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Hunter Hayes by Hunter Hayes [2013] [album editions]

Hunter Hayes (Hunter Hayes)

Track listing

1Storm Warning
3If You Told Me To
4Love Makes Me
5Faith To Fall Back On
6Somebody's Heartbreak
7Rainy Season
8Cry With You
9Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (ft. Jason Mraz)
10What You Gonna Do (Duet With Ashley Monroe)
11More Than I Should
12All You Ever
13In a Song
14I Want Crazy
15A Thing About You
16Better Than This
17Light Me Up

Hunter Hayes albums

1Hunter Hayes[ 2013 ]
2Storyline[ 2014 ]
1Hunter Hayes (Hunter Hayes)
2Storyline (Hunter Hayes)

Hunter Hayes songs

1...interlude [from the "Storyline"]00:53 I was saying (jam) [from the "Storyline"]01:42
3A Thing About You [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:18
4All You Ever [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:36
5Better Than This [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:32
6Cry With You [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:47
7Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (ft. Jason Mraz) [from the "Hunter Hayes"]02:39
8Faith To Fall Back On [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:08
9Flashlight [from the "Storyline"]04:47
10I Want Crazy [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:56
11If It's Just Me [from the "Storyline"]03:42
12If You Told Me To [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:26
13In a Song [from the "Hunter Hayes"]04:18
14Invisible [from the "Storyline"]04:36
15Light Me Up [from the "Hunter Hayes"]04:04
16Love Makes Me [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:20
17Love Too Much [from the "Storyline"]04:19
18More Than I Should [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:22
19Nothing Like Starting Over [from the "Storyline"]03:53
20Rainy Season [from the "Hunter Hayes"]05:07
21Secret Love [from the "Storyline"]03:38
22Somebody's Heartbreak [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:47
23Still Fallin [from the "Storyline"]03:43
24Storm Warning [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:59
25Storyline [from the "Storyline"]03:26
26Tattoo [from the "Storyline"]03:17
27Wanted [from the "Hunter Hayes"]03:48
28What You Gonna Do (Duet With Ashley Monroe) [from the "Hunter Hayes"]05:38
29When Did You Stop Loving Me [from the "Storyline"]04:28
30Wild Card [from the "Storyline"]03:16
31You Think You Know Somebody [from the "Storyline"]04:27

Hunter Hayes - top artists list [#256]

Hunter Hayes
Hunter Easton Hayes (born September 9, 1991)[1] is an American country music singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. []


  • Cajun,
  • Country
  • Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (ft. Jason Mraz) - one of the best Hunter Hayes songs, top songs list [#673]

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