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A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars [2005] [album editions]

A Beautiful Lie (30 Seconds to Mars)

Track listing

2A Beautiful Lie
3The Kill
4Was it a Dream?
5The Fantasy
7From Yesterday
8The Story
10A Modern Myth
11The Battle of One

30 Seconds to Mars albums

130 Seconds to Mars[ 2002 ]
2A Beautiful Lie[ 2005 ]
3Love Lust Faith and Dreams[ 2013 ]
4This Is War[ 2009 ]
130 Seconds to Mars (30 Seconds to Mars)
2A Beautiful Lie (30 Seconds to Mars)
3Love Lust Faith and Dreams (30 Seconds to Mars)
4This Is War (30 Seconds to Mars)

30 Seconds to Mars songs

1100 Suns [from the "This Is War"]01:58
293 Million Miles [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]05:20
3A Beautiful Lie [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]04:06
4A Modern Myth [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]04:50
5Alibi [from the "This Is War"]05:59
6Attack [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]03:10
7Birth [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]02:07
8Bright Lights [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]04:51
9Buddha for Mary [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]05:45
10Capricorn (A Brand New Name) [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]03:53
11City of Angels [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]05:02
12Closer To the Edge [from the "This Is War"]04:33
13Conquistador [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]03:12
14Convergence [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]02:00
15Depuis le Debut [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]02:33
16Do or Die [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]04:07
17Echelon [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]05:50
18Edge of the Earth [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]04:38
19End of All Days [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]04:46
20End of the Beginning [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]04:40
21Escape [from the "This Is War"]02:24
22Fallen [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]04:59
23From Yesterday [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]04:09
24Hunter [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]03:56
25Hurricane [from the "This Is War"]06:12
26Kings and Queens [from the "This Is War"]05:47
27L490 [from the "This Is War"]04:26
28Night of the Hunter [from the "This Is War"]05:40
29Northern Lights [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]04:44
30Oblivion [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]03:29
31Pires of Varanasi [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]03:12
32R-Evolve [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]04:00
33Savior [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]03:25
34Search and Destroy [from the "This Is War"]05:38
35Stranger In a Strange Land [from the "This Is War"]06:54
36The Battle of One [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]02:48
37The Fantasy [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]04:30
38The Kill [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]03:52
39The Mission [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]04:05
40The Race [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]03:40
41The Story [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]03:56
42This is War [from the "This Is War"]05:27
43Up in the Air [from the "Love Lust Faith and Dreams"]04:35
44Vox Populi [from the "This Is War"]05:42
45Was it a Dream? [from the "A Beautiful Lie"]04:16
46Welcome to the Universe [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]02:40
47Year Zero [from the "30 Seconds to Mars"]07:53

30 Seconds to Mars - top artists list [#144]

30 Seconds to Mars

30 Seconds to Mars is an alternative rock/progressive metal band from the USA, featuring actor Jared Leto as vocalist.

Created in 1998 by Jared Leto (vocals and guitar) and his brother, Shannon (drums), 30 Seconds to Mars merely began as a small family project. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Progressive metal
  • The Kill - one of the best 30 Seconds to Mars songs, top songs list [#1448]

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