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Plugs In by Cal Tjader [1969] [album editions]

Plugs In (Cal Tjader)

Track listing

2Lady Madonna
3Nica's Dream
5St. Croix
6Tra-La-La Song
7Morning Mist
8Get out of My Way

Cal Tjader albums

1Along Comes Cal[ 1967 ]
2Black Orchid[ 1993 ]
3Grace Cathedral Concert[ 1997 ]
4In a Latin Bag[ 1961 ]
5Latin Concert[ 1958 ]
6Latino[ 2006 ]
7Live At The Funky Quarters[ 1972 ]
8Los Ritmos Calientes[ 1993 ]
9Plugs In[ 1969 ]
10Roots of Acid Jazz[ 1996 ]
11Sentimental Moods[ 1995 ]
1Along Comes Cal (Cal Tjader)
2Black Orchid (Cal Tjader)
3Grace Cathedral Concert (Cal Tjader)
4In a Latin Bag (Cal Tjader)
5Latin Concert (Cal Tjader)
6Latino (Cal Tjader)
7Live At The Funky Quarters (Cal Tjader)
8Los Ritmos Calientes (Cal Tjader)
9Plugs In (Cal Tjader)
10Roots of Acid Jazz (Cal Tjader)
11Sentimental Moods (Cal Tjader)

Cal Tjader songs

1A Minor Goof [from the "Black Orchid"]03:55
2A Young Love [from the "Latin Concert"]10:34
3Afro Blue [from the "Latino"]06:38
4Afro Corolombo [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]01:28
5Afro-Blue [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]04:30
6Alegres Congas [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]01:05
7Alegres Timbales [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]01:12
8Alone Together [from the "Sentimental Moods"]04:29
9Along Comes Mary [from the "Along Comes Cal"]03:21
10Alonzo [from the "Plugs In"]04:08
11Armando's Hideaway [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]02:34
12Ben-Hur [from the "In a Latin Bag"]02:27
13Bernie's Tune [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]02:38
14Big Noise from Winnetka [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]04:19
15Black Orchid [from the "Black Orchid"]03:27
16Black Orpheus Medley: Manh–≥ de Carnaval/Samba de Orfeu [Medley] [from the "Grace Cathedral Concert"]14:55
17Bludan [from the "Latino"]03:10
18Bluesology [from the "Grace Cathedral Concert"]10:35
19Body and Soul [from the "Grace Cathedral Concert"]05:46
20Bonita [from the "Black Orchid"]02:31
21Buhuto (Nanigo 6/8) [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]01:38
22Cal's Bluedo [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]05:35
23Cal's Pals [from the "Latino"]03:38
24Chispita [from the "Latino"]03:31
25Close Your Eyes [from the "Black Orchid"]03:14
26Coit Tower [from the "Sentimental Moods"]01:38
27Contigo [from the "Black Orchid"]02:42
28Continental [from the "Latino"]04:45
29Cuando, Cuando, Que Sera? [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]02:56
30Cuban Fantasy [from the "Latino"]06:35
31Cubano Chant [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]06:21
32Cubano Chant [from the "Live At The Funky Quarters"]04:54
33Cubano Chant [from the "Latin Concert"]04:08
34Cuco On Timbales [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]01:45
35Davito [from the "Live At The Funky Quarters"]04:23
36Davito [from the "In a Latin Bag"]02:36
37Ecstasy [from the "In a Latin Bag"]02:31
38Flamingo [from the "Black Orchid"]04:15
39Fuji [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]02:31
40Get out of My Way [from the "Plugs In"]06:18
41Goza [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]01:57
42Green Dolphin Street [from the "In a Latin Bag"]05:31
43Green Peppers [from the "Along Comes Cal"]03:26
44Guajira At The Blackhawk [from the "Black Orchid"]05:23
45Half And Half [from the "In a Latin Bag"]04:38
46Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe [from the "Black Orchid"]03:47
47I Should Care [from the "Sentimental Moods"]02:36
48I Showed Them [from the "Grace Cathedral Concert"]11:25
49I Want To Be Happy [from the "Black Orchid"]03:21
50Insight [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]05:35
51I've Waited So Long [from the "Black Orchid"]02:11
52Key Largo [from the "Latino"]03:37
53Lady Madonna [from the "Plugs In"]03:59
54Lamento De Hodi [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]03:03
55Laura [from the "Black Orchid"]03:22
56Leyte [from the "Live At The Funky Quarters"]06:27
57Los Bandidos [from the "Along Comes Cal"]07:17
58Los Bandidos [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]07:19
59Los Jibaros [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]02:45
60Lucero [from the "Latin Concert"]04:35

Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader

Callen Radcliffe Tjader, Jr. a.k.a. Cal Tjader was a Latin jazz musician, though he also explored various other jazz idioms.


  • Latin jazz,
  • Jazz,
  • Bebop,
  • Afro-Cuban jazz
  • Lady Madonna by Cal Tjader

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