone"]05:07
42Genocide [from the "Fire Garden"]04:11
43Going Down - Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai [from the "G3 Live in Concert (Live)"]05:46
44Greasy Kid's Stuff [from the "Passion and Warfare"]02:58
45Hand On Heart [from the "The 7th Song"]05:24
46Hand On Heart [from the "Fire Garden"]05:25
47Here & Now [from the "Sex & Religion"]04:47
48Here I Am [from the "The Ultra Zone"] 
49I Would Love To [from the "Passion and Warfare"]03:40
50I'll Be Around [from the "The Ultra Zone"] 
51In My Dreams With You [from the "Sex & Religion"]04:59
52Jibboom [from the "The Ultra Zone"]03:44
53Juice [from the "Alien Love Secrets"]03:44
54Junkie [from the "Flex-Able"]07:19
55Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters [from the "Alien Love Secrets"]07:01
56Liberty [from the "Passion and Warfare"]02:02
57Little Alligator [from the "Fire Garden"]06:11
58Little Green Men [from the "Flex-Able"]05:36
59Little Pieces Of Seaweed [from the "Flex-Able Leftovers"]05:10
60Love Secrets [from the "Passion and Warfare"]03:37

Steve Vai

Steve Vai

Steven Siro 'Steve' Vai (born June 6, 1960) is an Italian-American rock guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, producer and actor.

After starting his professional career as a music transcriptionist for Frank Zappa, Vai would also record and tour in Zappa's backing band starting in 1980. []


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