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Back to Then by Darius Rucker [2002] [album editions]

Back to Then (Darius Rucker)

Track listing

1Wild One
3Sometime I Wonder (ft. Jill Scott)
4Back to Then
5This Is My World
6I'm Glad You're Mine
8Hold On
9Ten Years
10One More Night
11Amazing Grace (Interlude)
13Sleeping in My Bed (ft. Snoop Dogg)

Darius Rucker albums

1Back to Then[ 2002 ]
2Charleston, SC 1966[ 2010 ]
3Learn To Live[ 2008 ]
4True Believers[ 2013 ]
1Back to Then (Darius Rucker)
2Charleston, SC 1966 (Darius Rucker)
3Learn To Live (Darius Rucker)
4True Believers (Darius Rucker)

Darius Rucker songs

1All I Want [from the "Learn To Live"]03:49
2Alright [from the "Learn To Live"]03:52
3Amazing Grace (Interlude) [from the "Back to Then"]00:48
4Back to Then [from the "Back to Then"]04:58
5Be Wary of a Woman [from the "Learn To Live"]03:26
6Butterfly [from the "Back to Then"]04:31
7Come Back Song [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:55
8Don't Think I Don't Think About It [from the "Learn To Live"]03:03
9Drinkin' and Dialin' [from the "Learn To Live"]03:04
10Exodus [from the "Back to Then"]04:11
11Forever Road [from the "Learn To Live"]04:01
12Heartbreak Road [from the "True Believers"]03:13
13History in the Making [from the "Learn To Live"]03:29
14Hold On [from the "Back to Then"]04:06
15I Don't Care (ft. Brad Paisley) [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]04:01
16I Got Nothin' [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:24
17I Hope They Get to Me in Time [from the "Learn To Live"]03:27
18I Will Love You Still (ft. Mallary Hope) [from the "True Believers"]03:49
19If I Had Wings [from the "Learn To Live"]03:41
20I'm Glad You're Mine [from the "Back to Then"]03:05
21In A Big Way [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:50
22It Won't Be Like This For Long [from the "Learn To Live"]03:39
23Learn to Live [from the "Learn To Live"]03:48
24Leavin' the Light On [from the "True Believers"]03:57
25Lie To Me [from the "True Believers"]04:04
26Lost In You [from the "True Believers"]03:28
27Love Will Do That [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:24
28Love Without You (ft. Sheryl Crow) [from the "True Believers"]03:19
29Might Get Lucky [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:45
30Miss You [from the "True Believers"]04:01
31One More Night [from the "Back to Then"]04:17
32One Tequila [from the "True Believers"]03:59
33Only Wanna Be With You [from the "True Believers"]05:05
34Radio [from the "True Believers"]03:10
35She's Beautiful [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]04:05
36Shine [from the "True Believers"]04:12
37Sleeping in My Bed (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Back to Then"]04:44
38Sometime I Wonder (ft. Jill Scott) [from the "Back to Then"]04:14
39Somewhere [from the "Back to Then"]13:18
40Southern State Of Mind [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:36
41Take Me Home [from the "True Believers"]04:09
42Ten Years [from the "Back to Then"]03:56
43The Craziest Thing [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:15
44Thing I'd Never Do [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:48
45This [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:38
46This Is My World [from the "Back to Then"]05:05
47True Believers [from the "True Believers"]03:59
48Wagon Wheel [from the "True Believers"]04:58
49We All Fall Down [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]03:35
50While I Still Got the Time [from the "Learn To Live"]03:49
51Whiskey & You [from the "Charleston, SC 1966"]04:15
52Wild One [from the "Back to Then"]03:35
53Your Cheatin' Heart [from the "True Believers"]02:40

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Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker is an American musician.

He first gained fame as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Hootie & the Blowfish, which he founded in 1986 at the University of South Carolina along with Mark Bryan, Jim "Soni" Sonefeld and Dean Felber. []


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  • Exodus by Darius Rucker

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